Lighten Your Load With These Amazing, Travel-Friendly Makeup Kits

by C Mandler

Every time I travel, I'm told to pack only what I "need" from my vast collection of makeup — a terrible exercise in self-control. But part of being an adult (ugh) means not stashing extra products in your travel companions' bags because yours are too full of product. Luckily, there are tons of multi-tasking beauty sets just waiting to be discovered... so I've rounded them up into a compendium of the best travel makeup kits, which you'll find below — and are all available via Amazon.

Whether you're hopping on a plane for a two-week getaway or just taking Amtrak to visit a friend for the weekend, it's important to limit yourself to the actual essentials — which I am constantly reminding myself does NOT mean four concealers — and pack just enough makeup to take you from morning to night each day.

It's difficult to find makeup kits that actually provide you with enough options while you're away from your complete collection, but not only have we found a killer all-in-one palette with blush, shadow, liner, and lipstick, but we've also discovered some other major travel beauty kits, like brush sets and lightweight train cases. Trust me when I say that by the end of this list, you'll have an Amazon cart full of adorable minis that any beauty guru would want to take on their next vacation.


The Best All-In-One Makeup Kit

This kit from Maybelline has everything. With four different gold and neutral shimmery and matte shadows that look good on all eye colors and skin tones, you won't have to bring multiple palettes when you travel anymore. Plus, there's a tiny black eyeliner pencil to finish off all your most dramatic eye looks, and a highlighter to make sure your cheekbones reflect the sun. The inclusion of a basic blush is perfect for a more demure daytime makeup situation, but that universally flattering red lip is perfect 24/7/365. There are mini brushes and a mirror for easy application on the go, too.


The Best Eye Makeup Kit

With nine eyeshadows in one handy palette, a two-in-one mascara, and two eyeliner pencils, this eye kit from Physician's Formula is perfect for anyone who, like me, cannot repeat an eye look once in the same week. The palette can be used wet or dry to create looks that differ in intensity, while the black and brown mascaras and liners allow you to go for something a little more natural or opt for the dramatic, depending on the situation. Whether you need a family brunch-appropriate makeup look or something worthy of clubbing all night long, this kit has got you covered — and then some.


The Best Eyebrow Grooming Kit

While this mini eyebrow grooming kit from Milani is intended for folks with "medium-dark" brows, the three different shades included make it far more versatile than many others on the market. The highlight and two brow-filler colors are intended to complete a single look, but you can always fill in with another shade if your brows are lighter or darker than those the kit is specifically made for. But no matter what color your eyebrows are, you'll definitely agree with me that the real selling point of this palette are the tiny tools, which are potentially the most adorable thing I've ever seen. The brush and applicator are perfect for applying and blending brow color on the go, while the tweezers are a great solution for any out-of-place hairs that you want plucked away.


The Best Makeup Brush Set

While this brush set from SHANY advertises itself as being a six-piece kit, each of the brushes is double-sided, giving you 12 different-sized heads to create the perfect full face for the day. Whether you need a contouring brush, flat eyeliner brush, or foundation brush, these space-saving minis are necessary for any traveling beauty enthusiast. Even better, they come with their own case, saving you the trouble of finding a pouch long enough not to squish your new favorite makeup brushes, which are so handy that you'll want to use them on the daily — even after you've returned from your jet-setting days abroad. Additionally, if your interest in makeup is more beginner and the phrase "eyeliner buffer brush" means nothing to you, you're in luck, because this brush set comes with detailed instructions on how every single one should be used.


The Best Makeup Train Case For Travel

If you'd prefer to bring your full-size foundations and creams rather than find smaller counterparts for travel, then this makeup organizer with a million slots is the perfect storage solution for you. The bag has both set-size compartments and adjustable sections, so you'll be able to fit all your makeup, beauty, and hair products in their own little areas to stay organized. The built-in brush slots make sure the heads of your applicators don't get jostled in transit, and the waterproof and spill-proof interiors make sure your products stay protected on planes, trains, and automobiles.


A Smaller Makeup Bag For Travel

If you're searching for a smaller, stylish travel companion to outfit your mini cosmetics for the long journey ahead, look no further than this MONSTINA make up bag. This little guy is only $8 (!?!?!) and with a built-in mirror, it's the perfect investment not only for travel, but also to throw in your purse on the daily. The bag is durable, lightweight, and waterproof to boot. It has two main compartments that'll hold one of each of your necessary makeup products, with a small mesh pouch and slots for brushes as well . This tiny bag is small, but mighty, and if one of your products should spill, it's super easy to clean.

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