The 7 Best Running Shoes For Women You Can Actually Get At Walmart

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As a running coach, I get tons of questions about the shoes I wear, what running-specific sneaker brands I recommend, and why. While I’ve run in many different types of shoes over the years, I’ve come to learn that my feet feel best when they’re inside a pair of Brooks running sneakers that balance just the right amount of support with a lightweight, minimalist feel. That doesn’t mean I haven’t flirted with other running shoe brands in the past, nor does it mean I won’t try something new in the future: it just means I’ve found the right shoe for my current stride right now.

There are so many great running shoe brands on the market, which is necessary because there are so many different types of running strides and gaits in the world. Some people need lightweight, minimalist shoes, while others need more cushioning and support. Some runners want shoes intended for short, intense sprints, while others are looking for something durable enough to go the distance in an endurance race.

No matter what your running style is, one thing all runners have in common is an appreciation for a good deal on running sneakers! Here are seven of the best, most affordable running shoes available at Walmart that will enhance your daily runs — no matter what level runner you are.

Test Your Speed With Under Armour

Under Armour Charged Bandit 3



If you're looking for a road running shoe that looks good and feels fast, the Under Armour Charged Bandit will keep you on your toes. Built with Under Armour's SpeedFit construction, you'll get extra heel support, a soft, secure fit, and a breathable circular knit layer that will feel good on the go.

Nike Winflo 2 Combines Style & Comfort

Nike Winflo 2



It's hard to go wrong in shoes with a swoosh on them! These sneakers are stylish enough to wear everyday, but durable enough to heat up the road during a workout. Nike's signature Flywire technology keeps your foot secure, and a cushioned midsole will steady your gait during higher mileage runs.

Enjoy Extra Toe Room With The Altra Torin

Altra Torin



Altra running shoes are known for having a wider toe box than most, so your toes can splay more naturally on the go. In addition to less cramped feet, this zero-drop, highly cushioned, neutral running shoe is also super lightweight and flexible — making it a perfect pick for runners looking up the ante on their performance and those looking to complete higher mileage weeks.

Feel Light On Your Feet With Brooks Ghost

Brooks Ghost



If you're a neutral pronator (your foot hits the ground heel first), The Brooks Ghost might be your best bet. Perfect for all kinds of runners, from newbies to marathoners, this shoe has a light midsole foam that adds some bounce, so you can grind out your desired mileage with a little pep in your step.

Commit To A Running Regime With Newton Ahas

Newton Aha



The Newton Aha shoe is ideal for active minded, casual runners looking for a tried and trusted shoe to keep them committed to their fitness regime. Not only does its five-lug cushioning technology in the forefoot keep you shielded from heavy impact, but its midsole technology provides an energy return with every step — propelling you closer to your goals.

Enhance Your Stride With On Running Cloudflyer

On Running Cloudflyer



On running shoes are designed to make you feel like you're running on clouds, which is just as amazing as it sounds. Engineered to inspire a more efficient running style by promoting a more forward foot strike, this shoe is great for moderate overpronators (as you step, your foot rolls inwards and your arch flattens) and those looking to enhance their stride. Plus, the color is sure to make you stand out in a crowd!

Enjoy The Trails Or The Road With New Balance

New Balance 575



New Balance is known for offering its shoes in different widths, so if you have an especially wide foot like I do, these running sneakers might be your best bet. With newly engineered rubber soles that both cushion and support all the parts of your foot, these sneakers can take you from the trail, to the road, to the gravel path with ease.

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