7 Versatile Tablet Holders For iPads, Kindles, And More

by Emily Estep

It seems like just about everyone has a tablet these days, and no matter what type you have, there's one thing that every tablet owner has in common: the need for a good mount to hold it. The best tablet holders are sturdy and versatile enough to use with any brand and can be easily adjusted, depending on where you plan on using it.

The most important thing to look for when searching for a tablet holder is compatibility. A tablet holder that can't safely and securely hold your device is of no use to you. Once you've got that down, think about your personal preferences. Do you require it to have a charging port? Should it hold multiple gadgets? Do you plan on lying with it in bed, or using it to keep your kids occupied in the car?

There are countless types of tablet holders in various sizes made of all sorts of materials, and you'd be surprised by how versatile many of them are. You can get one that hangs your device from above, installs into your cup holder, or looks like a spider and hovers over your chest when you're lying down.

These seven popular tablet holders, listed below, cover all the bases, so at least one is sure to meet your needs. Plus, they all have stellar reviews.


A Versatile Tablet Holder That You Can Install Pretty Much Anywhere

With an adjustable slide feature and a long, aluminum body that can hold plenty of weight, this tablet holder is one of the most versatile on the market. You can install it anywhere that's flat, which means it can even be set up so that it hangs down from the underside of a kitchen cabinet. And though it'll keep any type of tablet securely in place, all you have to do is press a button to remove the device.


A Basic Sturdy Aluminum Tablet Holder That Won't Break Your Budget

You can prop your tablet up safely and securely for just slightly more than $10 with this sleek, two-tone tablet holder. It's almost 6 inches wide, can hold up to 11 pounds, and has a one-touch button that rotates the angle of the device up to 270 degrees. Grip tabs and liners on the holder keep your tablet in place without damaging it, and more than 1,000 Amazon users have given it rave reviews. It's an Amazon best-seller and has a near-perfect rating, too.


A Tablet Holder With Adjustable Legs That's Ideal For Use In Bed

This bizarre looking tablet holder has four adjustable, spider-like legs that allow you to set it up right in front of your face when you're lying down. Because the legs are independently adjustable, you can make sure the holder will stay balanced on uneven surfaces. It works with pretty much all tablets, and you can use it while you're sitting up, too. In between uses, the legs fold up compactly to make it portable and easy to store.


A Flexible Tablet Holder That Clamps Onto Just About Any Surface

This tablet holder clamps onto just about any surface and has an adjustable neck that's slightly over 3 feet long, so you can set up your tablet anywhere. It holds smartphones and tablets up to 12 inches wide, including iPhones and the iPad Pro. It also has tight jaws with silica gel lining to hold your tablet in place without damaging the hardware, and the base clamp won't cause any damage to your countertops or desk, either.


A Wooden Tablet Holder That Can Charge All Of Your Devices

You can charge up to four USB-powered devices with this docking station that has five slots to hold tablets and phones safely in place. It's designed to recognize each device in order to maximize charging efficiency, so whatever gadget you've got plugged in, it'll power up super fast. You can still use your tablet while it's charging as long as you place it in the front slot, and since it's made of neutral bamboo, it'll fit in with any type of room decor.


A Fully Adjustable Tablet Holder That Mounts Onto The Headrest Of A Car For Back Seat Viewing

Rearview passengers can safely watch videos on virtually any tablet with this mount that connects to the back of a front seat headrest. With a 360 degree swivel ball, you can extend it in any direction, including outwards, so that everyone sitting in the back can see it. Plus, it's super easy to mount, requiring no tools or fuss.


A Tablet Holder For Drivers That Goes In Your Cup Holder

This universal tablet holder can be used in any vehicle with a standard cupholder so that drivers can view maps and directions on their screen. It sits on a swivel ball — so you can adjust the angle at anytime — and the mount is designed to minimize vibration while driving. More than 2,500 Amazon users rely on it, with one raving, "It's built with high-quality material. You can not go wrong with this."

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