These Reliable Kitchen Timers Are The Secret To Perfectly-Cooked Recipes Every Time

by Margeaux Baulch Klein
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Timing is everything when it comes to cooking and baking. Just a few minutes can be the difference between a great meal and a burnt mess. That's why the best kitchen timers are not just simple to use, they also have a loud, unmistakable chime that alerts you when it's time to flip your meal or take food out of the oven.

When shopping for one, you can narrow the options down by deciding whether you want a digital or mechanical timer. Digital timers have the advantage of big, easy-to-read LCD or LED screens, as well as other features that might be desirable, like the ability to be used as a stopwatch or a clock. Meanwhile, with a manual timer, you'll never have to worry about replacing batteries, since this type of device can be powered with a simple turn of the dial. Interestingly enough, you'll find that both styles— mechanical and digital— are fairly affordable, but you'll end up spending more if you want a digital version with more features (like a dual timer option).

Beyond that, you can consider a potential kitchen timer's placement options. Some timers can be propped up on a countertop with an attached stand, stuck to a magnetic surface like a refrigerator or range hood, or hung up on a wall with a hook.

Scroll down below to find the best kitchen timers you can buy on Amazon. They start at just $6 and will help ensure you never overcook anything again.

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This Affordable Kitchen Timer With A Memory Function & So Many Other Handy Settings

This KTKUDY digital kitchen timer isn't just compact, it's also ultra-functional and affordable, too. It has a 2.8-inch LCD screen and a 12-hour countdown, which is more than enough time for almost any kitchen task. As a plus, it can also be used in "count up" and alarm modes. When the timer is up, you have the option of a 70 to 90-decibel alarm or a silent flash alert. This model is also easy to program with a fast forward button and a memory function that remembers the last setting used. As for placement options, it comes with a magnetic back, retractable stand, and a hook for hanging. It runs on a AAA battery (not included).

Helpful review: “What I like about this timer is that it’s simple to use. One button turns it on and off once it starts beeping. The other 2 buttons, one is for hours and one is for minutes. If you hold both hours & minutes down at the same time, it resets the timer back to zero. I’m very happy with this purchase because all the timers at stores have too many settings and instructions.”


A Wind-Up Timer That’s Simple To Operate

This KeeQii kitchen timer has an attractive stainless steel face and is a cinch to use with no batteries needed to operate the 60-minute max countdown. The 3-inch by 3-inch unit also boasts a magnetic back and a loud 80-decibel alarm. Just note that before each use, you'll need to wind it clockwise one full turn and stop at zero before then setting it to the minute mark in which you want it to to ring.

Helpful review: “This timer is small but powerful enough to be heard from one room to another. The black and silver compliments the appliances in my kitchen and is perched on top of my stove; it has a magnet on the back if placing it on the refrigerator is preferred. A great value at an affordable price.”


This Digital Device That Lets You Set Two Timers At One Time

For keeping track of multiple kitchen tasks simultaneously, this ThermoPro digital kitchen timer is super-handy. You can choose to activate two separate 24-hour countdowns on its 2.6-inch LCD screen. Plus, this device has clock and date modes, in addition to an adjustable alarm chime that ranges from 70 to 105 decibels, you can also choose to set it on a silent mode. It also comes with a stand and a magnetic back, as well as the two AAA batteries needed to power it.

Helpful review: “The instructions are clear and understandable and easy to follow. The numbers are easy to see. It is classy. Sticks to my stainless steel refrigerator. I like how it reverses after the alarm goes off. I can tell how much i have gone over time. It also has a clock. I dont need this feature, but it is nice to have close by in case i need to know the time. It was easy to program also.”


This Classic Egg Timer

Shaped like an egg (it measures about 9 by 11 inches), this stainless steel LEMEGO kitchen timer is a modern update on a classic design. It features a 60-minute countdown and an 80-decibel alarm when the timer ends. Plus, as a mechanical timer, no batteries are needed. This timer also comes with a 12-month replacement warranty for peace of mind.

Helpful review: “This timer is perfect for a busy home kitchen. It is simple to set and it is loud enough to hear but not annoyingly loud. The shape blends in to my kitchen decor and is small enough to store away without taking up a ton of space.”


This Minimalist Timer That Looks Like A Nest Thermostat

This sleek-looking OVEKI kitchen timer looks and operates just like a Nest thermostat (change the settings by turning the knob and hitting a button). Among its cool features is a 3-inch LED screen, a 99-minute countdown, and three sound settings for an alarm that range up to 90 decibels. Plus, this model has a magnetic back and will shut off after 10 seconds to save battery power. (Note: The three required AAA batteries are not included.)

Helpful review: “I like this kitchen timer. The dial is easy to turn to either direction for quickly setting the timer. Very easy to use. Reset button to stop and reset to zero easy as well. The dial is big and easy to see and read. The alarm can be set for 2 different tones. Very happy with this purchase.”


A Cute Set Of Timers That You Can Use All Over Your House

For the price of one single timer, you can get a set of four of these WUTL digital kitchen timers. Each device has a 99-minute countdown (and can count up as well). A memory function remembers the last setting, so you don't need to program it every time. The timers' small 3 by 3-inch size means that they will easily fit into an apron pocket, but they are also magnetic and have a countertop stand. Plus, although no decibel rating is provided by the manufacturer, Amazon reviewers say that these timers are loud.

Helpful review: “Accurate, value pack by getting 4, strong magnet to fasten to my stove hood. Love them.”


This Waterproof Timer That Also Displays The Temperature & Humidity Indoors

Available in six color options, this 4 by 4-inch KADAMS digital timer is completely waterproof and its LCD screen is designed with shatterproof acrylic material, which is great for home chefs who like to make a mess when they're cooking. When its 99-minute maximum countdown is done, the timer alerts with an 80-decibel chime. The timer also doubles as a clock and thermometer and can tell you the current time, as well as the temperature and humidity of the room it's in. In addition to hanging, this timer can also be used with its countertop stand or suctioned to the wall.

Helpful review: "I bought this clock for my workshop, but it never got past the kitchen. I use a french press to make my coffee each morning and I usually try to set a 4-minute timer on my phone, but usually forget. With this clock, it is so easy and convenient to set a 4-minute count down timer! [...] The buttons on the front for 10 and 1 minute timers and the CLEAR button respond to the lightest touch, and the digits are large and easy to see."


A Mechanical Timer With A Retro Vibe

This vintage-inspired LAOPAO mechanical timer comes in a cheerful mint green or cherry red color. Up to a 60-minute countdown can be set by winding the 3-inch diameter timer, and upon ending, the mechanical timer's alarm is a loud 72 decibels. It also has a magnetic back so you can attach it to a refrigerator or another metal surface.

Helpful review: "The perfect kitchen timer. It's cute, it has a magnet, it uses no batteries or electricity, it's super easy to set the time, and has a nice loud alarm."