7 Comfy Body Pillows You'll Want To Share Your Bed With

by Amber Petty

Sometimes you have those nights when you just can't get comfortable. Maybe if you had something big and cuddly to hold onto, it would make things easier? No, I'm not talking about a significant other. Sleeping with one of the best body pillows give your body just the right amount of support, so you can feel comfier with less tossing and turning.

Body pillows come in a ton of different shapes and sizes. Generally, it's best to get one that goes from your head to past your knees to get the full benefits. If you're a side sleeper and want to keep your spine in line all night, you might want to try a tube-shaped pillow. You can hold it between your knees, which keeps your back in a more comfortable position. These pillows are typically filled with foam and provide stronger support than down pillows.

At night, if your neck feels out of whack, a C-shaped pillow could be best. These popular pillows are a hit with pregnant women because they comfortably support your head and neck and helps distribute your weight evenly — but those same qualities make them great for really anyone.

So, cuddle up with your new favorite sleeping partner. These amazing body pillows give you everything you need for a wonderful nights sleep.


A C-Shaped Pillow With Over 8,000 Reviews

Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow, $58, Amazon

If this looks like a cuddly dream to you, you're not alone. This C-shaped pillow has over 8,000 glowing reviews on Amazon. This pillow supports your hips, back, neck, pretty much every place possible. Plus, it doesn't retain heat, so you'll stay cool all night. Basically, it's like sleeping in a cloud except better.


A Pillow That Surrounds You With Support

Queen Rose U Shaped Pillow, $50, Amazon

Surround yourself in softness with this amazing pillow. The U-shape gives you comfort and support at every angle. If you're dealing with severe aches and pains, this all encompassing pillow might finally help you get the rest you need. One enthusiastic reviewer wrote: "I can't sleep without it anymore! I love the fact that I can take off the cover and wash it."


A Smooth Pillow Made From The Same Fabric As Your Favorite T-Shirt

Dream C Shaped Body Pillow With Jersey Cover, $49, Amazon

There's pretty much nothing softer than this jersey knit body pillow. The premium jersey fabric feels like your favorite comfy tee, while the C-shape conforms to your body for wonderful support. Your head, neck, and back will feel relaxed and you'll sleep easy on the T-shirt softness.


A Pillow With Amazing Neck Support That Can Also Be Used For Nursing

PharMeDoc Fully Body Pillow, $45, Amazon

Give you head, neck, and shoulders a break with this C-shaped pillow. Over 1,000 people on Amazon agree that this full body pillow relieves neck and back pain by giving your head and shoulders the support they need. Though it's comfy for anyone, it's also great for expecting moms and can be used as a nursing pillow.


A Long Memory Foam Pillow That's Super Breathable

Aloe 99 Hypoallergenic Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow, $24, Amazon

Cuddle up and keep cool all night with this memory foam pillow. The bamboo cover is infused with aloe vera to give a breathable, cooling touch against your skin. The shredded memory foam filling conforms even better to your body and doesn't retain heat.


A Firm Body Pillow That Never Goes Flat

Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Combination Memory Foam, $70, Amazon

You'll never have to fluff this firm pillow in the middle of the night. Its combination shredded foam gives support and holds its shape, no matter what. Over 2,800 people on Amazon have raved about sleeping better, all thanks to the Snuggle-Pedic. The bamboo cover is designed to breathe, so as you snooze up, you'll stay cool.


A J-Shaped Pillow That's Incredibly Soft

J Shaped Contoured Pillow with Microplush, $50, Amazon

Imagine snuggling with your softest teddy bear: That's this pillow. The fuzzy microplush is insanely soft and comfortable while the J shape promotes proper spine alinement through the night. When it gets dirty, just slip off the cover, pop in the wash, and it's ready again by bedtime.

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