7 Beauty Advent Calendars With Over £200 Worth Of Product For A Fraction Of The £

Every year, your favourite beauty brands and retailers come out with their very own advent calendars, full to the brim with skincare, makeup, body bits, and stuff for your hair. There's now so much choice, it's actually become hard to pick just one! But some advent calendars offer you more savings than others, in terms of how much they (and the products inside them) are worth. Knowing how much each one is worth, and hence how much money you could save, may help you make your decision. With this in mind, I've picked out the seven best value beauty advent calendars that will (in theory) save you all the £££.

The best places to look for the best savings are usually retailers such as Harrods, Fenwick, and Liberty London. Because they have taken products from multiple brands, you tend to get more for your money with these. Some can save you an extortionate amount of money; for example, if you bought everything in the Liberty London calendar separately, it would cost you £610. The retail cost, however, is a (kind of) mere £215, meaning you would save just under £400. Pretty amazing, right?

I've picked out the best options that will save you most bang for your buck, because that's what beauty advent calendar season is kind of all about, right?!

You're welcome!