7 Jumbo Rollers That Straighten Hair Without A Flat Iron

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It may seem like a walking contradiction, but one of the best ways to get voluminous straight hair isn't with a heated straightening iron — it's with jumbo rollers. Yep, the best jumbo rollers for straightening your hair do way more than those old-school tools your grandma used to rock to the grocery store. And I bet you thought these babies were only for curling, right? The beautiful truth is that large rollers can actually straighten your curls or waves and make you look like you just spent an hour getting a fancy, expensive blowout at the salon.

Are there a few tricks to keep in mind when using jumbo rollers to straighten hair? Yep — style your hair with the largest rollers you can find, and if your goal is to get bouncier and straighter, but not pin-straight hair (which is best achieved with a flat iron), wash your hair at night, wrap medium sections of wet hair in jumbo rollers, and secure them to your head with bobby pins (but some rollers require no pins or clips at all). You'll get straight hair overnight by simply sleeping in the rollers and giving them time to pull and lengthen out your curls — and you won't lose volume in the process.

Velcro rollers are a super affordable option, but you could also invest slightly more in hot jumbo rollers, let them cool off in your hair while you get ready, and remove after 20 or so minutes to speed up the straightening process.

So, where to begin? Right here, with these seven highly rated jumbo rollers that are perfect for straightening hair.


Hot Tourmaline Ceramic Rollers That Smooth Medium And Long Hair

Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flocked Hot Rollers, $29, Amazon

These two-inch velvet flocked hot rollers feature tourmaline ceramic technology that heats up fast and evenly and won't damage hair like some other heating tools (don't forget to apply a heat protectant spray before you style). These rollers create a voluminous and smooth look on medium and long hair. Reviewers warn that the clips attached to these rollers won't stay in place if you clip them at the bottom — clip them at the top adjacent to your scalp and they shouldn't budge.


Velcro Rollers That Add Major Volume To Fine Hair

Conair Mega Self Holding Rollers, $8, Amazon

These lightweight self holding rollers measure 2.5 inches in diameter and are large enough to create body and pull out tight curls. They're designed to suit all hair textures and types, though there are only 9 curlers in a pack and you may need to order more, depending on your hair length and thickness. Use them on wet or dry hair and rejoice — absolutely no pins or clips needed to keep these in place. Many reviewers say these work best for thin or fine hair and that they'll add the fullness you want without major curl.


Magnetic Rollers That Give You Shinier Hair

Diane Snap On Magnetic Roller, $5 (pack of 6), Amazon

When it comes to roller types, magnetic rollers are lauded for their ability to smooth hair and give it loads of shine. It took one reviewer 20 minutes less time to achieve her desired hairstyle with these large snap-on rollers when compared to velcro rollers. Others say they are easy to use and versatile: they give body and a curve to straight, fine hair while making course, curly hair softer with looser curls. Be careful to roll and snap them "under" instead of "over" by the scalp because they can leave a crease in the hair.


No Fuss Huge Velcro Rollers That Provide Lasting Results

Soft 'N Style 2" Blue Velcro Rollers, $11 (Pack of 18), Amazon

They have old-school charm and work without all the bells and whistles: these 2-inch blue velcro rollers (each order gives you three bags with six rollers in each) can be used on the longest or thickest hair and will give amazing volume and a smoother, more relaxed look to curly/wavy hair.

Reviewers with fine/thin hair say they sometimes need to use clips to make these rollers stay in place, while most others say they stick all by themselves. Take care when removing them to hold the base of your hair wrapped around each roller in order to prevent your hair from "pulling" (because ouch).


Satin Covered Rollers That Are Gentle On Delicate Hair

Evolve EV Satin Covered Rollers, $10, Amazon

If childhood memories of getting your hair snagged in rollers before a dance recital have you feeling lukewarm about these tools, these large and medium satin covered rollers will give you faith again. The satin material helps prevent frizz and breakage and they're far more comfy to sleep in than other bulkier, more solid jumbo rollers. Order these and you'll get a pack of 30 rollers, but be aware that they consist of both large and medium size rollers — use both sizes and you'll get a combo of smooth, voluminous hair and bouncier curls.


Foam Rollers That Are Soft Enough To Sleep In

Conair Body and Bounce Extra Large Foam Rollers, $8, Amazon

Because you can't write a post like this without mentioning the OG of all rollers: here are the extra large foam pink rollers of our youth — the ones that are soft enough to not tangle/snag hair, large enough to straighten super curly hair, and soft enough to sleep on. No pins necessary — they have clips that snap into place and will create body and bounce.


Titanium Jumbo Hot Rollers For Healthier Hair

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Jumbo Roller Hairsetter, $60, Amazon

Have smoother, silkier hair in seconds by wrapping medium to large sections of your hair in these nano titanium jumbo hot rollers, which boast far infrared heat that penetrates hair from within so that your style sets faster and with less damage. This set includes eight 1.5-inch rollers and eight butterfly clips to secure them in place. Reviewers say these heat up in 15 minutes and that just a few minutes of use can result in straighter, more relaxed curls and voluminous straight hair with a glam bend at the end.

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