The 7 Best Curling Irons For Making Waves

There's a very fine line between a curl and a wave, and at first glance, the tools all look the same. In actuality, though, the best curling irons for waves have subtle differences in their features. They cause your hair to crimp into a wave rather than curl into a spiral, and since voluminous, textured hair is super in right now, it's worth it to know the difference.

While some curling irons have tapered shapes or spiral designs so they can do both, there are also tools made specifically for waving. These have jagged plates or multiple barrels, and they're especially effective on pin straight or thick hair that usually has trouble holding a curl. For those with already textured hair, a conical barrel will probably suffice.

I'm a huge fan of versatility, and that's why I've included a lot of styling tools to create wavy hairstyles alongside several other styles. If I can use the same iron every day for multiple different looks, I know I'm getting my money's worth. For gorgeous waves in particular, check out these awesome styling tools for long-lasting texture and volume.

1. Use Three Barrels Instead Of One For Waves On Long, Thick Hair


BlueTop 3 Barrel Hair Waver, $32, Amazon

Three is definitely better than one with the BlueTop 3 Barrel Hair Waver. Hair weaves in and out of the aluminum alloy barrels to create gorgeous texture, and it's suitable for hair that's long and thick. It's also got an LCD display that lets you personalize your temperature. "I have naturally frizzy/wavy hair and this product makes my hair have beautiful waves," says one reviewer.

2. Simplify Waving With This Iron That's Practically A Styling Template


BlueTop Electric Hair Spiral Curler, $17, Amazon

With a tourmaline ceramic barrel covered in a spiral design, the BlueTop Electric Hair Curler lets you create waves or curls depending on the heating time. However, because it's got a protectant shield and shows you exactly where to wind the hair, you can focus on the desired style.

3. Try This Innovative Plate Design For Deep, Defined Waves


Hot Tools Deep Waver, $35, Amazon

The Hot Tools Deep Waver heads up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and has an innovative plate design that crimp hair into deep, defined waves. They're made from far infrared-radiating ceramic to preserve and protect hair's natural moisture, so you can get shiny beach waves with minimal effort.

4. Snag This Interchangeable Set With Everything You Need For Any Look


PARWIN PRO Interchangeable Curling Iron Set, $60, Amazon

A great wave all depends on the thickness and shape of the tool you're using. Get the right fit for any look or hair type with the PARWIN PRO Interchangeable Curling Iron Set. It comes with five interchangeable barrels — including cylindrical, tapered, and bubble — and a wand that heats up to 370 in only a minute. It also comes with a glove, travel bag, and heat resistant mat.

5. Cover All Your Styling Bases, Including Soft Waves, With This Tool


xtava Hotness 3-in-1 Styler, $32, Amazon

The xtava Hotness 3-in-1 Styler is an awesome tool for waves because it's got so many features to help you create the shape you're looking for. There's the ceramic tourmaline plates, the curling iron with bristles, and the rounded shape for extra volume. It heats up to 410 degrees, and it's wonderful if you'd like a style that's somewhere in between pin straight and voluminous curls.

6. Try This Tapered Thick Shape That's Ideal For Waves


Infiniti Pro Ceramic Curling Wand, $31, Amazon

The Infiniti Pro Ceramic Curling Wand is great for loose waves because of its thick and tapered conical barrel. It's fast and easy to create volume without kinks, and uses tourmaline ceramic to reduce static, frizz, and damage. This one heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit within 30 seconds, and has five temperature settings for all hair types. "For having thick hair it took me no time at all," says one reviewer. "Perfect for waves."

7. Use This Waver To Give Long-Lasting Volume To Pin Straight Hair


Bed Head Deep Waver, $20, Amazon

If you're looking for super distinctive waves, the Bed Head Deep Waver is the tool for you. It's got three-quarter inch tourmaline ceramic plates that crimp your hair for frizz-free, shiny texture, and it heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. Reviewers also say that twisting your hair before you crimp gives you "perfect beach waves." Even people with pin straight hair that never holds a curl say that this thing gives them volume for days.

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