The 8 Most Comfortable Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are great for their ability to slip on and off easily, but they're not always the most comfortable shoes. This is partly due to the low-profile nature of the design — even the best flip-flops in the world don't offer the same degree of support that bulkier shoe styles can. Still, there are great options out there. To help pair you with them, I scoured Amazon in search of the most comfortable flip-flops based on the following factors:

  • Cushioning: None of the shoes on this list are those cheap models you find in bins at the drugstore. They're all full-fledged shoes with lots of cushioning and, in some cases, dynamic midsoles that offer shock absorption. The footbeds are made from high-quality materials (like cork or EVA foam), and several of them have arch support, too.
  • Anti-chafe straps: Another ingredient for comfort is not having blisters or raw skin. I made sure all of the straps are made with soft materials that don't have a tendency to chafe the skin between your toes. My picks below feature polyester, leather, and other nonabrasive materials — the common denominator being that customers have vouched for their comfort.
  • Good traction: While this doesn't necessarily keep you comfortable, per se, it does prevent you from falling on your face, which is comfort in itself. All of the selections below have strong rubber or synthetic soles with a grippy tread pattern and lots of traction.

Given these considerations, check out the most comfortable flip-flops to find the pair that fits you best.