This One Thing Could Help You Sleep Better And Stay Cooler

The sun is bright, the birds are chirping, the air is warm — which is a lovely combination of things when it's not 6:30 in the morning. The best blackout curtains shield your eyes and keep your room dark and cozy until you're fully awake and ready to experience the beauty that is mother nature in the a.m. The birds and the sun will still be there after you've had your coffee.

Now, while a set of dark-colored curtains might make the sunlight a little more bearable, they're not the same thing as blackout curtains. True blackout curtains are made with multiple layers of fabric, specific weaves, and advanced technology that drastically darken a room. Some of them even trap heat or cold in to save money on your energy bill, and block out noise to muffle the sound of that leaf blower from next door. (Rage-filled side note: is it 100 percent imperative that those leaves get blown before the sun is fully risen? I don't think so.)

As you wade through the pool of options, consider your space and how long you need the curtains to be. And, as with any home decor item, think about the available patterns and colors and whether or not they will look good in your room.

So whether you often wake up prematurely because of the light, work a late shift, or you prefer your room cool and cozy all day, the best blackout curtains are worth the investment.


These Quality Curtains That Are Made To Last

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains, $22-$27, Amazon

Thanks to their careful seams, high-quality triple-woven fabric, and wrinkle-free design, these NICETOWN curtains can stand up to the vacuum and the washing machine and still last you years. They're great for sleeping in late because they block up to 99 percent of light, and one reviewer even commented, "I have to get up to look outside to tell if it is light yet or not when I wake up."

This set of curtains is available in 15 different colors, and two different lengths: 63 inches and 84 inches. (Both options are 42 inches in width.) The manufacturer even makes tie backs that work with these curtains, so if you want to draw your curtains when you’re up and awake, you can easily let in light to your room that way.


These Three-Layer Curtains For The Brightest, Hottest Room In The House

Deconovo Decorative Blackout Curtains, $25-$36, Amazon

These Deconovo decorative blackout curtains have hundreds of glowing reviews. They're made with three layers of fabric (a silver coated layer, a high-density black yarn layer, and the color of your choice) to keep light out and more effectively heat or cool your home. "These have not only made the room dark," claimed one reviewer, but they have "dropped the temp by five degrees."

You can get these curtains in multiple different widths and lengths: essentially any combination of either 42 or 52 inches in width, and 45, 54, 63, 72, 84, and 95 inches in length. They also come in 25 different solid colors ranging from classic black to light pink, making this a versatile option that is sure to match your space.


Preserve Energy (And Money) With These Efficient Curtains

FlamingoP Energy Efficient Blackout Curtains, $35-$45, Amazon

These FlamingoP energy efficient curtains use a black sewn-in color liner and a Faux Silk thermal insulator that keep the temperature balanced while preserving energy. They're also machine-washable, noise-reducing, and, of course, light-blocking. They come in seven colors and five different sizes.

One thing to note, $37 is the price for two 52- by 63-inch panels, but these curtains are also available in a single 100-inch wide panel if you prefer that look in your space. One fan raves, “They are superrr soft, heavy duty and thick, and are TRUE blackout! I bought the WHITE ones- yes, those are white, but they block out so much light in the middle of the day at 5pm that they look black.”


Convenient Features Make These An Amazon Favorite

AmazonBasics Room Darkening Curtain Set, $27-$30, Amazon

The AmazonBasics room darkening curtains feature two layers of fabric that effectively block out light and save energy, but they're still flexible for that sophisticated drape design. They also block out noise and come with two tie-backs for when you want more natural light. "At last, blackout shades that do what they say they do!" wrote one reviewer. "The velcro tie-backs are a fantastic bonus item!"

They come in nine neutral colors and in two width and three length options. And, because this set comes with handy velcro ties, you can easily draw these curtains back to let light in.


These Ones With A Ton Of Different Sizing Options

Dreaming Casa Solid Blackout Curtains, $20-$100, Amazon

If you're desperately looking for sizing options for a unique window, look no further. Dreaming Casa solid blackout curtains offer over ten different sizes in both grommet or pocket options, and the company even takes e-mail requests for any custom size that's not listed. It blocks out 95 percent of light and 100 percent of UV rays, and comes in eight color options.

One fan raves, “Surprisingly enough, these curtains are much more light weight than other blackout curtains I have had (there is no foam backing) -- but they blackout the light much better. I am very pleased with the quality and look of these curtains.”


These Curtains With Gorgeous Modern Patterns

HLC.ME Printed Blackout Curtains, $30-$38, Amazon

When you're looking for stylish designs rather than just solid colors, these adorable HLC.ME printed blackout curtains are a great option. They come in an arrow print and chevron pattern, both of which are available in several different colors and sizes. They also have a thick, durable construction that blocks light, noise, and heat, and you can wash them in the machine. "Beautiful modern pattern and grommets make it easy to slide open and close," commented one buyer.

Each curtain panel has six grommets to add extra security and stability. This set also comes in several patterns in neutral colors, making this a great choice for nearly any room. These curtains are 52 inches wide and come in three different lengths, 63, 84, and 96 inches long.


Quality Material In 18 Different Color-Choices

Miuco Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains, $30-$40, Amazon

With an incredibly high 4.8-star rating, these Miuco thermal insulated blackout curtains have reviewers raving: "These curtains are made of a very thick, heavy, quality material that hangs nicely. Best of all, these are true blackouts! I provided a picture for reference." They also come in three sizes and 18 great colors to match any room.

Manufacturers warn that while all curtains will block out light, to achieve the darkest room you’ll want to choose one of the darker curtain colors, which tend to block out more like than the others.

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