These 7 Common Shower Mistakes Are Ruining Your Skin
by Taylor Fuller

Showering seems simple enough, right? You get in, lather up, rinse off, and get out. Well, it turns out there is actually a lot that could go wrong in the 10 minutes it takes the average American to shower and these common shower mistakes can ruin your skin.

Our skin is our single largest organ, totaling 18 square feet of surface area on the average adult, yet total body skin care is often overlooked or, worse, misunderstood. Our skin requires a delicate balance of bacteria, a healthy dose of moisture, and a gentle touch.

If you struggle with chronic dry, flaky, or irritated skin, you may be falling prey to these common shower mistakes. But thankfully the solutions are simple.

First: turn down the heat in the shower. I know, who doesn’t love a steamy soak after a long day? But experts have concluded that scalding showers are actually a big culprit for common skin care issues. The hot water strips the skin's protective layer of good bacteria and drys it out which leads to inflammation, itching, peeling, and redness.

Once you’ve come to terms with taking colder showers, be on the lookout for these other common shower mistakes that could also be wrecking havoc on your skin:


You’re Scrubbing Too Hard

Baebody Coconut Milk Body Scrub, $15, Amazon

Instead of sloughing away skin with a tough exfoliator, use a natural one that moisturizes and removes dead skin. This one is made with coconut milk, Dead Sea salt, and almond oil to help relieve dryness and flakiness, leaving you with soft, smooth skin. Perfect for sensitive skin, the natural scrub is comprised of only the best ingredients to ensure that your skin doesn’t become irritated.


Your Body Wash Is Drying Out Your Skin

SAPO Bamboo Charcoal Soap Bar, $13, Amazon

Use a gentle, moisturizing, natural soap bar in place of cleanser that may be drying out your skin. The bar of soap, which is great for sensitive skin, is made with oatmeal powder, sea salt, bamboo charcoal, and shea butter so it’s sure to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. The activated charcoal detoxifies skin and draws out bacteria and sloughs away dead skin while the other ingredients work together to help treat acne and other skin conditions.


You’re Using Harsh Face Soap

Belle Azul Dual Facial Cleanser With Exfoliating Cleaning Brush, $10, Amazon

Using a gentle face wash and soft silicone brush is so much better than washing your face with a cleanser that’s packed with potentially irritating chemicals. This one contains argan oil, argan stem cells, and cucumber extracts to sooth skin and leaves it hydrated. But the real seller here is the soft silicone brush that gently exfoliates skin, which increases circulation, gets rid of dead skin, and improves skin texture.


You’re Not Moisturizing After Your Shower

Hempz In-Shower Hydrating Herbal Body Moisturizer, $10, Amazon

Lock in moisture before you even get out of the shower. Instead of applying a lotion after you shut the off the water and towel off, apply to skin while the water is still running. This in-shower moisturizer is packed with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, cucumber, ginseng, and ginger root--all of which provide heavy moisture to skin. Your body will feel soft because you didn’t wait to apply lotion hours after you got out.


You’re Using A Dirty Washcloth Or Loofah

MY KONJAC SPONGE All Natural French Red Clay Body Sponge, $12, Amazon

Loofahs and washcloths are a breeding ground for bacteria — especially when you leave them in your wet, humid shower. Upgrade to a konjac sponge. They’re naturally antibacterial and last for two to three months. Plus, this one is made with french red clay which is packed with minerals so it leaves you with soft, glowing skin.


You’re Not Actually Cleaning Every Part Of Your Body

Bath & Relax Bamboo Back Body Scrubber Bath Brush, $17, Amazon

You don’t have to be a contortion artist to scrub your back. This long handled, two-sided, bamboo body bath brush will help you wash even the hardest to reach places. The side with hard natural bristles is perfect for exfoliating while the one made with soft bristles is designed for gentle, everyday scrubbing.


You’re Standing In Dirty Water

TubShroom, $13, Amazon

Cleaning clogged drains is no fun. And neither is standing in a shower full of dirty water because of said drain. Enter: TubShroom. The hair stopper fits snuggly inside your tub drain and gathers every single strand that makes it way down. Rest assured that your shower will always drain and you’ll be bathing in clean water and not standing in dirty suds.

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