7 Insoles That Will Make Your Shoes More Comfortable (Yes, Even Your High Heels)

by Emily Estep
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Whether you actively suffer from foot pain or just want to prevent foot-related health problems, finding the best insoles or shoe inserts for your feet will make an enormous difference. Not all insoles are created equally, and in fact, most of them are designed with different purposes in mind.

"No single insole is perfect for all feet, whether they're for a running shoe, high heel, or flat," explains Dr. Yolanda Ragland of This is why it's important to get to know your feet before you consider insoles. People's feet break down into three categories — over-pronators (flat feet), neutral foot types, and hyper-supinators (high arches) — and the first step in picking the right insole, is identifying which of those categories your feet fall into.

I reached out to the experts to figure out which insoles are appropriate for different kinds of feet as well as which are best-suited to different activities and shoe styles. Opting for the proper insoles can prevent the development of plantar fasciitis and other foot concerns. Not to mention, shoe inserts can simply make your shoes comfier — and anything that can make a stiletto bearable for a few hours is well worth the investment.

These popular insoles cover all the bases for over-pronators, hyper-supinators, and everyone in between — whether you're going on a run, going out in your favorite heels, or simply standing around at work all day.


The Best Insoles For High Arches

According to Dr. Ragland, "A hyper-supinator requires a highly cushioned, flexible running sole." Enter: These insoles made of extra cushy memory foam. The memory foam provides the cushion that high arches need while also custom-forming to your foot for a personalized fit. These insoles are designed to be lightweight and offer extra air circulation, so you won't feel weighed down or overheated. The insoles also have active carbon fibers inside that help prevent odor-causing bacteria and keep your shoes smelling fresh.


The Best Insoles For Flat Feet

When it comes to flat-footed folks, Dr. Jackie Sutera of the Vionic Innovation Lab says "[they] need to have their over-pronation controlled and limited" — and these insoles can offer that stability. Their full-length sizing provides control from heel to toe with a cushioning layer that absorbs shock. They also have bonus flexibility in the arch region to help maintain proper posture. Plus, the insoles are made with antimicrobial fabric that can stop the development of odor.


The Best Insoles To Wear With High Heels

Dr. Sutera recommends these insoles for high heels because they leave space in your shoes without crowding your toes. The insoles support your feet with a built-in angle at the heel that realigns your feet to a natural, healthy position, even when you're wearing oddly-shaped shoes. Their polyurethane material also absorbs shock. There is even an adhesive pad on the bottom of the insoles that keep them in place.


The Best Insoles For Walking All Day

More than 2,000 Amazon users have left glowing reviews about these all-purpose insoles, and one of the most common compliments these inserts get is how comfortable they were to walk in. Uniquely designed to absorb shock, these inserts have air bubbles in both the heel and the arch provides support regardless of foot type. The insoles also have a top-cover fabric that wicks away moisture to keep your feet cool and dry.


The Best Insoles For Standing All Day

If you stand around all day at work, these insoles are some of the most supportive insoles you'll find. They feature a super deep heel cup to maximize support and position your soft tissue to help naturally absorb shock. They're covered in a natural material that eliminates odor-causing bacteria, so your shoes will smell fresh even after an eight-hour shift. Nearly 6,000 Amazon users are fans of the insoles, covering a wide variety of foot types and concerns.


The Best Insoles For Running

Dr. Sutera recommends these active insoles when worn in combination with high-quality running sneakers. They were designed specifically to provide control and support for your feet during fast-paced activities, with a reinforced plastic shell for extra stability. The insoles have a shock dot in the heel that is excellent for absorbing intense impact from running, and if the insoles don't fit your shoes appropriately, they can be cut down to a comfortable size.


The Best Lift Inserts To Wear With Flats

Insoles or inserts are key when wearing flats, especially if you pronate (aka walk with the most of your weight on the inside edge of your feet). These heel inserts can stop heel pain at the bottom of your feet, prevent plantar fasciitis, and are made of breathable, antimicrobial fabric. Although the inserts are designed to make you appear a bit taller, they offer quality cushioning right in the heel, making your flats far more functional and supportive. These inserts are prime for flats but can be worn in any type of shoe.

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