There Is A *Proper* Way To Store Your Wine — & These Wine Racks Can Help

Little known fact: Corks need wine’s moisture to maintain the airtight seal that protects wine from spoiling (especially while maturing). That's why the best tabletop wine racks should store your wine horizontally or with a slight tilt so the bottle’s neck points down. Beyond this key feature, there are also a few other things to consider.

Many wine connoisseurs recommend metal racks for its ability to grip slick glass bottles. But if you prefer a wooden rack's aesthetic, look for hardwood, like mahogany, to withstand the bottles’ weight; bamboo is a lightweight, sturdy, more affordable alternative. Plastic is another sleek, minimalist option that works great on your counter or in your fridge for chilling a bundle of white wines and rosés.

Then, ask yourself how much wine you’re storing. If just starting a collection or looking for a presentational addition to your cellar, a small capacity rack, around six bottles, should do the trick. To grow your collection in the future or store your already robust collection, try racks that can hold up to 12 bottles. You'll see a few stackable or modular options for future expansion or reconfiguration.

Also, consider whether you want to store other kinds of wines like champagne, brandy, or cognac, or other alcohols. These bottles have different shapes than traditional wine bottles and some racks have a wider slot that can accommodate them.

Finally, the last parameter is aesthetic as this purchase isn’t only functional but will likely be a mainstay on your counter or dining room table. Wine racks come in different styles from minimalist to rustic and more.

With that, here are the best tabletop wine racks on Amazon.

Best Metal Tabletop Wine Racks

1. The Overall Best, Especially For Style

At $30, this geometric, rose-gold tabletop wine rack is great for wine lovers just starting their collection or looking for a piece to showcase their wines. Its 4.6-star review tells you this pick isn’t only beautiful, but a solid choice. Capable of holding six bottles according to the manufacturer and nine according to reviewers (likely resting on top of the rack itself not in slots), this option measures 14.5 inches by 7.6 inches by 7.6 inches. The only downside to this wine rack is it can’t accommodate bottles whose diameter exceeds 3.34 inches so it’s best for traditional wine bottles.

What fans say: “Very sturdy. The metal is strong. It’s a standard gold color. Love the modern honeycomb design. Very classy looking! Holds up to 9 bottles with 2 on top.”

2. The Best Budget Option

For $16, this wine rack is made of powder-coated metal wire that prevents oxidation and rust. This circular design is a space-saving pick for seven bottles with diameters less than 3.46 inches — that’s one more bottle by manufacturer’s standards than the previous pick and a little extra bottle width.

This pick does require assembly but, assembled, measures 11.2 by 6.5 by 11.61 inches.

What fans say: “This rack is really attractive; the finish is really nice, and it’s simple to assemble....less than 5 minutes. It sits on my granite kitchen countertop and looks beautiful.”

3. The Best Customizable, High-Capacity Wine Rack

This tabletop wine rack has a 4.8-star rating from over 600 happy reviewers. With three potential tiers, this versatile pick is also capable of being a one and two-tier wine rack, capable of storing up to 12 wine bottles in total. This pick can even accommodate wider bottles like those used for Champagne.

This stackable and detachable wine rack is constructed from high-quality metal and able to fit your space and wine storing needs. Each row holds four bottles and interlocks for easy assembly.

Measuring approximately 16 by 6.5 by 13 inches, this option is ready for your high capacity wine storing needs.

What fans say: “I was looking for a wine rack with a low profile that wouldn't take up much more room than the actual bottles of wine it held. This is it!! It's super easy to assemble, and you can add on more if you need to.”

Also Cool: The Best For Concealed Storage

Looking to avoid taking up counter space? While not technically a tabletop wine rack, this under-cabinet wine rack might be a more space-saving way to store wine. Capable of holding six bottles, this pick has a chrome finish and measures 22 by 8 by 5 inches and can even accommodate wider Champagne bottles.

What fans say: “This chrome 6-bottle wine rack is easy to mount under the cabinet (all screws and brackets are included) and looks really nice. It's a great way to save space by getting the wine rack off the counter!”

