7 Cute Pairs Of Grip Socks That You'll Want To Flaunt In Barre Class

There's only one scenario in which sliding across a hardwood floor is ideal, and that's when you're reenacting Tom Cruise's dance scene from Risky Business. In all other situations, slippery footwear can get pretty dangerous, and that's where investing in a pair of the best grip socks comes in. Whether you're interested in yoga, barre, Pilates, or just walking down a recently-waxed hallway without falling on your butt, these special socks create some much-needed traction between your feet and the floor.

Your standard grip socks (also known as yoga and Pilates socks) typically look like any other pair — all except for the bottoms. There, you'll find rubber-like dots or patterns on the soles, which serve to create a slip-free surface while you move or pose. Some people choose to use them alone on studio floors, and some choose to use them in addition to their mats, but either way, they provide so much more balance and stability than you'd be getting otherwise.

These socks have been trending like nuts, and you can find an average pair pretty much anywhere now. That being said, the best non-slip socks implement other features that make them even more comfortable for workouts and exercise. Breathable fabrics, secure-fitting designs, and stylistic options ensure that you can find the right socks for your feet and your practice, and these seven pairs, below, check all those boxes and more.


The Overall Best Pick, Because They Have All The Right Features

If you're looking for a reliable pair that's made with all the most convenient features, look no further than Tavi Noir Chey's Mary Jane grip socks. The knit is soft and primarily cotton, making them breathable and effective when it comes to wicking sweat. The cut is open on the top for a more barefoot feel, but still offers a secure fit because of the three points of attachment, fitted heel, and overlay strap. A large surface area of grippy material keeps you stable in any pose, and it even offers mid-foot arch compression to minimize fatigue and potential injuries. If you don't love the black, this pair is available in over a dozen other colors.

  • Available Sizes: Small - Medium


Since You Get Four Pairs For $13, These Are The Best Value

Thanks to over 2,000 rave reviews and a great price tag, it doesn't get much more risk-free than this. Rahabsox offers comfort, non-slip security, and four different pairs all for $13. They're made from 95 percent cotton and feature flexible silicone on the soles, so they won't crack no matter how much you pull. They also have a full-coverage design which is ideal for staying sanitary in public studios, and the loose, roll-down opening prevents skin marks and loss of circulation around your ankle.

  • Available Sizes: Medium


A Toeless Cut And An Open Design Make These Ideal For A Barefoot Feel

Thanks to their open top and non-bulky cotton fabric, reviewers say ToeSox's Bella half-toe socks are "really close to [the feeling of being barefoot]." The cut-out design allows you to move and spread your toes naturally, but still wicks sweat in between them. The bottom of the socks have tiny, skid-proof bumps as well as larger coverage in the center of the foot, so they allow for security as well as freedom of movement during specific routines. Finally, the fitted heel keeps these socks in place no matter how much you move, making them especially awesome for barre and other ballet-like classes.

  • Available Sizes: X-Small - Large


These Have A Larger Surface Area To Provide Optimal Grip

Even though the non-slip design spans all over the bottom of your foot, it lays totally flat to avoid a "bumpy sensation" during your poses. As a result, these Ellaste socks are ideal for yoga and other activities that require optimal balance and traction. Reviewers say they "provide a firm grip" on their yoga mats, but the "grip really works on wood floors," too. This pair is great for those looking for coverage without confinement, as the closed top and cut-out toes offer a secure fit while still allowing for contact with the floor. They're available in four colors, and thanks to their highly-elastic blend, one size fits most feet.

  • Available Sizes: Small/Medium


Lace-Up Ties Give This Pair Extra Security And A Unique Style

Fashion and convenience don't always overlap, but these Muezna ballet-style socks tackle both simultaneously. In addition to their cotton blend, solid stitching, and cut-out toes, they have an elegant tie-up strap that serves to create a more secure fit and add a unique flair to your workout outfit. Since the silicone gel grips are the same shade as the sock in all eight color options, they're also one of the most convenient pairs when it comes to matching — plus they come with a free travel and storage bag.

  • Available Sizes: Small/Medium


This Bamboo Pick Is Best For Sweat-Wicking And Foot Hygiene

Bamboo is one of the absolute best materials to wear when it comes to working out. That's because, in addition to actually fighting the growth of bacteria, it's extremely soft, breathable, and naturally moisture-wicking. These FITLEAF toeless grip socks are made with 80 percent bamboo fiber, so your feet feel and smell fresh all throughout your class. They're also infused with spandex and elastic to ensure a foot-hugging fit that stays put without feeling bulky or constricting.

  • Available Sizes: 5 - 10


These Socks Work Inside Or Outside Your Shoes To Prevent Blisters

Because they look and fit just like a regular pair, these Apex gripper socks are especially easy to implement into your routine. Their stretchy, breathable material is ideal for the gym or at-home use, but thanks to their low-ankle and full-coverage fit, they can also be worn with your favorite pair of shoes. The anti-skid design extends past the sole onto the ankle to prevent friction in your sneakers, stopping blisters and irritations while you run. They fit women's sizes 6 to 14 and men's sizes 5 to 14.

  • Available Sizes: Medium - X-Large

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