These Are The Most Comfortable Flip Flops On Amazon, According To Thousands Of Glowing Reviews

Flip-flops are great for their ability to slip on and off easily, but they're not always the most comfortable shoes. This is partly due to the low-profile nature of the design — even the best flip-flops in the world don't offer the same degree of support that bulkier shoe styles can. Still, there are great options out there. To help pair you with them, I scoured Amazon in search of the most comfortable flip-flops based on the following factors:

  • Cushioning: None of the shoes on this list are those cheap models you find in bins at the drugstore. They're all full-fledged shoes with lots of cushioning and, in some cases, dynamic midsoles that offer shock absorption. The footbeds are made from high-quality materials (like cork or EVA foam), and several of them have arch support, too.
  • Anti-chafe straps: Another ingredient for comfort is not having blisters or raw skin. I made sure all of the straps are made with soft materials that don't have a tendency to chafe the skin between your toes. My picks below feature polyester, leather, and other nonabrasive materials — the common denominator being that customers have vouched for their comfort.
  • Good traction: While this doesn't necessarily keep you comfortable, per se, it does prevent you from falling on your face, which is comfort in itself. All of the selections below have strong rubber or synthetic soles with a grippy tread pattern and lots of traction.

Given these considerations, check out the most comfortable flip-flops to find the pair that fits you best.


The Best Overall

What's great about them: With nearly 4,000 reviews, these super popular women's flip-flops are adored by fans, many of whom rave about how comfortable they are. This is largely due to the soft foam footbed and lightweight polyester straps that don't cause chafing or blisters. They are easy to travel with, and the material is breathable enough that your feet won't get excessively sweaty. They have a tough rubber sole and come in eight cute colors.

What fans say: "By and far the most comfortable flip flops I have ever owned. I can walk 10-13 miles in one day and my feet or legs are never sore [...] For the price, the feel, the comfort, you cannot go wrong."

  • Available sizes: 5 to 12


The Runner-Up

What's great about them: Another hugely popular pair of flip-flops on Amazon, these lightweight shoes have 5,700-plus reviews and lots of testimonials vouching for their comfort. The cork footbeds offer softness and cushioning, while the moderate rise provides a degree of arch support (which several reviewers say is helpful for plantar fasciitis, too). The fabric thong under the straps prevents irritation while feeling soft against your skin. Their synthetic soles have lots of traction, and they come in 12 colors. As a bonus, they're water-friendly as well.

What fans say: "They are super comfy and cushy with good arch support, and the thong is soft and padded so it doesn't cut into or rub the top of your foot or between your toes. I have walked around NYC all day, several days in a row in these without one bit of discomfort, and my feet are pretty delicate. I've even hiked up Diamond Head in HI in them and they were fine. They are also really cute and the colors are great."

  • Available sizes: 5 to 12


The Best Budget Option

What's great about them: Although these women's flip-flops don't offer quite as much cushioning as the first two pairs, they nevertheless have hundreds of great reviews from folks who say they're ultra-comfortable, even with the thinner design. The affordable flip-flops, which boast 5 millimeters of latex foam padding, make a solid budget option if you just need a cheap pair of sandals to get you through the summer. They come in nine colors and a wide range of sizes. Just note that some customers found they run small, so if you are between two sizes, you may want to go with the bigger size.

What fans say: "They are true to size and very comfortable! I can't wait to wear these once the weather warms back up or on vacation - they are simple & cute. I love all of the color choices - I'll definitely be buying more!"

  • Available sizes: 5 to 13


The Best For The Beach

What's great about them: If you spend a lot of time at the ocean or lounging by the pool, these are some of the best beach flip-flops for the job. Constructed with a cushy material called Ortho-Bounce that's made from EVA foam, they're well-cushioned and shock-absorbing. In addition to the bounce, they have moderate arch support to prevent foot fatigue, so you can walk in them for long hauls without your feet getting sore. They don't get squishy when wet, they tolerate sand well, and they dry quickly, making them the perfect choice for a day at the beach. Best of all, the soles have a built-in bottle opener, so you can easily enjoy a cold beverage.

What fans say: "They're amazing support for flip-flops. There's even a gel sole for the heel. And there's bottle openers on the bottom of both!! I will be very popular at the beach this summer!!"

  • Available sizes: 5 to 12


The Best for Walking

What's great about them: These are extremely comfortable flip-flops for walking, according to the 6,000-plus customers who have given them five-star reviews. They're made with extra-soft yoga mat material that molds to your feet as you move, helping prevent muscle soreness even after walking for long periods of time. They have chafe-free straps, a sturdy rubber sole, and 25 color choices. The only drawback is that some fans say they get squishy when wet.

What fans say: "I grabbed these yoga flops right before going on a cruise and they ended up being my main footwear for just about everything. We walked and walked and walked and my feet didn’t ache at the end of the day. Whether we were On the beach, the street, rougher side roads or by the pool they managed it all. Very impressive. They’re light and easy to pack and flexible."

  • Available sizes: 5 to 11


The Best For Sweaty Feet

What's great about them: With an antimicrobial top sole layer to reduce odor, these are some of the best flip-flops for sweaty feet. They're made with lightweight EVA foam and thin anti-blister straps that help prevent your feet from getting uncomfortable, especially between your toes. They come in four colors and have a flowery pattern on the footbed.

What fans say: "I absolutely love these flip flops! [...] They are super comfy, my feet don’t sweat in them, and they look great! I wore them during my vacation and I never had any issues. We actually did a lot of walking, and my feet never hurt. I am going to buy another pair just to have them as a backup pair."

  • Available sizes: 6 to 10


The Best For Travel

What's great about them: These cute women's flip-flops are great for travel because they're lightweight, which makes them easy to toss into your bag, and they're not too bulky either. The non-rubbing leather straps are durable without being cumbersome, and they're easy to slip on and off. Best of all, they feature massage nodes in the footbed so you can walk around all day or take long tours without your feet getting sore. It's like a portable mini-spa for your feet.

What fans say: "These are fabulous! They are just so comfortable and yet so stimulating. My new favorites!"

  • Available sizes: 4 to 11


The Best Flip-Flops With Arch Support

What's great about them: A lot of the sandals on this list offer some degree of arch support, however, these are among the most supportive flip-flops you can find. With more than 2,700 reviews on Amazon, they're constructed with special orthotics that fans say work beautifully if you're someone who needs that extra cushioning and support beneath your feet. The soles are built with a hollow, U-shaped design that offers sturdy traction, and they're water-resistant to boot. On top of that, these stylish sandals come in 26 colors.

What fans say: "This slipper is surprisingly light, comfortable, and durable. It does not squeak on tile and provides the perfect arch support for someone so flat footed. Helps with my lower back pain."

  • Available sizes: 6 to 11

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