7 Bagless Vacuum Cleaners People On Amazon Love

Wondering whether it's time to make the switch from a bagged vacuum to one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners on the market? The choice is a personal one and both models have pros and cons — so the best way to decide which is right for you is to consider the way you prefer to clean your home and deal with dirt, pet hair, and dust.

Bagless vacuums feature a cup or canister that collects dirt, dust, and debris as you vacuum an area of your home. With most of these models, you can actually see the amount of debris collecting in the canister, which makes it pretty easy to figure out when it's time to pop it open and dump all of that dirt into a trash can (another clue will be your vacuum refusing to perform effectively when it's filled to the brim with dust and hair). Bagless options can be messy as heck, but you can also clean the cup or canister and will just need to change the vacuum filter every so often.

In contrast, bagged vacuum cleaners contain a bag that collects dirt as you go. Unlike transparent bagless models, it's anybody's guess when the bag in a bagged vacuum is full — you can go quite a while thinking your vacuum is suctioning up dirt, only to realize it isn't working properly because you need to remove a full bag and replace it.

If a bagless vacuum is your jam, check out these seven models on Amazon that boast incredible ratings and reviews.


A Lightweight Vacuum With Very Powerful Suction

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum, $80, Amazon

Word in the Amazon comments section is that this lightweight, 15.1-pound bagless vacuum has an extremely powerful motor, great suction, and will get your house spotless in less time. The dirt tank is easy to remove and empty, it has a washable foam tank filter, and it comes with a TurboBrush for stairs, furniture, and upholstery.


A Two-In-One Upright & Lift-Away Vacuum With A Special Pet Hair Brush Attachment

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, $196, Amazon

This two-in-one bagless vacuum offers both an upright vacuuming option and the ability to lift the canister and use it to clean hard-to-reach spots and crevices. Its features include a Pet Power Brush for pet hair and dander and anti-allergen complete seal technology with a HEPA filter that collects 99.9 percent of dust and allergens for safe-keeping in the vacuum until you're ready to empty it.


A Vacuum That's Simple To Store For Small Spaces

Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus Corded Bagless Upright Vacuum, $54, Amazon

If you've got a cramped living space but plenty of dust and dirt to address, the Dirt Devil bagless vacuum is a great option. It weighs less than 10 pounds and has a click-lock handle that lowers to 31 inches so that you can store it in small closets and cabinets. It also boasts automatic height adjustment so it can glide effortlessly over hardwood floors and carpet, and a 25-foot power cord that lets you clean without having to stop every five minutes to unplug and replug the cord.


An Affordable Bagless Canister Vacuum

Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum, $50, Amazon

Not crazy about upright vacuums and the space they can take up? Try this affordable bagless canister vacuum, which requires little more than a flip of a switch to transition from effective carpet to hardwood floor cleaning. Filters are washable and reusable and you'll get an empty dirt cup, combination crevice tool/dusting brush with your vacuum. One of the major benefits of choosing a canister over upright model is that it may prove easier to lift and carry, which is especially nice if you live in a multi-level home.


A Splurge-Worthy Vacuum With A Hands-Free Cup Cleaning Option

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum, $395, Amazon

When it comes to innovation, Dyson is a leader, and this upright bagless vacuum cleaner is no exception. If you love bagless vacuums but loathe cleaning them, this one makes it less messy by letting you empty the bin with just one press of a button. It has a super-long 35-foot cord that rarely gets tangled, one of the most powerful suctions you'll find, and a whole-machine HEPA filtration system that's excellent at capturing and trapping allergens and bacteria.


An Upright Option That Uses Carbon Technology To Neutralize Pet Odors

Hoover WindTunnel2 Whole House Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, $100, Amazon

Clean your entire house with this bagless upright vacuum and, if you have pets, breathe fresher air thanks to its carbon and pet turbo tool, which neutralizes bad and stale odors. The 25-foot cord is retractable so you'll never have to wind a cord again, and reviewers are especially quick to note what they love (and love a little less) about this vacuum's many attachments.


A Cordless Two-In-One Vacuum That Switches From Upright To Handheld

Deik Vacuum Cleaner, $84, Amazon

This two-in-one bagless vacuum is all about giving you options. Use it as an upright stick vacuum and then, when you're ready to clean couches and corners, switch on a button and use the hand-held detachment. The real draw with this vacuum though is that it's cordless and runs entirely on battery power. One charge yields 30 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning so you never have to stop and deal with plugs.

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