This One Product Will Make You So Much More Organized

by Braelyn Wood

Keeping a journal is a difficult task. I hate to admit how many abandoned diaries are buried in the depths of my childhood room. In fact, I've carried the same notebook around for years hoping to fill it cover-to-cover, to no avail. After researching the best self-journals, however, I found a variety of diaries designed to help keep better track of your thoughts and goals. Ever since investing in one, I’ve found myself journaling more than ever.

The notebooks on this list offer prompts that can guide you through self-reflection with thought-provoking questions and inspirational quotes. By steering your daily entries, these journals simplify the writing process and offer tiny tidbits of motivation. Instead of finding yourself with stacks of beautiful but empty notebooks, having a self-journal that's designed to move towards a goal— like increasing happiness or becoming a morning person— provides you with an objective and a plan to get there. And of course, there are tons of options out there for different types of writers. Some people prefer to have empty pages for long musings, while others want to stick to short lists or journals that feel more like an exercise book.

So whether you want to become more mindful or just want to figure out what the Law of Attraction actually is, here are the best self-journals on the web.


A Journal To Set Goals For Each Day

LBB Daily Life Design Journal, $15, Amazon

Containing 128 pages of guided exercises, the Daily Life Design Journal is divided into two sections. The left page prompts a morning writing session designed to set the tone for the day, while the right outlines a reflection of that day's accomplishments. With about two month's worth of pages, filling this lay-flat journal won't be an issue for new writers. One reviewer wrote, "This daily reflection journal is great for anyone that wants to maintain a daily positive focus and outlook on their life, but who just need a daily reminder like this journal to do so."


A Journal That Asks Questions To Inspire Self-Discovery

Studio Oh! Self-Discovery Guided Journal, $14, Amazon

Touted as the perfect traveling companion for the journey of self-discovery, this journal is littered with insightful prompts that reflecting on things like memories, or people you admire. It also includes checklists and diagrams to inspire introspective writings. Inside, the pages are uncoated, which stops ink from smearing, while the exterior is a durable hardcover. One reviewer said, "Full of questions to help get you writing. Some questions relate to your childhood and family history, some explore memories both good and bad, and some questions are just lighthearted and fun. Beautiful book with charming quotes and colors."


A Weekly, List-Based Journal To Inspire Happiness

Moorea Seal's 52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration, $12, Amazon

If writing daily page-long diary entries stresses you out, Moorea Seal's 52 Lists for Happiness journal simplifies the process with weekly lists that prompt self-reflection. Designed to help discover what makes you truly happy, lists are divided into reflect, acknowledge, invest, and transform sections. One reviewer wrote, "I'm really enjoying this journal. I love lists and writing things down. It's perfect to help me get out of my own head and unwind. I recommend this to anyone who needs a little nudge to get inspired."


An Illustrated Journal To Promote Spiritual Self-Reflection

Elena Brower's Practice You: A Journal, $14, Amazon

An Amazon number one new release, this guided journal combines inspirational watercolor artwork and thoughtful prompts to inspire self-discovery. With 160 pages for writing, reflection, and drawing, this guided journal takes heavily from Brower's career as a yoga and meditation teacher. With exercises like writing a letter to your younger self, this notebook also encourages spiritual growth. One reviewer wrote, "Such a special offering from the inspiring Elena Brower. A visually beautiful and creative guide to personal growth and spiritual awakening. I cannot wait to begin my journey back to my heartfelt self to remember what is most important in this life."


A Journal With Exercises To Improve Mindfulness

The Mindfulness Project I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide, $11, Amazon

A guided exercise book, this journal offers an interactive learning experience to become more mindful and aware. With activities that train your attention to focus on the present, this journal leads you through meditations, coloring pages, exercises, and habit-breakers to bring new awareness to your senses and emotions. A true learning experience, this journal is also a great stress reliever. One reviewer shared, "I have always had terrible anxiety. This book helps my mind to slow down and focus on positivity. If you have ever had issues with stress before, get your hands on a copy of this. You won't regret it!"


A Purse-Sized Journal To Increase Productivity

Freedom Mastery Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner, $36, Amazon

Both an organizer and self-improvement journal, the Law of Attraction life planner is designed to increase productivity and happiness. Built with tools to help improve time management and build personal goals, this 52-week notebook includes to-do lists and a gratitude journal. The perfect size to slip into a bag, this journal has a soft, faux-leather millennial pink exterior and is an Amazon best-seller.


A Journal To Make You A Morning Person

Habit Nest The Morning Sidekick Journal, $34, Amazon

Habit Nest's undated Morning Sidekick journal is designed to make you into a morning person by increasing productivity in the first hour after you wake up. Arranged with nighttime prompts to reflect on your day, plus space to plan the following day, this journal helps to create your morning routine and slowly build towards goals. It is divided into three phases over 66 days and includes daily challenges and productivity tips to inspire change.

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