Don’t Have Time To Play With Your Kitty? These Motorized Cat Toys Will Entertain For Hours


While playing together is a great bonding experience for you and your cat, the best motorized cat toys can provide fun and stimulation for your kitty even when you’re away from home or busy doing other things. And providing a little fun and stimulation in your absence is necessary — it helps relieve boredom while preventing behavioral issues and could even help with certain health problems.

To help your feline friend acclimate quickly to a toy — and increase the likelihood they'll actually play with it — I’ve chosen toys that all tap into your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and chase. I’ve also included a wide range of options, so you can find the toys that work for you and your cat. For example, if your cat loves to run around the house, an automated ball is a great choice, but if you have a small living space, it may get in the way.

And of course — you can choose between USB-chargeable toys or toys that are battery-operated. Ultimately, this comes down to what’s most convenient for you.

By giving your kitty a mix of the best motorized cat toys — which are all available on Amazon — you can help your feline friend live their healthiest, happiest, and most stress-free life.

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A Rolling Robot Toy With 5 Wand Attachments

With five wand attachments — feathers, a bell, a mouse, and two ribbons — as well as LED color-changing lights, this rolling robot cat toy offers a variety of ways for your cat to play. The interactive toy steers itself around the house with irregular movements that will keep your cat entertained, and it automatically senses and avoids obstacles. The toy runs for 10 minutes at a time and automatically shuts off for 90 minutes to preserve battery life and give cats time to rest before restarting. The rechargeable battery-powered toy runs for eight hours total on one charge.

According to reviewers: “It keeps my cat busy for hours. It turns on and off automatically, so my cat is never bored and it saves battery.”

  • Power source: USB-rechargeable battery (cable included)


A Flopping Fish Toy That Moves Like Prey

According to cat owners, this flopping fish toy is irresistible to curious kitties. A stand-in for prey, the electronic fish toy has a built-in motion sensor with three wiggle modes that activate every time your cat touches it. The fish wiggles and flops, goading your cat to swat, kick, and "pursue." To get cats even more interested in playtime, the toy is infused with catnip, which causes most cats over 6 months of age to enjoy a 10-minute burst of energy. And since it's super compact, this option is great for small spaces. Made from soft cotton plush, the toy can be hand washed and air dried to keep it clean — just remove the motor when it’s time to wash.

According to reviewers: “My cat (Cooper) loves it, he shakes his little butt and pounces on it, holding it with his mouth and kicking it with his back feet....we have really enjoyed watching him play.”

  • Power source: USB-rechargeable battery (cable included)


This Spinning Butterfly That Your Cat Can Try To Catch

Featuring 360-degree rotation, this spinning butterfly cat toy satisfies your cat’s instinct to hunt and catch. The toy constantly spins when it’s turned on, and since it stays put, it’s great for entertaining your cat while you get other things done around the house. It comes with two replacement butterflies, which are attached to wires. When your cat wears out the butterfly, just pull the used wire out of the base and replace it with a new one.

According to reviewers: “I have multiple cats, and it's hard to find a toy that can entertain more than one at a time. They love to catch the butterfly. It's sturdy enough to survive being dragged by the butterfly, and provides hours of entertainment.”

  • Power source: 3 AA batteries (not included)


A Rechargeable Ball Your Cat Will Love To Chase

Ball toys encourage cats to stalk and pounce, and this rechargeable ball toy with an LED light will keep kitty entertained for up to four hours on one charge. The ball automatically rolls and changes directions, and it works on both hardwood floors and low-pile carpets. The toy turns itself off after 40 minutes to preserve battery life and give cats a chance to rest. It’s available in white, pink, and green.

According to reviewers: “This ball gets around for a couple hours per charge so can be used multiple times before charging. My cat usually doesn’t play with toys but this one he does which gives me time to do other things, also a bonus!”

  • Power source: USB-rechargeable battery (cable included)


This Motion Toy That Emulates A Running Mouse

Lurking beneath the canopy of this motorized cat toy are moving lights and a wand with a plush toy at the end that moves like a mouse to gratify your cat’s hunting instinct. There are even two speed settings so you can adjust the difficulty level. The canopy's fabric is durable, so you don't have to worry about it wearing down anytime soon. Important to note: The toy gets about one hour of battery life, so be sure to turn it off after playtime and keep an extra set of batteries on hand.

According to reviewers: “I don't often give five stars, but my kitty LOVES this toy. He never seems to get bored with it.”

  • Power source: 3 AA batteries (not included)


An Interactive Laser Toy That Turns On Automatically

Pet owners report that both cats and dogs enjoy chasing this laser toy which is great for entertaining your kitty while you’re busy doing other things. Placing the toy on a high shelf prevents your cat from knocking it over, and it also offers a wider playing area for your cat and keeping them from looking directly into the laser at the same time. There are two speed modes, five size-adjustable circling ranges, and random patterns to keep cats entertained. The laser automatically turns on every three hours and runs for 15 minutes at a time. Keep in mind: Cats can get frustrated with laser toys because they can’t actually catch anything physically, so it’s a good idea to leave stuffed catnip toys around the house to satisfy hunting urges after laser toy playtime.

According to reviewers: “I love this laser toy! It's sturdy, easy to operate, and keeps my kitties busy and moving throughout the day!”

  • Power source: USB-rechargeable (cable included) or 4 AA batteries (not included)


This Teaser Toy That Will Challenge Your Cat’s Coordination

This interactive cat toy is a great way to keep cats guessing while engaging their hunting skills. It features an LED light, a bell, and two colorful feathers that randomly pop out of the six cutouts. The durable base is resistant to biting and scratching, and it has nonslip feet to keep it in place while your cat plays. The teaser toy automatically shuts off after 30 minutes to preserve battery life. Keep in mind: Since it has a bell, this toy might be a little distracting if the cat uses it while you’re home and trying to focus on something else.

According to reviewers: “My almost 1 year old cat LOVES this toy. The light, feather, and bell are a great combination to keep his attention for a long period of time.”

  • Power source: 2 AA batteries (included)