The 7 Best Things To Stream On Disney+ To Boost Your Spirits, Including 'Frozen 2' Three Months Early

by Jordan Sherwood

These days, your tastes in TV and movies might be evolving more toward the light and uplifting rather than the dark and provocative. Knowing that audiences all over the country need a boost, Disney+ released Frozen 2 to the platform three months earlier than planned, making more than just kids thrilled to venture "into the unknowwwwwn!"

But there's way more than Elsa and Anna's story on Disney+ to help you stay positive and temporarily escape the real world. From the quirky coming-of-age movie Stargirl to the animated and live-action versions of your favorite Disney classics, Disney+ is pretty much the perfect streaming service for the times. Here are 7 of the most spirit-lifting movies and series you can watch on Disney+. If you don't have a subscription already, sign up for a free trial below!


Frozen 2

The highest-grossing animated film of all time is at your fingertips. In Frozen II, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff embark into the Enchanted Forest to save their kingdom from elemental spirits. The best parts of the first Frozen are back, including themes of sisterhood and a showstopper song, "Into The Unknown," and we definitely get more of Olaf's antics. Good luck getting the mysterious tune that repeats throughout the movie out of your head!



In her film debut, singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal stars as the eccentric title character in this Disney+ original adaptation of Jerry Spinelli's young-adult classic. Stargirl and Leo's (Graham Verchere) rollercoaster friendship is a welcome reminder of the power of kindness.



Encore! doesn't get talked about as much as some of Disney+'s other originals, but it's my personal favorite. The reality series, hosted by Kristen Bell, reunites real-life casts of high school musicals to put on a repeat performance, anywhere from ten to more than forty years after the original curtain call. Watching regular people return to roles they've long since aged out of is incredibly inspiring, reminding us that it's never too late to get back on the path to living out your passion — even if the costumes don't fit like they used to.


Double Features Of Disney Classics And Their Live-Action Remakes

If you have more time than usual for a double feature, it's oddly satisfying to watch a Disney classic animated movie like Beauty and the Beast directly followed by it's live-action remake, watching all the changes made in adaptation. For instance, in the live-action version of Aladdin, there were a whole lot more "jams."


Diary Of A Future President

If only we could have an actual president like Elena Cañero-Reed. This adorable Disney+ Original Series following a president-in-the-making tackles as she makes her way through middle school is a hilarious binge-watch with surprising depth.


Toy Story 4

Fourth time's the charm. But to be fair, so were the third, second, and first. Woody's latest adventure reunites him with long-lost toy Bo Peep, as well as scene-stealers Forky, plus Key & Peele as a pair of wisecracking carnival toys.


The Simpsons

Yes, The Simpsons is mostly known for its cynical, brilliant humor, but it can also be one of the heartwarming shows of all time. Check out tearjerker episodes "Mother Simpson" in Season 7 and "And Maggie Makes Three" in Season 6.


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