6 Windproof Travel Umbrellas That Are Small, But Incredibly Mighty

by Amber Petty

Sure, it's pouring outside, but you're ready. You open your umbrella only to have it blow inside out almost immediately. If this sounds all too familiar, you might want to pick up one of the best windproof travel umbrellas. These umbrellas will keep you dry and save you the frustration of getting caught in the rain because your umbrella gave out yet again.

Though umbrellas might look the same today as they did 50 years ago, they've actually changed quite a bit. Now, the umbrella you bought for five bucks might not have many anti-wind enhancements, but these tough, all-weather umbrellas are made to last. From teflon-coated canopies to resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs, these windproof umbrellas are serious about keeping you dry.

When you have to venture out in the rain, it's best to look for umbrellas with a high number of ribs and a double-canopy. Basically, the more ribs, the more support. When you've got a ten-rib umbrella, it can hold strong against heavy rain or unexpected gusts. Then, a double-canopy allows wind to pass through without turning the umbrella inside out. Since wind is the number one umbrella-killer, this feature alone makes these travel umbrellas worth having.

If you're tired of your umbrella leaving you in the lurch, these heavy-duty umbrellas won't disappoint — and they're small enough for you to take them everywhere.


An Umbrella That Can Withstand Up To 55 MPH Winds

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella, $36, Amazon

Dorothy could have weathered the twister with this umbrella. The patented temper-hardened steel joint connectors keep the rods from breaking, even in winds up to 55 MPH. After the rain, the umbrella easily fits into a purse or you can wear its protective sheath like a backpack, so it's always at hand.


A Well-Made Umbrella With A Lifetime Guarantee

Repel Easy Touch Windproof Umbrella, $19, Amazon

Teflon is one of the sturdiest, most water repellent materials in existence, so this teflon coated umbrella is definitely legit. The resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs are made to flex with the wind while retaining the shape of the umbrella. And the teflon-coated canopy dries almost instantly. The company is so sure of their product, they offer a lifetime replacement guarantee.


An Unflippable Umbrella With Double Canopy Protection

EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella, $22, Amazon

Over 2,000 people on Amazon have flipped their lids over this non-flippable umbrella. The double canopy allows harsh winds to blow through vents in the sides, which keeps your umbrella upright and intact. With a push of a button, it'll open and close while specially coated fabric repels all moisture. When you're out of the rain, it folds up to a compact 11 inches.


A Sturdy Umbrella That Comes In A Rainbow Of Colors

Crown Coast Travel Umbrella, $23, Amazon

The flexible, resilient frame of this umbrella is made to bounce back after gusts of wind. The 10-rib design holds the canopy solidly in place, while the flexible rods move with the wind, then bounce back into shape. It has auto open and close, and the non-slip rubber handle makes sure you always have a good grip. To keep things extra dry, the umbrella comes with a zippered case and microfiber wipe to clean off any remaining drops. Plus, it comes in a huge range of colors that'll lend a little brightness to a rainy day.


A Mildew-Proof Umbrella That Dries With A Single Shake

Benkii Windproof Travel Umbrella, $21, Amazon

This umbrella lets water bead up and roll off without ever soaking through. The specially designed fabric is mildew-proof and dries off with just about one shake. The 10 ribs of resin-reinforced fiberglass keep the umbrella intact during unexpected wind and the auto-open feature keeps you dry within a second of stepping outside.


An Umbrella That's Undergone Rigorous Testing

Balios Prestige Travel Umbrella, $20, Amazon

Made in Britain under the highest artisanal standards, this umbrella will look stylish as it keeps you dry. The double-vented canopy keeps it from ever inverting while the 300 thread count fabric repels water. Before a single umbrella is sold, it must pass an 18-point inspection test to make sure it's of the highest quality. Plus, the handle is made from wood and non-slip rubber, a great mix of practicality and style.

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