The 7 Best Enzyme Powder Face Washes For Sensitive Skin

Every skin type requires exfoliation to stay healthy and function at its best, but those with sensitive skin need to take extra care when it comes to exfoliating. Traditional scrubs can leave sensitive skin red and irritated, and even cause tiny tears. But the best enzyme powder face washes for sensitive skin use a combination of active enzymes — which naturally break down dead skin cells and other impurities — and fine, smooth powders to gently buff them away while you cleanse.

Enzyme powder cleansers are exactly what they sound like: a powder intended to be used in place of your regular face wash. They're designed to be applied to a damp face, using damp hands, and when they come in contact with water they dissolve into a rich, low-foaming lather with just a touch of totally customizable grittiness. For a milder exfoliation, thoroughly foam just a bit of powder with water in the palm of your hand before applying. Or, for a deeper exfoliation, you can dampen the powder for just a moment before massaging it into your face.

When you buy a liquid, foam, or gel face wash, you'll usually find that the first ingredient is water. That means that the largest share of the bottle is being taken up by — you guessed it — water. Because powder washes contain no water, these super concentrated formulas go much farther than their liquid counterparts. And, because they're dry, bacteria and mold have a very difficult time growing in them, so it takes a very long time for these multi-tasking miracles to go bad.

And, if I haven't managed to convince you yet that these are a godsend, let me just point out that these are TSA friendly and much less likely to burst on the plane than liquid cleansers.

These seven enzyme powder cleansers are great for sensitive skin types looking for a thorough, gentle cleanse with the added benefit of light chemical exfoliation.