The 7 Best Jump Ropes

There are so many benefits to jump roping it’s hard to know where to begin — for starters, jumping ropes gets your heart pumping, tones your muscles, increases spatial awareness, and bolsters cognition. On top of that, the best jump ropes are an easy accessory you can throw in your bag and take anywhere.

But, it's important to make sure your jump ropes are the right quality. Bad jump ropes, for example, can slap your legs and leave awful welts across your shins. They can chafe up your hands, give you rope burn, and leave blisters in the crease between your thumb and pointer finger. Worst of all, they will tangle up every three spins and you’ll spend half of your workout with the cable wadded up in a little ball. Nobody has time for that.

But what makes for a good jump rope? That depends on which benefits from jump roping you are hoping to get. If your goal is speed, then you'll want something super lightweight with an efficient twirling mechanism — preferably a ball-bearing style — that will give it acceleration and keep it moving. On the other hand, if cardio is your objective, you'll want something heavier, possibly even weighted, that takes more effort to spin around. Here is a list of the best jump ropes available for every type of workout and athlete.

1. A Lightning Fast Speed Rope That Lets You Hit 320 Rotations Per Minute

If speed is your goal, it doesn't get better than this wicked fast jump rope from FitSkuad. Built with a unique double ball-bearing system and thin, featherlight cable, the power combination allows to you hit a whopping 320 jumps per minute. The tough but lightweight aluminum handles are extra long and wrapped in foam to give you an easy-hold grip with zero extra weight, allowing you to whip the rope around as fast as possible. No matter your height you'll be able to use these jump ropes. The durable 10-foot cable can be adjusted to the perfect length and is coated with a PVC sleeve to prevent it from breaking. The jump rope comes with a handy travel pouch you can tuck away for storage or place easily in your gym bag, and is available in five colors including blue, green, red, gray, and silver.

2. A Jump Rope With A Specially-Designed Grip For People Who Sweat A Lot

Jump roping can be hot and sweaty activity and if you find yourself constantly dripping with perspiration, this jump rope with handles designed to provide a strong grip even when you're sweating is the perfect option. The handles on this jump rope are constructed with soft, ergonomic grips that are wrapped in anti-slip material so that your rope won't fly out of your hands and hit the person in front of you during your Crossfit WOD. Reviewers praise the anti-slip handles, saying, "The grips are perfect even when you're drenched in sweat." The cable is easy to adjust and highly-customizable, while the high-quality ball bearing keeps your rope twirling fast without tangling, making this jump rope a truly hassle-free option.

3. A Tough, Weighted Jump Rope Made For Extreme Cardio Workouts

This heavy-duty weighted jump rope is no joke. Made with thick, ridged, poly dacron rope that weighs a staggering eight pounds, this is a model designed for tough workouts where you want to sweat hard and burn tons of calories. Available in three different weight options (four, five and seven-pounds), you'll be able to find the perfect weight for your workout. While this rugged rope is one of the heaviest available, it is lined with a soft exterior that won't damage your floors or tear up the mats at the gym. On top of giving you a solid cardio workout, the weighted rope is excellent for building shoulder strength and increasing rotator cuff tone and flexibility. While this option is the priciest rope on this list, reviewers feel you get what you pay for. One reviewer goes as far as to say this rope is "probably one of the best investments I made."

4. A Rope With A Digital Counter To Automatically Track Your Jumps

Tracking your jumps can be a mentally-exhausting task, and inevitably you're always about halfway through your workout when you lose count. This genius jump rope is a solution to that problem, and features a digital counter that keeps track of your repetitions for you. Just jump away and the internal counter will track your jumps and flash it on a tiny LED screen for you. On top of jumps, this rope tracks your time and calories, too. You can also set it to beep at a specific time or when you've reached a certain target. But the cool features don't stop there. This rope is also convertible, allowing you to use it either cordlessly, or with a traditional cord. When it comes to customizability, this rope does not disappoint – you can tailor this rope to your preferences and what's best for your workout. Not to mention, this rope is also available in six color combinations including blue-black, all-black, blue-white, green-white, blue-white, and pink-white. With this rope, you can jump any way you like.

5. A Ropeless Jump Rope That Won't Slap Your Legs Or Hit Furniture

Whether you travel a lot, want to preserve your nice floors, or simply hate the feeling of rope slapping your leg every time you miss, this ropeless jump rope is a convenient alternative to your standard rope. While this jump rope isn't convertible like the option above it on this list, it offers ergonomic handles padded for maximum comfort. In fact, its handles are designed with an elastic sponge material that allows you to get a better grip on your the handles during your workout. So if you're looking for a cordless jump rope with a softer, easily-gripped handle, this option stands out from the crowd. Similar to the option above, its weighted handles contain little balls on the end, allowing you to achieve all of the same health benefits you do with a regular rope without tangling, developing welts on your shins, or knocking things off your coffee table when you're trying to work out in the living room. If you want to alternate between speed workouts and weighted cardio, it's simple to switch back and forth by adding the weights into your handles.

6. An Classic and Affordable Jump Rope That Actually Works Well

Sometimes you don't need all the bells and whistles; you just want a basic jump rope that will twirl around consistently without costing a fortune. This affordable jump rope from PRO JUMP FIT is an excellent choice — it is lightweight, durable, and only costs seven bucks. The speed-style rope features an adjustable cable and a stainless steel wire that "will never break." Equipped with sturdy handles and an easy carry bag, it's great for workouts of all types be they Crossfit, MMA, boxing, or aerobics. At just seven dollars, this is the most affordable rope on this list, but you might not know it after using it. One reviewer praises the rope saying, "I have another one, that was more expensive, and I cannot tell a difference in quality or usability."

7. A Jump Rope With Super Comfortable Memory Foam Handles

If you've ever spent any time using jump ropes, you know that they're handles can be uncomfortable and leave you with rope burn or blisters on your hands. This jump rope with memory foam handles, however, provides next-level comfort so that your hands are protected even during your most intense workout. Available in both a one-pack and two-pack option, you can double up on jump ropes to keep one at home and one in your gym locker. And with a cord that will suit anyone from five feet one inch to six feet eight inches tall, this jump rope can be adjusted to your preferred height. The ball bearing system prevents the adjustable rope from tangling and keeps is turning smoothly while you get your sweat on. The best part? This jump rope features a lifetime warranty, so you won't have to spend money replacing it when repeated use wears it down.

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