The 6 Best Warming Lubricants

It doesn't matter what the weather is like outside; the best warming lubricants make hot sex possible all year round. That said, besides its most obvious feature, a good warming lubricant does more than just add slickness to your body's most sensitive areas. It can actually help enhance arousal by increasing blood flow, which adds extra tingles and sensations to even the most subtle types of play. For some, it can even help make orgasms feel more intense. Still, you don't necessarily have to be into temperature play to enjoy the benefits of warming lube, since many of the leading picks aren't actually that warm to the touch.

There are, however, some downsides to using a warming lube. Many popular options are formulated with glycerin, which can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Others note that they can be too much of a good thing, adding more stimulation than is needed. Always check the ingredients list before using any type of sexual health product, but especially a warming lubricant; the best pick for you (and your partner) should combine the right ingredients with the right level of stimulation to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

If you're craving new sensations between the sheets, the warming lubes featured in this round-up can help you bring the heat back into your bedroom — even when you're just playing solo.