The 7 Best Coffee Makers Under $35 On Amazon

For some of us, coffee is the tether that helps us get from groggy zombie to human being. To truly get the best cheap coffee makers, thinking outside a traditional drip coffee maker may help you get the best brew for your buck. But if you're into classic drip, never fear two drip coffee makers made the list below.

Coffee comes in many forms: espresso, cold brew, pour-over, just to name a few, and depending on your preferences you can get a great coffee maker for as little as $10. To truly get the best cheap coffee maker for you, start with considering the kind of coffee you like to drink.

You'll also want to think about how you like to make your coffee, or rather, how much effort you're willing to put in to make your coffee. From easy overnight brews that boast lower acidity levels to preprogrammed models that brew a basic cup to involved, artisan methods that connoisseurs love, each process has it's pros and cons — but all of them are cheap. You'll also need to know how much coffee you’re looking to make at a time. If you’re flying solo, you may not need a 12- or 14-cup-capacity coffee maker, but if brewing for more than one or for coffee lovers, a higher capacity coffee maker may be best.

To help you choose which option is best for you, I've rounded up the best cheap coffee makers available on Amazon. All of the picks below are under $35 and range from a stovetop espresso maker to an Aeropress to a programmable drip coffee maker.


The Best Stovetop Espresso Maker

Known to many as the classic Italian way to make coffee, this all-in-one budget stovetop coffee maker (also known as a Moka) is even great to take with you on vacation given how compact it is. It makes four to six espresso shots (or 1 cup of coffee) in about five minutes — great for a speedy morning routine and a solo coffee drinker or for a quick espresso jolt with company. This pick works on both gas and electric stoves, but isn't guaranteed on induction stoves.

For small kitchens, this pick is great, because the sleek design of a Moka espresso maker looks great as a permanent fixture on your stove or is small enough, measuring just 6 by 4 by 8 inches, to store easily even in the tightest of cabinet situations.

Note, this pick isn’t dishwasher safe.


The Best Budget Cold Brew

Our next cheapest pick, is a shatterproof cold brew coffee maker with over 3,000 reviews and a stellar 4.5-star rating. This budget coffee maker is capable of making four cups, which is enough for a serious coffee drinker or great to share with friends. This BPA-free Tritan pitcher can make coffee with just about any grounds (though those meant just for cold brew).

This pick is different than many cold brew coffee carafes in that it’s plastic with a non-slip grip, not glass, which makes it more durable for potential kitchen accidents.

While this pick's carafe is dishwasher-safe, you'll want to hand-wash the filter, but the manufacturer notes no parts of this product are freezer- or microwave-safe. Another great perk of this pick is how eco-friendly it is — requiring no electricity or heat source, just time to brew a smooth, less acidic cup of coffee. To help it last longer you can both brew it and store it in your fridge, but this pick can be brewed without refrigeration.


The Best Classic Electric Drip Coffee Maker

For classic drip coffee, this is the best drip coffee maker for under $20. The main feature this coffee maker boasts is its “Grab A Cup Auto Pause” feature, which lets you get your coffee fix even as the maker is brewing the rest of its 12 cup capacity. It also has an on/off indicator light, a dual water window to help you avoid overflows, a lift-and-clean filter basket for simple clean up, as well as an easy storage cord to tidy up your kitchen counter. This option measures 12.56 by 11.76 by 8.43 inches.

For a no fuss simple coffee brewer, this Mr. Coffee coffee maker is your go to.

Just note the manufacturer makes no claims about whether this product's filter or carafe are dishwasher-safe, but many buyers mention dishwashing both the filter and carafe.


The Best Budget Pour Over

Bodum offers a Chemex-style pour-over apparatus without the Chemex price. For just $20, Bodum is another great name in coffee that you can rely on. If name brands don't mean much to you, the over 1,500 customer reviews can confirm this pick's quality.

The included stainless steel, reusable mesh filter is not only dishwasher-safe, but makes this pick a slightly greener option than the previous pick (since you're not disposing of filters with each use) and helps to extract coffee’s flavor and aromatic oils. The carafe is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass that's dishwasher-safe and the silicone band is ready for heat-insulated pouring into your favorite mug.

This option can also make four cups total and will have your coffee ready in just three to four minutes. Just keep in mind, the pour-over brewing process is a little more involved than some of our other picks. And for that process, this coffee-brewing style does recommend a gooseneck kettle like the pick before.


The Best Budget French Press

The French Press might be a more familiar alternative for many than some of our other budget picks. It's also pretty hands-off compared to the pour-over option. Just place your grounds in the carafe, boil water, let steep for about four minutes, and press down to compress the grounds for a sediment-free brew.

The graded borosilicate glass carafe makes measuring how much coffee you’re making a cinch, is temperature-resistant from as low as -58 degrees to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and is capable of making about 4 cups. The handle is ergonomically designed for easy pouring and the double filter, made of 304 stainless steel, minimizes residual grounds from slipping into your coffee and are able to be easily dismantled for proper cleaning.

While the manufacturer makes no claims about this product's carafe or plunger filter being dishwasher safe, many buyers mention dishwashing both. This kit additionally includes a wooden spoon, a measuring spoon, a milk frother, a sponge cleaning brush, four filter screens, an instruction manual.

If you already have a kettle then you're good to go, otherwise here's an easy electric kettle that will help make your French press brewing that much easier.


The Best Budget Aeropress

The Aeropress may be more familiar to coffee aficionados, but this pick may require a bit of a learning curve for most to get the hang of as it’s the most unique of our budget picks. With over 5,500 reviews and a 4.6 star rating, this option might just be worth a try.

That being said, many reviewers compliment how easy it is to learn this new device and this is by far the speediest option for 1 to 3 cups of American-style coffee in under a minute, but it can brew espresso even speedier in about 30 seconds.

The microfilter guarantees a better defense against grounds in your cup than a French press does and the “rapid, total immersion brewing process” delivers a full-bodied coffee without the bitter taste that improperly brewed coffee can take on.

This pick even comes with a zip-close tote bag for taking your favorite coffee making method with you traveling. All materials are made in the United States and are phthalate and BPA free.

You do however have to buy replacement filters for this option so it’s not as green as the French press or the pour over. The other limitation here is it’s not clear whether it’s dishwasher-safe.


The Best Programmable Coffee Maker

The second electric drip coffee maker in our list is ideal for those who want to set up their coffee as much as 24 hours in advance so that coffee is trickling down into the carafe ready first thing to pour and rejuvenate them for a new day.

Capable of making 14 cups of coffee, this pick is also great for those who entertain with coffee or who just need a constant stream to keep them going throughout the day. The two-hour keep warm plate also helps with maintaining a constantly warm coffee reserve and the auto-shut off makes it safe to do so.

The pause and serve feature also helps you get your first fix that much faster and the reusable nylon coffee filter helps to make this a greener option than some of our other picks.

The only limitation to this product is it's unclear either from the manufacturer or buyers whether any of this product is dishwasher-safe.

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