For Making Your Own Salad Dressings At Home, You Need One Of These Leakproof Containers

by Margeaux Baulch Klein
Woman dressing fresh vegetable salad with olive oil in kitchen

As many home cooks know, making your own salad dressing is simple, cost-efficient, and often times ends up tasting better than buying prepackaged ones from the store shelf. However, finding a functional container that both stores and dispenses salad dressings after you've made them can be a challenge. Since the ingredients in homemade dressing are prone to separating and need to be mixed, the best salad dressing containers are designed to be leakproof even when shaken.

Salad dressing containers also need to function equally well as a dispenser as they do a storage container in order to make it easier to pour the salad dressing out once you're ready to eat it without drips. Containers that have a spout are ideal because there's nothing worse than accidentally drowning a salad with too much dressing.

Lastly, if your favorite dressing consists mainly of olive oil and vinegar, containers that are suited to controlling the flow of slippery liquids are a great choice. However, if your go-to dressing is ranch, thousand island, or another mayonnaise or buttermilk-based one, you'll want to find a container that's better able to accommodate and dispense the thicker liquid.

Scroll on for more details on the best salad dressing containers you can buy.

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The Overall Best Salad Dressing Container

Made from BPA-free Tritan plastic, this OXO Good Grips salad dressing shaker holds 1.5 cups of liquid and has everything you'd want in a salad dressing container. Among its many features: It can be shaken without leaking because of its watertight seal. It also has measurements on the side of the container that allows you to make and mix dressings inside of the bottle. To pour a dressing out, you can easily open or close the lever with one hand and dispense the dressing through the spout.

It's built to work for all sauce and dressing consistencies, but, if you ever find yours is too thick, one user provides this tip: "the pour spout cap screws off easily for spoon use." The shaker is dishwasher-safe — no hand washing required— and comes in a smaller 1-cup capacity too.

Helpful review: “This dressing shaker does all the right stuff. The size is perfect for mixing just enough dressing to last for a month or so. It's easy to mix the dressing because the top comes off easily. Measurements are on the side of the shaker to make measuring out ingredients even easier. The top plug is tight enough that I can shake the bottle vigorously without any leakage. Because the spout is curved, dressing that lingers on the top tends to run back into the bottle, so that none is wasted. I've been using this dressing shaker for about a year and still no dribbles. It holds up well. I haven't had any pieces wear down or break.”


This Glass Container With Easy Dressing Recipes Printed Right On It

Not only is this Norpro salad maker glass bottle affordably priced, it has the recipes for six different dressings printed right on the bottle, along with the measurements. This makes it super-simple to whip up both creamy and oily dressings like caesar, French vinaigrette, Italian herb, sesame scallion, honey mustard, and citrus ginger. This bottle also boasts an airtight locking lid that won't leak when you shake it and is dishwasher safe.

Helpful review: "Love the recipes on the bottle. Great size! It fits easily in the refrigerator door shelves."


The Best With Built-In Mixing Ball

If you find you're constantly having to mix and shake your dressings every time you go to pour them, this Whiskware dressing shaker is the answer to your problem. It has a built-in whisking ball that helps keep oil and vinegar mixed for up to an hour after you shake it. Plus, several Amazon reviewers praised it for working equally well across a variety of dressing consistencies. "The spout opening is big enough for thicker dressings including ones with blue cheese crumbles," reports one user.

Available in your choice of BPA-free Tritan plastic or glass, this container holds up to 2.5 cups and also boasts a spill-resistant auto-closing spout and measurement markings along the side of the bottle. It's also dishwasher safe.

Helpful review: “This is a great salad dressing mixer. It stays mixed throughout your meal and the pouring spout is adjustable so you don't accidentally over-pour. Also, being a good quality hard plastic, it won't break if it falls to the floor.”


The Best Leakproof Bottle For Taking Dressing On The Go

These colorful, squeezable, and leakproof YINGGG portable salad dressing bottles are perfect for taking dressing with you on the go. They're made of BPA-free silicone, and each one holds 2.8 ounces. (Note: They're also available in other sizes including ones as little as 1.25 ounces.) This pick also work well for storing other thicker condiments and sauces because they allow you to squeeze out exactly how much you need at any one time. The entire container is top-rack dishwasher safe.

Helpful review: “I frequently take salad to work for lunch and I'm tired of having salad dressing leak out of small Rubbermaid containers all over the inside of my soft side lunch cooler. These containers hold even thin dressings like vinaigrette or Italian with zero leaks. The dispenser lid flips open and has an orifice that restricts flow until you squeeze the bottle, allowing you to control the amount dispensed.”


The Best Oil Sprayer

Whether for olive, canola, peanut, or avocado oils, this Evo sprayer bottle is a far more eco-friendly and efficient way to dress salads than using a disposable aerosol bottle. It's made of glass and has an ergonomic trigger and nozzle that the manufacturer promises won't clog. Plus, it's top-rack dishwasher safe and can hold up to 6 ounces of oil. There are additional sizes and styles available too, including a 16-ounce stainless steel sprayer or an 18-ounce glass one. Note: While you can use this pick to mix up your own vinaigrette concoctions, you'll want to avoid using it for thicker dressings which won't be able to pass through the nozzle as easily.

Helpful review: "We have been using these for two years in our restaurant and have little to no problems. I occasionally have to run hot water through the nozzle and straw if they get gummed up, but that only happens after a couple months. We use this constantly, everyday in our pizzeria so we have put them through their paces. This has been the best oil sprayer I have come across."


The Best Oil & Vinegar Set

This set of Zeppoli oil and vinegar bottles is as lovely to look at on your countertop as it is functional. Each bottle holds 17 ounces of liquid and comes with dual sealable BPA-free rubber spouts that help prevent leaks, as well as a polished steel rack. According to reviewers, it's best to hand-wash these bottles. Also, keep in mind that these vials were designed for holding runnier liquids, so you may want to avoid if ranch, bleu cheese, and other creamier textures are more your flavor.

Helpful review: "No more accidental over doses when pouring from the gaping mouth OEM bottle. The two spouts have different flow rates: one is fast while the other slow, but even the fast option still dispenses in a very controlled manner. I feel like a pro when I'm in the kitchen using these. The craftsmanship of the bottles is also admirable. Do yourself a favor and add this valuable item to your kitchen supplies."


The Most Affordable Mini Dressing Containers With Nearly 3,000 Reviews

These Sistema 1.18-ounce salad dressing containers are the perfect size for storing salad dressing and other thicker condiments (like mayo, ketchup, honey mustard, etc.) for packed lunches. The lids screw on the container tightly, ensuring that they won't leak. Plus, they're safe to clean on the top-rack of the dishwasher, as well as to store in the fridge or freezer.

Helpful review: "As someone who packs their lunch for work every single shift, these have been a huge asset. They are the perfect size for soy sauce, hot sauce, and enough salad dressing for a medium sized side salad. If I want to bring a bigger salad, no problem, I just fill up two of these instead of one. I had no idea how badly I needed this product before and how unfulfilled my lunches were. These are just fantastic. Also, I've never had issues with them leaking, which is also a huge plus."