These $26 Yoga Pants Have 5,000 Amazon Reviews — Plus 6 Inexpensive Leggings Reviewers Love

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The world of leggings is filled with hundred-dollar pairs that tout expensive fabric blends and seamless designs. But, a well-kept secret: You don't have to shell out big bucks for a decent pair. There are plenty of cheap yoga leggings out there that are comfy and functional. I've poured over plenty of affordable leggings and can say that the ones gathered up on this list represent the absolute best cheap yoga pants you can find.

When shopping, firs consider the length of the leggings. Generally yoga pants come in full-length and capri sizes, which becomes especially important if you're petite or have long legs. It's also important to consider fabric thickness and quality before you buy. For example, some leggings are made with thinner material which offers plenty of softness and stretch, but not so much in the coverage department. And if you're into hot yoga, you might want to opt for a pair that is moisture-wicking, and can help combat the extra sweat that comes with a workout in 100-degree heat.

Another thing to consider is overall functionality. If you're only planning on using your leggings for yoga, be sure to look for features that come in handy for workouts, like in-seam pockets, compression technology, and cooling mesh panels. But if you know you're going to wear them to the studio and brunch, consider a more basic, neutral pair for flexible use.

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The Best Full-Length Yoga Pants

While full-length leggings come in a range of lengths and inseams, they generally give you more coverage and transition better to any colder-weather workouts.

90 Degree by Reflex High-Waist Power Flex Legging

These high-waisted leggings are designed with moisture-wicking fabric that offers light compression to help reduce any post-workout swelling and keep you dry all day long. The high-tech material also has four-way stretch so you can tackle any workout or difficult yoga pose, and the interlocking seams minimize rubbing and chafing. Plus, these leggings aren't super shiny like some workout leggings, so they can easily be worn under a tunic or dress for even more versatility. Bonus they have over 4,000 glowing reviews on Amazon.

Available Sizes: X-Small X-Large

What yogis say: "I love these pants already. They just came in today and I'm already obsessed. They got really nice and I love the high waist. They hold everything in place and are super comfortable. I'm going to love doing yoga and workout out in them. Also, if you're worried about them being see through, don't be. They are super thick yet super flexible. Now that I know they fit so good and are such good quality, I plan on buying more in different colors."

Zerdocean Women's Plus Size Leggings

With over 1,200 Amazon reviews, these plus-size leggings have a bit of a cult-following, and with good reason. Made with super soft and stretchy modal fabric, these leggings are lightweight enough to wear while working out or out to lunch. On top of that, the no-cinch waistband offers extreme comfort, even while you're stretching and bending. The only downside to these leggings is that they have to be air-dried after washing, so they'll take a bit longer to launder after you wear them.

Available Sizes: 1X 4X

What yogis say: "Love that they are lightweight and fit so well. They are perfect for warm weather and workout. I plan to order more leggings and capris....price is great."

The Best Capri Yoga Pants

For a cropped look, capri yoga pants are the way to go. They're also great for petites, anyone with shorter legs, or yogis who prefer to do hot yoga classes.

TSLA High-Waist Yoga Pants With Hidden Pocket

These capri leggings are feature a high-waist elastic band that holds them in place, and extra stretch fabric that moves with you in even the most strenuous yoga positions. They're also completely sweat-wicking and come in tons of styles and colors so you can mix and match with your workout wardrobe. At just $14, they're a total steal. Best of all? The brand even offers a money-back guarantee if anything happens to them or you just aren't into them.

Available Sizes: X-Small XX-Large

What yogis say: "Great yoga pants! I will eventually have these in every color! As a yoga teacher, I'm always on the hunt for a good deal and great quality. These pants are amazing. I teach hot power flow and these pants wick moisture very well and are not at all see-through."

Core 10 Women's Yoga Capri Legging

While these capri leggings clock in as the priciest option on this list, they also feature a combination of features unmatched by any other legging on this list: high-waisted fit, interlocking fabric that moves with you, and a pocket in the back big enough for a cell phone. Reviewers praise their fit as perfect for yoga, saying they're "comparable to lululemon," and don't roll down even during the most ambitious yoga pose. They come in five different pattern and colors and a range of sizes, from extra small to extra large, but also 1X-3X. They also come with a money back guarantee, so if for any reason these don't work for you, you can easily return them.

Available Sizes: X-Small X-Large, 1X-3X

What yogis say: "I love the feel of these pants. I have tons of yoga pants. These have a soft, but strong stretchy feeling to them. They are great to wear because they are so comfortable and soft. They also have compression to keep me from jiggling while working out. I like the high waist as well for keeping me comfortable while working out. The pants stay in place to create optimum comfort while moving."

The Best With A Pocket: FITTIN Women's Workout Leggings With Pockets

These opaque leggings offer full coverage, even while you sweat it out in hot yoga. But, the really exciting features with this pair are the not one, but two pockets you can use to store keys or phones while you're at the gym. Reviewers say the outside pocket at the hip is great for keys or a smartphone, and the hidden, interior pocket is perfect for a credit or gym membership card. Made with a poly-spandex blend, these leggings are both sweat-wicking and stretchy, and they come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee if you decide they aren't for you.

Available Sizes: Small X-Large

What yogis say: "This is the best pair of yoga pants I’ve ever bought. Ridiculously comfy, fit me perfectly (used the size chart) and the pocket is very secure. It fits my phone and I can jump around and bend over and it won’t fall out. Looking forward to finally being able to take my phone on hiking trips!"

The Best Compression Leggings: Homma Premium High-Waist Compression Leggings

These thicker, stay-put leggings are made with Homma's exclusive firm-control fabric so they're completely budge-proof. The high-waist band compresses to keep these leggings from slipping, while still offering enough stretch to keep you comfortable. Plus, this fabric always recovers and returns to a firm fit, no matter how deep you dive into downward dog. Bonus: These leggings are totally seamless so you don't have to worry about chafing.

Available Sizes: Small X-Large

What yogis say: "They keep everything in! These are great, they really keep you sucked in. They are tight and can become uncomfortable over time, but I love them and wear them all the time as a yoga teacher."

The Most Breathable: IMIDO Women's Yoga Mesh Leggings With Side Pocket

These mesh-panel leggings will help you stay cool during even the most intense or difficult yoga classes. Made with a super soft polyester-spandex blend, these leggings are lightweight, without sacrificing coverage. Completely "squat-proof," they also offer maximum stretch without you having to worry about the fabric wearing out. You'll get extra airflow from the mesh panels that run down the sides of each leg, and they even have one side pocket and one interior hidden pocket. They come in a few different colors, designs, and lengths, so you'll be able to find the perfect pair for you.

Available Sizes: Small X-Large

What yogis say: "Love these! Super cute with a great stretch and stay in place. Tried these out with a run a Pilates class. Didn't have to pull and tug on them at all. Would recommend."

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