This Small Addition To Your Sex Life Could Make A Huge Difference

by Shayna Murphy

When it comes to sex, lube tends to be the great equalizer. It doesn't matter what kind of sexual activities you enjoy or whether you're playing with a partner or going solo. The right lube — and specifically, the best silicone lubes — can take it all to the next level. Since lube helps reduce friction and thus eliminates a leading cause of discomfort, it can make manual stimulation and penetration more intense and pleasurable than ever.

There are three basic lube varieties to choose from, but silicone tends to leap ahead of the pack. What's so great about silicone lubricant? For starters, everything. Unlike water-based lubricants, silicone lubes are usually long-lasting, which means you don't have to constantly interrupt your grind to keep reapplying it. They're great to use in the water and won't evaporate. By nature of it being silicone, these lubes also tend to be hypoallergenic and have a higher viscosity (meaning they're extra slippery), plus they tend not to leave behind tacky residue. For anal sex or other types of anal play, silicone lube is usually recommended by experts because of how well it helps to cut down on the friction factor.

Of course, there are some important things to keep in mind about silicone lube. If you're playing with silicone-based toys, you probably want to opt for a water-based lube since silicone lube can actually destroy those toys (weird but true). Many silicone lubes can also leave behind stains on sheets, but if you're determined to rip them off the bed anyway, that probably won't make much of a difference. Here are eight of the absolute best silicone lubes you should consider adding to your collection today.


Get More Bang For Your Buck With This Silicone Lube

Amity Jack’s Premium Bang Oil (4-oz), $14, Amazon

Reviewers on Amazon love this hypoallergenic, silicone-based lubricant because of its thick consistency and long-lasting formula, plus it has a moisturizing effect on the skin. One reviewer raves: "[Two] pumps will provide you with an hour of blissful pleasure on the EDGE! Also, I gotta say it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth."


This Ultra-Thin Lube That More Than Lives Up To Its Name

Überlube Luxury Lubricant (100ml), $28, Amazon

This high-end silicone lubricant isn't just great in the bedroom, it's a multi-purpose ointment that has endless uses. It can be applied to hair before blow drying for heat protection, used as an anti-chafing treatment during excise, or used after shaving to prevent razor burn. Enriched with nourishing vitamin E, this unscented and paraben-free blend glides on smooth with just one drop and evaporates completely after use, so you don't have to worry about frustrating cleanups or a sticky film forming over your skin's most sensitive areas. Plus, unlike many silicone lubes, this one promises not to stain fabrics, and any spills can be easily cleaned with detergent and water.


Unlock Your Inner Passions With This Long-Lasting Lube

Isabel Fay Silicone Based Personal Lubricant (8-oz), $15, Amazon

This FDA-registered, paraben-free lube from Isabel Fay is great for minimizing friction and dryness during play and works especially well under water, where it won't evaporate during use. "This is just amazing lube, I will certainty buy more when the time comes," one reviewer comments.


A Little Goes A Long Way With This Super-Slick Lube

Gun Oil Silicone Based Personal Lubricant, $9, Amazon

When you're in for a long night, you want to call in the big guns — i.e., this incredible silicone-based lube from Gun Oil. Formulated with vitamin E and aloe vera, which helps protect skin and promote natural healing, this lube is a must-have for more intense scenes, and you'll only need a couple of drops to get things going. This lube is also totally paraben- and glycerin-free, so it won't leave behind sticky globs on your skin once you're done having fun.


This Stick-Free Lube That Will Leave You Feeling Wetter For Longer

Wet Platinum Silicone Based Lubricant (4.2 Oz), $12, Amazon

This incredibly slick silicone lube has all the benefits of silicone but keeps your skin feeling wet and hydrated just like a water-based lube would. In fact, this paraben-free lube is like having the best of both worlds, but it won't leave behind the tacky residue a water-based lube normally can after it dries out.


This Thick Silicone Lube That's Perfect For Anal Play

Pjur Analyze Me Silicone Lubricant (3.4 Fl Oz), $23, Amazon

Since the anus is not self- lubricating like the vagina, it's necessary to use lube during anal play. Because lube is such a big deal during anal play, a thicker silicone blend like this one from Pjur, which is specifically formulated for anal penetration, is great to have on-hand. It's made with jojoba, a natural relaxant, and both moisturizes and conditions skin, so it'll leave you feeling nice and soft.


This Silky Smooth Lube That's Gentle On Sensitive Skin

Anjou Silicone Personal Lubricant (8oz), $10, Amazon

Shopping for new lubes can be tricky for those with sensitive skin, but luckily this fragrance-free lube from Anjou was made with such users in mind. FDA-approved and gentle on a range of skin types, this formula glides on with a silky texture that lasts and won't dry out prematurely. You can even use it in the tub or shower and it won't dissolve. "Non-allergen lubricrant. It is the right texture and viscosity," comments one user. Another wrote: "Long lasting, wet, and smooth. No irritation during or after use... It definitely made my usual kinky sex the best sex ever."


Experience New Sensations With This Luscious Lube

Lush Personal Lubricant Silicone Based Lube (8.5oz), $15, Amazon

One of the big advantages to this silicone lube isn't the blend itself (although its super-slick and great for reducing dryness and friction), but its convenient bottle and spill-proof pump. Multiple reviewers love that it reduces spills, drippage, and other messes that can come from using lube. One reviewer raved, "I can get just the amount I need with one or two pumps, and then you can slightly twist the pump top to lock it. SO CONVENIENT. I will be buying this lube in the future. It has become my new favorite."

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