These Women's March Moments Were So Powerful

by Cate Carrejo

Though Friday's inauguration of Donald Trump felt to millions like a dark cloud over the country, the Women's Marches around the world on Saturday were a source of warm and welcome light. The main march in Washington D.C. was one of the biggest events to ever happen in the nation's capital, a reassuring reality given the recent attitudes towards women in this country. The seven most powerful moments from the Women's March in Washington will fill you with hope for the future.

The most incredible thing about all these moments is that they were just a tiny fraction of what happened all over the world on Saturday. Marches were held on every continent (yes, even Antarctica) and though it would be impossible to document every inspiring moment from each, you can rest a little easier knowing that they happened. Millions of women and men came together to express peace, love, and solidarity, and anywhere that happens, hope can be found. Trump has made these last few months seem really bleak, but there seems to be a dawn coming soon if these marches are any indication. If people continue working together to create inspiring and powerful moments like these, there's no telling how much they can accomplish.

"We're Not Going Away"

The Women's March may have only lasted a day, but its mission will last the duration of Trump's presidency — and even past it. When the marchers go home, many of them will continue to be activists and stand in unity.

When This Six-Year-Old Gave The Best Speech Of The Day

Sophie Cruz is no stranger to the limelight, so it shouldn't be too surprising that she absolutely slayed her speech in front of approximately a million people. But it's still so incredible to see the next generation speaking so passionately and compassionately about these important social justice issues.

These Indigenous Women Who Took Over A Whole D.C. Street

Indigenous rights were a big news topic in 2016, and if this part of the Women's March is any indication, the subject is not going to fade away in the new year.

When The Size Of The March Surprised Every Expectation

And this isn't counting the thousands of other women who united on the streets of countless cities around the nation and even around the world.

When Former Secretary Of State John Kerry Casually Marched With His Dog

Kerry is now technically a private citizen who may have coincidentally chosen to walk his dog at the exact time the march was going on, but somehow that doesn't seem likely. It's comforting to know some previous administrators are supporting the cause.

When The Marchers Probably Outnumbered Inauguration Attendees

The objective data from a nonpartisan local government department shows that despite Trump's claim on Saturday that "media" misrepresented the size of the inauguration crowd, there were more Metro trips recorded on Saturday than on Friday. The size of the crowds are difficult to estimate beyond these measurements.

When Trump's D.C. Hotel Got Completely Surrounded By Signs

These nasty women thought of the best way to end their march — by gifting their incredibly creative and hilarious signs to the very man who inspired them.

And hopefully he notices, because at this point, he doesn't have an alternative. Women's voices and the voices of any marginalized group must be heard — even under a Trump administration. And the hundreds of thousands of people who marched on Saturday will demand it.