Pillows For Back Sleepers Exist & They're So Much More Comfortable

There are a gazillion reasons why sleeping on your back gets praise from health and beauty experts. But that doesn't mean all of us are doing it for longer than a minute before we wind up dozing off face down into the mattress. These best pillows for back sleepers can help: They're designed to be especially comfortable for sleeping on your back and can even help prop up faithful side and tummy sleepers so that you don't flip over.

It may be surprising, but your sleeping pose can actually affect your quality of sleep. Some of the benefits of sleeping on your back include providing a neutral alignment of your neck, head, and spine — which reduces the risk of waking up with back or shoulder aches and pains. Back sleeping can help quell acid reflux and, as long as your pillow is supportive enough, this position makes your snoring (or your partner's snoring) a lot less annoying.

But only seven percent of us are able to stay on our backs all night long. Finding a pillow with a medium-firm loft or one made with memory or latex foam can help. These pillows score major points among back sleepers and sleepers who dream of staying on their backs.


A Firm Memory Foam Pillow With An Allergy-Free Bamboo Cover

Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow, $39, Amazon

This memory foam pillow offers enough support to keep your head elevated, and the medium loft it creates on either side of your head also helps prevent you from turning over. You can add or remove visco elastic memory foam to customize this pillow for your personal needs and its eco-friendly, removable bamboo-derived rayon pillow cover keeps your head cool and provides a natural barrier against dust mites and allergens.


A Pillow That Trains You To Sleep On Your Back

Back To Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle, $64, Amazon

This pillow features a built-in crescent neck support that cradles your head and neck and prevents you from turning over — it essentially helps train you to sleep on your back. If you're not crazy about the crescent design, or don't wish to sleep that way every night, simply flip the pillow over and rely on the more traditional "head hammock" inverted position.


A Customizable Pillow With A Supportive Trapezoid Center That Cradles Your Head

Tri-Core Pillow, $30-$89, Amazon

The unique trapezoid design in the center of this supportive pillow provides orthopedic benefits by cradling the head and supporting the neck with a comfortable neck roll. This is one pillow that understands people come in all shapes and sizes — there are two different width neck rolls on the top and bottom for taller or shorter sleepers. You can even choose among five sizes and levels of firmness that include firm, gentle, and petite firm.


A Ventilated Solution For Sleepers Who Need A Lower Pillow Profile

Bluewave Pillow Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow, $38, Amazon

If you're the kind of back sleeper who needs a low-profile pillow to keep your back and neck from getting achy, this gel-infused, memory foam pillow has so many perks to offer. You can purchase three variations on the pillow to suit your needs: super slim, ultra slim, and ultra slim (extra firm). And its temperature-regulating gel keeps your head cool, while a rayon/polyester pillow cover wicks moisture away so you stay comfy all night long.


A Hypoallergenic Contoured Neck Pillow

Tampor Memory Foam Contour Pillow, $36, Amazon

Better neck support and spinal alignment are yours, thanks to this memory foam contour pillow, which is firm, but breathable. Choose among four options, including classic, gel contour, and two types of contour pillows designed to support your neck and head in different areas. Its memory foam core regulates temperature so that you never wake up feeling sweaty.


An Ear & Neck Pain-Relieving Pillow Shaped Like Your Head

The Womfy Ear & Neck Pain Relief Pillow, $80, Amazon

This pillow mimics the design of your head and neck and is made with both memory and a gel-foam core that regulates temperature and provides firm, springy support. It's available in thin, medium, or thick to ensure the perfect head, neck, and spine alignment that you need to sleep better and for longer on your back. And, if you do happen to slide into a side sleeping position, this pillow (which comes with a bamboo jersey pillowcase) won't press on your ears or mouth, which prevents pressure and pain.


A Pillow With Major Side Supports

YourFacePillow, $60, Amazon

For those times when you need all of the back sleeping help you can get, YourFacePillow provides side supports that keep your head from moving and prevent you from tossing and turning. Designed from supportive foam, this pillow comes with a hypoallergenic inner cover and a removable, washable bamboo outer cover.

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