The 7 Best Curling Irons For Tight Curls

Beachy waves are great and all, but sometimes you just want a tightly coiled curl. Maybe you're rocking a more vintage look or just want to go out on the town Shirley Temple style — either way, you'll need one of the best curling irons for tight curls.

You probably already know that the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. But there are a couple other things to look out for when you're searching for the right iron.

For starters, a smooth barrel can help fight breakage and snags. Most gold-barrel irons are extra smooth, so your hair will glide through the iron without catching or tearing. And if you're really concerned with snagging hair, you should opt for a wand. The no-clamp style keeps your hair completely free from accidental pulling and tearing.

And whatever hair tool you use, tight curls require a little more maneuvering than a simple wave. After you wrap your hair around the wand, hold it horizontally to keep your curls the tightest. Since you'll be waving your wand around your head a bit more than usual, sometimes a smaller or ergonomically designed iron makes those tight curls a little easier on your arms.

So, get ready to have the first season Felicity hair you've always wanted. These fantastic curling irons will give you super tight curls that look amazing.

A Slightly Tapered Mini-Wand For Delicate, Bouncy Curls

Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron, $16, Amazon

This little curling wand will fit all your tight curl needs. The tapered barrel gives the spirals a natural look while the ceramic design tames flyaways and adds shine. Plus, it's super lightweight and great for traveling.

A Three-In-One Curling Iron For Tons Of Styling Options

Zealite Curling Wand Set, $25, Amazon

Get a little bit of everything with this curling wand set. With three interchangeable barrels, you get all the tight curl options. Plus, you get a heat resistant glove, so your fingers will stay safe.

A Gold Barrel Curling Iron That's Ultra-Smooth

Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron, $28, Amazon

This half-inch iron uses 24k gold not just to be fancy, but because it heats quickly, evenly, and leaves you with excellent curls. The clamp helps the hair heat up even faster and locks it in place to make the perfect spiral.

A Super-Thin Wand For The Tightest Curls

inkint Electric Curling Wand 9mm Size, $19, Amazon

If you want the tightest, tiniest curls possible, this is the curling iron to get. The 9mm barrel is pretty much the smallest one you can find. Just in case metric is your jam, it equals about .35 of an inch. That's tiny! The wand has four temperature settings and a rubber, non-slip handle for easy styling as you're giving yourself adorable baby curls.

A High-Heat Tapered Wand For Curls That Last

xtava Twirl Tapered Curling Wand, $28, Amazon

When you're putting heat on your precious locks, it's nice to know how hot it's really getting. With this wand, you get a digital read out of the iron's exact temperature, so you won't get any burnt hair surprises.

A Curling Iron That's Perfect For Short Hair

Helen of Troy Mini 1/2 Inch Curling Iron, $16, Amazon

Small barrel irons are great for tight curls but they also work wonders on short hair. Short and tight spirals can be a little tricky, but this curling iron makes it much easier. The shorter barrel makes it easy to maneuver and the handle is ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly.

A Tourmaline Iron That Leaves Hair Smooth & Shiny

Infiniti Pro by Conair, $20, Amazon

This curling iron gives a tight curl while the nano technology of the tourmaline barrel keeps hair smooth and shiny. More than 2,000 people on Amazon swear by it, with one enthusiastic reviewer saying: "I have fine and sometimes frizzy hair, and often find it difficult to hold a style.The high heat achieves a perfect lasting curl every time, but does not burn my hair."

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