7 Portable Coffee Makers You Can Take Anywhere

If you're the type of person who "can't even" until you've had your morning coffee, you already know that a great portable coffee maker is a non-negotiable gadget you need — unless you plan on running to a coffee shop every day. Whether you're a world traveler or you just want to make a decent cup of coffee at the office, there's a portable coffee maker that can help you get your fix.

But finding the right one can get super complicated. There are French press travel coffee makers that double as mugs (talk about convenient), electric coffee makers you can plug into your car, mini espresso pumps, and of course, plain and simple, no-frills coffee makers that transform regular coffee grinds and water into a steaming cup of deliciousness.

Many of today's portable coffee makers are anything but substandard alternatives to at-home coffee makers. They feature sleek designs, thoughtful accessories, and are easier than ever to clean — because the last thing you want to think about while camping is washing a sticky coffee pot. Being away from home is no excuse for missing your morning cup of joe, and these seven portable coffee makers will make sure you never have to.


A Single Cup Coffee Maker That Works With K-Cups or Ground Coffee

Presto MyJoe Single Cup Coffee Maker, $12, Amazon

Place a K-cup in the base of this portable coffee maker, add hot water, and brew. You can position this gadget right on top of your coffee mug and simply wait a few minutes before enjoying a delicious cup of coffee on the go. This affordable coffee maker can also use ground coffee — just place a scoop into the reusable filter.


An Eco-Friendly Coffee Maker With A Permanent Filter & A 15-Ounce Travel Mug

AdirChef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker, $21, Amazon

Forget about packing paper filters with your portable coffee maker — this eco-friendly gadget features a permanent, paper-less filter and comes with a 15-ounce stainless steel travel mug that fits in most vehicle cup holders. Everything is dishwasher safe, and you can score this model in seven fun colors, including Sour Green and orange.


A Dishwasher-Safe Coffee Maker That Can Brew A Strong Or Mild Cup

Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy, $7, Amazon

Every coffee aficionado knows there's more than one way to brew a cup of coffee — and for those who like to take their brew super strong one day and mild the next, this portable coffee maker is the eco-friendly single serve gadget of your dreams. It has a reusable fine mesh filter and the simplest of designs: place the Coffee Brew Buddy on the rim of your coffee cup, add your favorite coffee, pour hot water, and brew it to your desired strength. All of it components are dishwasher safe, to boot.


A Single Serve K-Cup Press That Works Without Electricity

Tru KP-1000 Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Press, $14, Amazon

This single serve, portable K-Cup coffee press is efficient, compact, and fits into your carry-on luggage or purse with room to spare. Operate it without electricity and make six, eight, or 10-ounce servings. A cylinder with piston forces hot water through the capsule and delivers a delicious cup of coffee in seconds. When you're all finished, simply disassemble the gadget and wash each part separately.


A Mini Espresso Coffee Maker For Times When You Need A Serious Pick Me Up

Pressopump Mini Espresso Coffee Maker, $45, Amazon

Sometimes you need more than a coffee break — you need the extreme jolt that can only come from an espresso break. And this mini espresso maker lets you prepare a cream-topped espresso shot in seconds, no matter where you go. The ultra-fine steel filter is reusable, it has a leakproof gasket, and the system comes with a compact cleaning brush to make cleaning a breeze. Expect a luxurious shot of espresso in just three minutes.


A No-Frills Single Serve Coffee Maker That Has Everything You Need

Black+Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker, $24, Amazon

If you just want a portable single serve coffee maker that makes a decent cup of coffee without all the bells and whistles, this reliable gadget is for you. Brew coffee directly into the 16-ounce travel mug that comes with this coffee maker and feel free to use ground or soft pod coffee in the reusable mesh filter. This coffee maker turns off right after brewing, which is perfect for times when you're in a rush.


A Portable, Single Serve French Press

CafeJo My French Press, $40, Amazon

As anyone devoted to their French press will tell you: French-pressed coffee just tastes different. This portable, compact French press coffee maker lets you brew single serve portions using K-cups or ground coffee and it comes with a cup holder, pod adapter, and ground coffee adapter.

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