The 7 Best Hair Towels That Dry Your Hair Fast Without The Damage

It's a little weird to say that my life has been vastly improved by a wad of absorbent fabric, but it's true. I recently invested in one of the best hair towels, and since then, my daily routine has gone a whole lot more smoothly. No longer do I have to bend my neck like an ostrich to keep the towel on top of my head. No longer do I feel beads of cold water dripping down my back, or end up damaging my hair by twisting too hard.

Most stylists would agree that, believe it or not, you should never dry your hair with a regular towel. That's because hair is especially delicate when it's wet, and the texture and material of a regular towel is often too coarse and dry for fragile wet hair to handle. Your average bath towel also isn't too great at absorbing water, so if you do choose to blow dry your hair after towel drying it, you're not preventing heat damage as much as you could be.

Not only is a great hair towel effective at absorbing water without damage, but it actually stays on your head while you move on with the rest of your routine. These top rated hair drying towels can help you dry your hair faster with less damage.

1. A Best-Selling Hair Towel That Majorly Reduces Styling Time

The DuraComfort Essentials Hair Towel is the number one best seller in hair towels because it dries your hair quickly without getting in your way. It's lightweight, super absorbent, and one size fits all. "This towel exceeded my expectations," one reviewer commented. "With this towel, my hair was much drier that blow drying took only 10 minutes greatly reducing overall styling time."

2. A Set Of Absorbent Microfiber Turbans That Are Perfect For Multitaskers

If you like to check your e-mail, clean your room, and do your makeup right out of the shower, you need something that'll stay in place. These microfiber hair towels have a button, an elastic band, and a lightweight design to keep the towel on your head no matter what, and without pulling or pain. They also absorb water quickly and come in a pack of two.

3. A Bamboo Towel That Smells Fresh For A Long Time

Bamboo is an extremely popular material right now, and that's because it's soft, lightweight, dries quickly, and prevents the growth of bacteria. This bamboo hair towel absorbs water so hair dries quickly and with minimal damage, but it also smells fresh and clean for a long time: "[The microfiber towels] start to smell bad and I have to throw them away," says one reviewer. "This bamboo towel is AMAZING!"

4. A Large, Lightweight Towel That's Perfect For People With Long Hair

This large microfiber hair towel is soft and absorbent, and it's much bigger than others on the market. It's also got a fine waffle-weave microfiber design that's lightweight despite its size, and reviewers are saying things like, "Love that it is a large towel that can cover all of my extremely thick hair."

5. A 'Dream Towel' For Naturally Curly Hair

The DevaCurl Deva-Towel is specifically made for natural curls. It helps them to dry bouncy, healthy, and without frizz, and it can even allow styling products to set better by absorbing just the right amount of water.

6. A Super-Absorbent Towel That's Ideal For Thick Hair

If your hair is so thick that it drenches a regular towel in seconds, this microfiber hair towel might be the answer. It's made from Aquitex, a unique microfiber that can hold tons of moisture. Reviewers love this towel, and one even raves: "This towel is amazing! I have thick, long hair that takes forever to blow dry... This towel removes so much moisture from my hair in such a short amount of time!"

7. A Hair Towel Made From The Same Fabric As Tee Shirts

Some hair stylists claim that drying your hair with a tee shirt is the best thing you can do to prevent the damage, breakage, and split-ends that towels cause. This tee shirt hair towel is made from that same soft material,but designed to stay on your head. It's smooth, absorbent, and leaves your hair shiny and manageable.

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