The 8 Best Face Masks For Acne

With the face mask craze showing no sign of slowing down, formulas that cater to every type of skincare continue to pop up on a near-daily basis. There are masks that provide extra hydration, exfoliate, plump up skin, tone, etc. There are even the best face masks for acne, an age-old challenge for so many men and women. Instead of loading your skin with creams, serums, and oils, maybe it's time to set everything aside, switch up your routine, and start fresh with a revitalizing mask, which tend to provide an extra-intensive skincare solution.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 50 million Americans every year are faced with addressing some sort of acne, so you're definitely not alone. Many dermatologists (who will tell you their opinion about face masks, here) and product developers work hard to research top-notch ingredients (often ones that are natural) and products that will keep skin healthy, happy, and clear.

But the one tricky thing about this face mask trend? It seems like there are hundreds —nay, maybe thousands! — of options on the market. So, lucky for you, we've done a little extra legwork and narrowed it down to a handful of the best ones out there. Some of the ingredients that you'll see in the masks below include clay, charcoal, essential oils like Tea Tree, mint — this list goes on. Have a little scroll and even if you've never really been a mask person, well, suffice it to say that these refreshing, restorative, acne-fighting formulas might just change your mind.