The One Thing That Might Actually Improve Your Yoga Practice

A yoga mat has its purpose — namely providing a cushion between you and a hardwood floor, and preventing you from skidding into one face-first. But when things get sweaty (or when you opt to practice without a mat), the best non-slip yoga socks can help you maintain your balance. That way, when it starts to feel less like a Bikrim class and more like a Slip 'N Slide, you can stay safe and steady, no matter what kind of surface you're working with.

Not only do yoga socks provide some extra grip, but they also wick away sweat, keep your feet warm during floor poses, and have a hygienic aspect — they can protect your skin from exposure to fungus and bacteria in public places. And yeah, yoga socks help you hold your pose for longer, but they're also great for activities like Pilates, barre, and dance. Now that they're a well-known trend, some people even wear them around the house to keep from slipping on their floors.

Thankfully, you don't need to head into a specialized fitness store to get them, either. Amazon has some of the best yoga socks you can buy, as well as hundreds (if not thousands) of user reviews to back them up. Here are six of the best pairs, no matter what your activity of choice is.


This Well-Designed Toeless Option With Three Sizes And Dozens Of Colors

ToeSox Bellarina Toeless Socks (Sizes S-L), $13-$18, Amazon

If you're looking for variety, these ToeSox Bellarina socks have got you covered. Not only are they available in women's US shoe sizes from 6 to 13, but they're made in 31 different colors and patterns. The toeless design allows toes to move and spread naturally, while the arch band offers lift and support. There's even extra padding on the heel to keep you comfortable all throughout your workout, whether it's barre, Pilates, yoga, or dance. "I need the mobility in the toes, and they are great," says one reviewer. "They not only grip well, but most importantly, they keep my sweat from getting everywhere during hot yoga classes."


These Ballet-Inspired Socks That Actually Stay On During Your Workout

Great Soles Ballet Grip Socks, $10-$12, Amazon

These Great Soles grip socks comfortably fit sizes 6-9, and they're made with a ballet-inspired design that reviewers call "beautiful and simple." They're a great option for particularly active workouts, as the strip on the inside of the heel keeps the socks on while the top straps keep them in place. The cotton blend ensures your feet stay cool and protected, and there's even a compression ribbed arch and custom molded grip points to keep your feet steady and comfortable.


This Popular 4-Pack Option That's Especially Budget-Friendly

Rehabsox Non Slip Yoga Socks, $14 (4 Pairs), Amazon

At $14, these Rehabsox yoga socks are roughly as expensive as any other pair — except these come in a pack of four. The engineered anti-slip grips on the heels and arches give you amazing balance and stability, and they're made from 95 percent breathable cotton. Reviewers love them for everything from doing yoga to staying during the night, and they fit sizes 5-8. With over 2,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, they're hands down one of the most popular options on Amazon, and for a good reason: the price is virtually unbeatable.


These Bamboo Socks With An Intricate Design That Offers Optimal Grip

Ellaste Yoga Socks (Sizes S-L), $12, Amazon

Because these Ellaste yoga socks are carefully designed with flat, ergonomically-placed grips, they're way more reliable than other pairs. Instead of dotted anti-skid bottoms, these offer a stylish design that covers the entire natural contour of your foot, so much so that reviewers are calling these "the best ones [they] have ever bought." They're also made with a bamboo textile weave, which fights bacteria as well as wicks sweat, so feet stay fresh and dry throughout your practice.


These Hand-Dyed Eco-Friendly Socks

Great Soles Eco-Friendly Ombre Grip Socks, $12, Amazon

Not only do these Ombre grip socks use eco-friendly dye, but also, they're hand-dipped, so every pair is unique and different. They've got a few other solid features, too — like their compression arch, full foot heel-to-toe grips, and cotton blend that's both comfortable breathable. You'd think socks like these would be hard to care for, but surprisingly, you can toss them in the washer and dryer alongside your other clothes.


These Quality Bamboo Socks That Fight Bacteria And Wick Moisture

Panda Paw Fit Bamboo Yoga Socks, $9, Amazon

Because they're made from 80 percent luxury bamboo fabric, these full-foot Panda Paw Fit socks are so soft, really hygienic, and great at wicking moisture. They're naturally antibacterial, so they fight odors and germs, and because sweat dissipates quickly, they'll keep you cool during your sun salutations and warm during savasana. Best of all, they're hypoallergenic and won't bunch or twist, so you can say goodbye to chafing and irritations. Since they stretch, this medium size will cover most feet from 6.5 to 9.5.

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