The Weird But Genius Thing That Will Keep You So Warm This Winter

by Emily Estep
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Whether you're walking to class, on the job, or trying to relax at home, there's nothing worse than having cold toes. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they can also be distracting. When socks just won't cut it, there are the best toe warmers, which will keep them nice and toasty by adding a base layer of protection.

Of course, there are different solutions for different type of situations. If your toes are freezing throughout the day, wool insoles or thermal socks will probably be your best bet. If they primarily bother you when you're out on a run or taking a walk, you might want to consider temporary heat packs or shoe covers. Finally, if you like to keep the heating bill low, but don't like the shivers that come with it, we recommend you check out a heating pad for when you're unwinding at home. (Many are even designed to share between two people. Two sets of feet = bonus body heat.)

Of course, with winter approaching, keeping every body part warm — even your littlest ones — is more important than ever. Whether you need them for skiing, commuting, or keeping snug inside a rented cabin, these toe warmers will keep you nice and toasty all season long.


These Booties That Slip Over Your Toes

Meister Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmer Booties, $8, Amazon

These toe booties slide right over your feet to act as a base layer before you put on socks. They're insulated with 2.5 millimeters of thermal neoprene to keep the heat in, no matter how cold it is outside. And, since they're so thin, they won't add any bulk to your shoe (you might even forget that you're wearing them). One Amazon reviewer said they even stand up to minus 20 degrees inside their running shoes.


These Thermal Socks That Trap Warm Air

Heat Holders Thermal Socks, $16, Amazon

A pair of these thermal socks keep the warm air close to your feet to prevent you from getting cold all day long. In fact, with a thermal grade of 2.34, they're about seven times warmer than cotton socks. They're also available in nearly 20 cute designs. And, best of all, they're machine-washable and reportedly maintain their warming ability after years of use.


These Fast-Heating Toe Warmers That Slip Inside Your Shoes

HotHands Toe Warmers, $35 (40 Pack), Amazon

Each of these toe warmers work for about eight hours, keeping your toes extra-toasty at a moment's notice. They're TSA-approved, so you can travel with them, and they even have a shelf life of more than three years, so there's not reason not to buy them in bulk. They're also odorless and can be used to keep your hands and other body parts warm. Bring them with you skiing, hiking, and camping to act as your own portable heater.


This Pair Of Wool Insoles That Also Add Support

Skyfoot’s Wool Insole, $12, Amazon

A pair of these wool insoles is a fast and easy way to make your shoes not only warmer, but also more comfortable. They have three thick layers made of artificial wool, EPE insulation, and a bottom layer of aluminum, which protects your feet from getting damp. They're also cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, and, since one size fits all, you won't have to guess about which version to order.


This Electric Foot Warmer With Room To Share

Serta Ultra Plush Heated Foot Warmer, $56, Amazon

This foot warmer is 35 inches wide and has a pocket that's 20 inches deep, providing more than enough room for your feet and someone else's to snuggle with. You can put it anywhere, from the floor to the foot of your bed, and it's completely portable, as it uses a simple power cord that plugs into any standard outlet. It also offers multiple heat settings to match your personal preferences.


These Cult-Favorite Slippers You Can Wear Outside

Acorn Women's Moc Slipper, $30, Amazon

You can wear these wildly-popular slippers inside and outside, as they feature a thick sole that will protect your feet from any moisture and debris on the ground. More than 1,000 Amazon users have weighed in on these slippers, making them some of the most popular on the site. Fleece, faux-fur, and a thick berber lining keep toes and feet warm, while the rubber sole prevents you from slipping.


This Toe-Warming Sleeve That Goes Over Your Shoes

ZTMY Shoe Toe Covers, $8, Amazon

These shoe toe covers slip over your actual shoes, making them ideal for outdoor exercise. One size fits all — so you can switch them between multiple pairs of shoes — with straps that adjust comfortably and are easy to assemble. And, since the toe covers are small and lightweight, you can stash them in a gym bag or in your car, ready to add to your shoes whenever the temperature unexpectedly drops.

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