If You're Still Using Wire Hangers, This One Upgrade Will Transform Your Closet

by Emily Estep

There's nothing worse than hanging up an article of clothing only to immediately have it crash to the floor of the closet. But the best wooden hangers eliminate that annoying problem completely by evenly distributing weight and keeping even heavy winter coats neatly stored and ready to grab at a moment's notice.

When you're looking for wooden hangers, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for. You want something that is sturdy and reliable, but you don't want it to be too bulky — especially if you have a lot of clothes.

Think about your wardrobe, specifically. If you have mostly tops, you'll want to seek out hangers with notches to hold up the straps. Look for notches that are smooth and that won't snag fabric. If you hang pants and skirts, too, you'll need hangers with a bar designed to do so. Or, perhaps, you can get hangers specifically designed to hang bottoms with clips.

You may think that all hangers are created equal, but nothing could be further from the truth. For anyone serious about organization, old wire hangers simply aren't going to cut it. These wooden hangers will keep your clothes stored properly, with high-end finishes that look fantastic in your closet.


A Multi-Pack of Wooden Hangers That Amazon Users Love

Zober Solid Wood Suit Hangers, $18 (20 Pack), Amazon

With the better part of 1,000 reviews, this 20-pack of wooden hangers is a favorite on Amazon, offering the basics and more. The hangers are lightweight but strong, made of solid wood, with notches to hold straps in place and a grooved, plastic cover over the bar to prevent pants from slipping. They also have a swivel hook that can be rotated 360 degrees.


A Handful Of Wide Hangers That Offer Extra Support For Suits & Coats

Ezihom Clothes Hangers, $23 (5 Pack), Amazon

These hangers were designed to be extra wide in order to evenly distribute the weight of heavier suits, winter coats, and other bulky articles of clothing, so they won't slip right off onto the closet floor. They're made of evergreen wood, which is extra durable and gentle on delicate fabrics, and the bars on the hangers are covered with a thin layer of rubber to prevent slipping.


A Set Of Hangers With Removable Bars For Hanging Pants

Quality Hangers Curved Wooden Hangers, $60 (25 Pack), Amazon

This set of premium wooden hangers includes detachable bars that you can fold away, making it easier to drape pairs of pants or skirts over the bar without removing the entire hanger from its spot. The bars also have a no-slip covering to keep your clothes in place, while traditional notches prevent tops from falling. The hangers even have 360-degree, gold swivel hooks.


A Pack Of Truly Multi-Purpose Wooden Hangers

J.S. Hanger Solid Wooden Suit Hangers, $29 (20 Pack), Amazon

A solid 20-pack, these wooden hangers are super popular on Amazon and offer just about everything: smooth notches for tops, a non-slip bar for bottoms, and rust-free hooks that rotate 360 degrees. They're super smooth and won't snag any delicate fabrics, and you can choose between four different wood finishes — black, natural, retro, and walnut — to accent your wardrobe.


Hangers That Have Pants Clips Lined With Soft Fabric

J.S. Hanger Suit Hangers With Pant Clips, $36 (20 Pack), Amazon

These hangers are perfectly suited to tops and even have notches to hold them in place, but they also have accompanying pants clips. The clips themselves are lined with a thin layer of felt, so you won't have to worry about any creasing or wrinkling. Even sensitive fabrics are safe to put in between the clips, preventing your pants and skirts from falling.


A 10-Pack Of Hangers Made Just For Pants & Skirts

LOHAS Home Wooden Pant Hangers, $16 (10 Pack), Amazon

These pants hangers are all you need if you're looking to organize your pants, skirts, and other bottoms, with durable clips that are lined to prevent creasing and to keep sensitive fabrics safe from damage. The wooden design keeps the weight distributed evenly, preventing oddly shaped clothing items from pulling down their hangers. You can also swivel the rust-free hooks for easy organizing.


A Budget-Friendly Set Of Wooden Hangers To Establish Your Closet

AmazonBasics Wood Suit Hangers, $24 (30 Pack), Amazon

With their classic design and affordable price, these hangers make the perfect budget-friendly choice when you're setting up a new closet. They're lightweight, durable, and compact, able to hold up any type of clothing safely without damaging sensitive fabrics. Cleanly-cut notches keep tops in place, while a swivel hook allows you to move things around quickly whenever you're organizing. The reliable wood construction can even hold up winter coats.

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