7 Whisks That You Need In Your Kitchen, Including A Few You Didn't Know Existed

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A whisk is a vital tool for anyone who spends time in the kitchen, and the best whisks make it easy to whip up eggs or deglaze pans. But whisks come in many shapes and sizes, and different styles are ideal for different uses:

  • If you're going to own just one whisk, make it a balloon whisk. It's an all-around fantastic option for mixing dry ingredients and whipping air into wet ones. It's also the type most people think of when they hear the word "whisk," but it's not necessarily the best option for every whisk-related task.
  • A French whisk, also known as a straight whisk, has a narrower design and is best used for stirring and smoothing out ingredients.
  • A flat whisk, or a roux whisk, is particularly helpful when deglazing pans and making sauces.
  • Dough whisks are made for blending thicker ingredients to make doughs for foods like bread, pizza, and pasta.
  • Easy-to-clean ball whisks have recently become popular for mixing dry and liquid ingredients, particularly when using a flat pan or one that has corners.
  • Finally, mini whisks will fit better in small containers and are great for whisking up small batches of ingredients without splashing.

As far as materials go, most whisks have stainless steel wires, but some are coated in silicone in order to protect nonstick pots and pans from scratches. Take a look at the handle of the whisk, too — some are made of stainless steel and are heat-proof (albeit potentially hot to the touch if you aren’t careful), while some are made of plastic and may melt if left in contact with a hot pan. Wooden handles won't melt or get hot too quickly, but they may not be as durable. Depending on your cooking style, you may prefer one handle material over the other.

From egg beating to dough mixing, the best whisks can help you tackle any mixing task in the kitchen — and they’re all available on Amazon.


The Best Balloon Whisk

If you're only in the market for one whisk, make it this OXO Good Grips whisk. The balloon whisk can mix together dry ingredients and beat air into wet ones, getting them light and fluffy. It's a big hit with both Amazon reviewers (it has more than 1,000 five-star ratings) and professional critics.

The dishwasher-safe whisk has sturdy stainless steel wires and a non-slip handle that's designed for comfort. Just don’t lean it against the rim of a hot pan, as reviewers say the handle might melt. If you’re worried about the handle melting, opt for a whisk with a stainless steel handle.

This OXO Good Grips whisk is also available in a 9-inch version.

Positive Amazon review: “Whipping can be a tiring, hand cramping ordeal but this balloon whisk is very comfortable to use, works great, easy to clean. Everything I wanted. Great product.”


The Best French Whisk

French whisks, also called straight whisks, aren't always the most efficient tools for aerating ingredients, but they are great at mixing them together. The Best Manufacturers French whisk is no exception. This whisk can blend your ingredients until they're nice and smooth, and its straight design will make it easier to scrape down the sides of the bowl as you go.

The whole whisk is made of stainless steel, including the handle, and it's safe to throw in the dishwasher. There are also options with wooden handles and 10-inch and 14-inch options.

Positive Amazon review: “This is the BEST whisk [...] It is easily used in big bowls, small pots, and whips anything effortlessly. We mix our scrambled eggs with it daily, and the chocolate pudding never has any lumps. Gravy is smooth and the handle fits in anyone's hand comfortably. [...] This one just feels comfortable to work with. You will not be disappointed.”


The Best Flat Whisk

Deglaze pans and whip up homemade sauces with the OXO Good Grips flat whisk. The flat shape of the stainless steel wires allows you to reach the corners and sides of flat pans. It's dishwasher safe but, like the OXO Good Grips 11-inch balloon whisk, it features a non-slip handle that's prone to melting if left in contact with a hot pan. If you'd prefer a stainless steel handle, opt for this Norpro 11-inch flat whisk.

Positive Amazon review: “The perfect whisk for pan sauces--you've got the whole thing at work, where a [balloon] whisk may only have contact with 2-3 tines. As I usually find with OXO--it's comfortable and practical.”


The Best Ball Whisk

Ball whisks like the WMF Profi Plus ball whisk have become popular among cooks because they can be as effective at mixing as more traditional whisks, but they're a whole lot easier to clean since they don't have those finicky loops. This whisk's pronged design makes it particularly great for scraping the crevices and corners of flat-bottomed or square pans. It's also dishwasher-safe.

Positive Amazon review: “It's so easy to use and to hold and I think it mixes faster than the balloon whisk does. And to top it all off, it's pretty enough and small enough that I can add it to my container of utensils on the counter. Highly recommended!"


The Best Silicone Whisk To Use With Nonstick Pans

You should use the OXO Good Grips silicone balloon whisk with your nonstick pans to avoid scratching and damaging their coating. The silicone on this balloon whisk won’t warp or melt as long as you keep it under 600 degrees Fahrenheit — the non-slip handle will, however, so don't rest it against the rim of a hot pan.

It's dishwasher safe, and it's also available as a 9-inch whisk, too. Looking for a different kind of silicone whisk? Check out this silicone-covered French whisk, set of mini whisks, or ball whisk instead.

Positive Amazon review: “As some have mentioned, it's hard to find a good quality silicone whisk that doesn't drag through your liquids, and this is the problem solver. I have both sizes of this whisk, and it is very firm. Silicone whisk is a staple in a bakers kitchen.”


The Best Dough Whisk

The Original Kitchen Cooperative dough whisk features a rustic-looking yet sturdy wooden handle and strong stainless steel wires that effectively mix ingredients for pizza, pie, pasta, pastry, biscuits, and bread doughs. Plus, the whisk is easier to clean than more delicate whisks with a greater number of tines. (All the bread bakers out there know how challenging sticky dough can be to clean!) As with most wooden kitchen items, it's probably safest to hand wash this whisk, though the manufacturer doesn't specify.

Positive Amazon review: “The quality of the whisk is exceptional. The wire is thick and I have no worries about it holding up. The handle is long enough, thick enough and heavy enough to be comfortable in the hand and power through tough jobs without snapping. I am confident that even with heavy use I'll have this item for a lifetime.”


The Best Mini Whisk

The narrow shape of the RSVP International Endurance mini whisk makes it great for working with small batches of ingredients (like a serving of eggs in the morning) or mixing ingredients in narrow containers (like mixing liquids with powders in a cup, such as with hot chocolate). The whisk is dishwasher safe.

Positive Amazon review: “It is the perfect size to whip up a single-serving of things like scrambled eggs. I have bought many small whisks, but I really like the length of the handle on this one. I also like that it is stainless steel and thus less likely to rust like some cheaper whisks have.”

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