7 Space Heaters We Bet You Wish You Had Right Now

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In a perfect world, chilly weather and strong winds would stay right where they belong — outside of your home. But there are a ton of reasons why that may not be the reality — and during those freezing cold days and nights, the best space heaters are going to get you through it.

There are a lot of different types of space heaters, but most are electric heating alternatives. They work by taking cold air, warming it with gas combustion, and pushing it back into the room. That's all fine and dandy, but what makes one space heater better than another? Well, that depends on your personal living space and heating needs.

If you're searching for a tower space heater that works well in a small apartment, there are plenty of amazing mid-sized options. There are also more powerful, yet energy efficient options for larger spaces as well as compact space heaters for your office that are designed to be placed under or over your desk for quick, warm relief on chilly mornings.

Whether you're a cold weather veteran or are dealing with the emotional stages of surviving your first cold winter, there's no reason why your teeth should be chattering in the comfort of your own home. Grab one of these top-rated space heaters and get cozy.


The Number One Rated Space Heater On Consumer Reports

Vornado VMH600 Space Heater, $150, Amazon

With a score of 86 on Consumer Reports — which makes this the top-rated space heater on their most-recommended list — this 1500-watt heater is excellent at spot heating, quiet when in use, and very easy to operate. It can heat up a standard size room in about 15 minutes and has two heat settings as well as a fan option. You can set the timer for one to 12 hours and it features climate control and a 6-foot power cord.


One Of The Best Space Heaters For Large Spaces

Honeywell HZ-980 MyEnergySmart Infrared Whole Room Heater, $151, Amazon

This whole-room space heater puts out 1500 watts of heat and is excellent at heating up an entire room — and equally great at spot heating. It isn't noisy, is safe around drapes and curtains, and has a programmable thermostat and three heat settings. If you're a fan of saving money (and who isn't?) its EnergySmart technology promises it saves up to 35 percent of energy while in operation.


A Tower Heater With A Dust Filter

Honeywell HCE311V Space Heater, $51-60, Amazon

Available in large, medium, and small sizes, this tower space heater has two constant heat settings and a permanent dust filter for cleaner, healthier air. It's a super safe option that exceeded safety expectations and is safe around combustible materials like drapes, according to Consumer Reports. The digital interface is simple to use and you can set it to turn off after one, two, four, and eight hours.


A Medium To Small Room Radiant Heater That Heats Up In Seconds

DeLonghi Full Room Radiant Heater, $109, Amazon

A radiant heater like this one is most effective when used in medium and smaller spaces (up to 250 square feet) or when you need a burst of hot air quickly. This one provides up to 40 percent more heat surface and has a permanently sealed oil reservoir that never needs to be refilled. It provides 1500 watts of power and has an adjustable thermostat, timer, and multiple heat settings.


The Best Compact Space Heater For Spot Heating

Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater, $32, Amazon

On those winter days when your office or home feels like Antarctica and you just want to warm up your cold toes or nose, place this efficient ceramic heater under or on top of your desk for fast relief. It has manual controls and is quiet while operating, with an adjustable thermostat and low, high, and fan settings. It even has a carrying handle so you can easily transport it from work to home.


A Stylish Space Heater That Covers Entire Rooms

Heat Storm Logan, $150, Amazon

If you're searching for a whole-room space heater that you can leave out all year round — one that may even blend into furniture — the Heat Storm Logan is a favorite. Consumer Reports praised the way it heats up a room fast (1,000 square feet) and spot heats when you're feeling chilly. It comes with a remote control, has a multiple speed fan, and an energy efficient mode that can reduce it from 1500 to 750 watts.


An Attractive Oscillating Heater With 3 Heat Settings

Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater, $45, Amazon

This widespread oscillation space heater delivers 1500 watts of heat, has a unique rustic hourglass design, and features an adjustable thermostat with an automatic shut-off timer. You can choose between two settings for less or more heat and it has an energy-saving seven-hour timer and a remote control. The advantage of this oscillating heater, is that it can cover more area in less time.

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