The 7 Best Pillows For Back Sleepers

There are a gazillion reasons why sleeping on your back gets praise from health and beauty experts. But that doesn't mean all of us are doing it for longer than a minute before we wind up dozing off face down into the mattress. These best pillows for back sleepers can help: They're designed to be especially comfortable for sleeping on your back and can even help prop up faithful side and tummy sleepers so that you don't flip over.

It may be surprising, but your sleeping pose can actually affect your quality of sleep. Some of the benefits of sleeping on your back include providing a neutral alignment of your neck, head, and spine — which reduces the risk of waking up with back or shoulder aches and pains. Back sleeping can help quell acid reflux and, as long as your pillow is supportive enough, this position makes your snoring (or your partner's snoring) a lot less annoying.

But only seven percent of us are able to stay on our backs all night long. Finding a pillow with a medium-firm loft or one made with memory or latex foam can help. These pillows score major points among back sleepers and sleepers who dream of staying on their backs.