6 Gorgeous Travel Planners & Journals To Inspire Your Wanderlust

by Andrea Hannah
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Pretty much everyone travels with tablets and smart phones these days, but there's still something special about writing down your memories in a keepsake journal. The best travel journals are functional, yet fun, and make you want to actually jot down your journey.

There are so many choices out there for journals that picking one can seem overwhelming. Your best option is to choose a journal based on what kind of trip you're taking and who you are as a traveler. While that cute hardcover journal may be great for storing photos, it may not be the best choice if you can't stand printing out photos. Or you may want to reconsider that pricey leather-bound diary if you're going to be be sloshing through marshes and wetlands. And if you know you'll get bored with writing about every last tumbleweed on your drive through the desert, forget about a journal with a ton of blank space.

Your best bet is to choose a journal that fits who you are as a traveler, whether you're an epic list-lover, scrapbooker, doodler, or you're into bullet journaling. Here's a list of the best travel journals for every type of adventure and adventurer out there.


The Best Travel Journal

Moleskin's 4- by 7-inch journal is both super portable and functional. It's the perfect size to store itineraries, maps, and memorabilia without being bulky, and each section is labeled with colored tabbed to keep you organized while you're on the move. The first section includes functional pages for recording loyalty card numbers, itineraries, and contact information. The next section is a mix of blank, lined, and dotted paper, making this journal excellent for travelers who like a little more flexibility when jotting down their memories. There's even a page of stickers in the back to label and organize your thoughts. Whether you want to doodle on the cab ride, or write out your itinerary before your take off, this journal has space for it all.


The Best Mindfulness Travel Journal

As You Are Here states from the first page, "No one has ever seen this place in the same way you're seeing it right now, right here, in this moment." This journal drives that idea home through a series of prompts and simple mindfulness techniques to inspire you to really look at your surroundings and enjoy where you are in the world. The prompts include everything from doodling about your dreams to visualizing your viewpoint, with meditation techniques for beginners tucked in between. This journal is perfect for anyone who's interested on the "inner journey" just as much as the outer one.


The Best Travel Journal With Prompts

If you find staring at a blank page after a long day intimidating, this travel journal by Kate Procrass is a must. Not only is this adorably illustrated journal fun to look at, each page features prompts to help you explore details and places travelers tend to overlook. There are prompts to ask a local for a favorite recipe, to document new foods, and to buy a simply kitchen product you'll use regularly back home, among others in the "Journeys" section. The back of the journal is filled with 21 blank pages for your own notes, as well as space to write down addresses, itineraries, and tips. If you're into the idea of exploring off the beaten path and documenting it in easy-to-fill pages, this journal hits all the marks.


The Best Travel Journal For Staying Organized

Keep all your travel planning and memories in the same place with theTravel Planner and journal. There's room to document up to four trips, and each one has three sections: planning, travel journal, and checklists. The planning section has room to jot down itineraries, emergency contacts, activities, bookings, and budgeting. The journal section has plenty of blank space to record your memories, as well as specific prompts if you prefer to write that way. The checklist section is super helpful with a general packing list, contact list, and blank lists to create your own. If you like to keep yourself organized before you go (and stay that way while you're traveling) this journal is the way to go.


A Weatherproof Journal Thats Extra Durable

Waterproof, weatherproof, tear-proof — you name it! — Elan's journal is made for the boldest and brashest travelers out there. Made with synthetic paper, it's virtually indestructible. The paper won't tear, and even ink won't smudge when the pages get wet, even if you take it white-water rafting or scuba-diving. The best part? You can use any standard ballpoint pen with it so you don't have to worry about keeping track of a special pen, too. With 32 lined pages, there's room for every memory no matter where you are in the world.


Great Pocket-Sized Travel Journals

You can still document your travels even if you're short on space with Rifle's pocket-sized journals. At only 5 by 4.5 inches thick, these little cuties can be tucked in just about any purse or pocket. They even feature fun, yet chic, travel designs on their satin-finished covers. Filled with 64 blank pages, you can easily use them for multiple trips beside their small size without compromising on any of the details.

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