Best Wooden Tabletop Wine Racks

1. The Best Overall

For a beautiful permanent, wooden fixture on your tabletop, this wine rack is your best pick. As an Amazon Choice with a 4.5-star review, the sleek, modern aesthetic turns wine into art. The vertical design reduces your rack's tabletop footprint while still capable of holding up to 12 bottles. Measuring 11.8 by 5.7 by 16.3 inches, this easily-assembled wine rack is ready to store lots of wine for a tabletop model. One reviewer says that 10 of the 12 slots can accommodate Prosecco bottles, which are wide like Champagne bottles.

What fans say: "Good quality at an excellent price. Took me a minute or two to figure out how to assemble (instructions could easily be improved), but the assembled product looks great, and is sturdy. We bought two, and have them side by side."

2. The Best Customizable

Made of Ash wood, and hand-crafted in Vermont, this quirky customizable tabletop wine rack has over 600 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. As a modular unit, reviewers compare assembly of this tabletop wine rack to tinker toys. This Amazon Choice's design means you can configure this rack in a number of ways and even make multiple smaller wine racks.

Since the configuration you choose plays into the product’s dimensions, for an idea of the product's size, the manufacturer recommends multiplying the number of cells and the arrangement you plan to have it in by 4 inches. So, a three by three cell wine rack would measure 12 inches by 12 inches, but a two by six cell rack would measure, 8 inches by 24 inches.

Do note, this pick cannot accommodate wider bottles than standard wine bottles.

What fans say: “First this was the perfect size I needed to fit into our bar. I liked it so well I bought a second one. You can build these in different shapes, size and are expandable. It comes natural so you may finish it to fit your decor or needs.”

3. The Best Collapsible

With over 700 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, this collapsible bamboo countertop wine rack is great if you’re not looking to make this piece a permanent fixture. Capable of holding six bottles, this option, while open, measures 14 by 8 by 8 inches and folded closed measures 14 by 11 by 2.75 inches to stow flatter when not in use.

The manufacturer claims this rack is capable of holding more than just wine including cider, oils, and vinegars and is capable of accommodating wider bottles like Champagne bottles on its top rack.

No assembly required, this pick is ready to unfold and place on your tabletop.

What fans say: “This is a great wine rack, not too expensive, folds when not in use [...] I bought it to handle my ‘excess inventory’, when I encounter a great bottle ( or more) at a good value I can store it in this rack instead of leaving it on the basement floor. A much better solution when my other wine racks are full. It's also foldable when not in use, too. A great deal all the way around.”

Best Plastic Wine Racks

1. Best Customizable Plastic Wine Rack To Fit Nearly Any Space

Similar to our modular wooden pick, this customizable plastic wine rack is great to configure a wine rack that fits any space. Lightweight, yet durable, the strong plastic snaps together to ensure a secure stand for your wine. And that easy-snap technology means you can effortlessly reorganize your wine rack’s shape whenever. This set comes with 10 plastic pieces to hold 10 standard wine bottles, but reviewers say it can accommodate a wider Champagne bottle.

Dimensions depend on your wine rack's configuration, but each module measures 6.5 by 6.5 by 4 inches.

What fans say: “Great product. Truly very clever in design. Used pliers to get the parts to snap together. After the connections snapped together once they were easier to snap when reconfigured. [...] These were easily configured for even that awkward [cabinet] space. I can think of lots of other items that could be stored using these stackable dividers.”

2. Best Stackable Plastic Wine Rack To Grow With Your Wine Collection

This set comes with two stackable racks capable of holding three wine bottles each for a total of six. But if you’re looking to store more don’t hesitate to throw an extra set in your cart. Great for the counter or for keeping wine from rolling around while chilling in your fridge, the modern and sleek design is both decorative and practical. Reviewers say this rack can accommodate slightly wider bottles like Champagne bottles as well.

Made of chlorine and BPA-free plastic that’s shatter-resistant, this rack isn't dishwasher safe, but is easily hand-washed in case of any spills. Each rack measures 8 by 11.3 by 4 inches.

What fans say: “Many of the racks I found were over-decorated calling too much attention to themselves and were either too bulky, skimpy, or simply the wrong size. [...] [This] system we finally discovered has met all our needs and requirements. We love the way the clear plastic 'disappears' and highlights the wines.”

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