9 Not-So-Average Back Scrubbers For Your Smoothest Skin Ever

by Emily Estep

Out of sight but never out of mind, the skin on your back needs just as much love as the rest of your body, though it can be hard to reach. With the best back scrubbers, you can massage your back, exfoliate the skin, and work in your favorite soap or body wash for a thorough clean. Ultimately, this can put a stop to itchiness, and even help to combat acne.

If you're looking to treat your back to some much-needed TLC, there are a lot of different methods to consider. From boar bristle brushes with extra-long handles to clever towels that wrap around your body, there are tons of ways to exfoliate your back.

But to narrow down which one's the best for you, you have to ask yourself what you're looking to get out of the technique. If being able to give yourself a massage is the goal, look for a scrubber with plastic nodes that improves blood circulation. If you want to exfoliate your skin, pursue one with a coarse (but not too coarse!) material. There are also versions that are made specifically to distribute cleanser, and ones with electronic capabilities, too.

Below, you'll find the best-rated back scrubbers on the market: They consist of all shapes and sizes, boast tons of different features, and will thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your back with minimal effort.


A Two-Sided Scrubbing Pad That Exfoliates And Polishes Skin

Voda Reve Exfoliating Loofah, $12, Amazon

With exfoliating loofah material on one side and polishing cotton on the other, you can thoroughly treat your skin with this 32-inch back scrubber. Great for people suffering from eczema or bacne, it's super easy to use, with two handles and a flat surface that you just rub against your back. You can toss it in the washing machine to ensure it stays free of bacteria, and it can be used on your feet or any other hard-to-reach place, too.


A Wooden Boar Bristle Brush With An Extra-Long Handle

Janrely Bath Dry Body Brush, $12, Amazon

Not only is this natural boar bristle brush great for scrubbing up in shower, it can also be used outside of the shower to polish and exfoliate your skin, or to dry brush your body, which increases lymphatic drainage and improves circulation. The wooden brush is 15.5 inches long and comes with a rope loop so you can hang it in your bathroom.


An Electric Spa Brush With Five Different Heads

Spin Spa Body Brush, $17, Amazon

Various attachments take scrubbing up a notch with this hi-tech body brush. You can choose between five heads — a microderm scrubber, massage brush, regular brush, pumice rock, and cleansing brush — whichever best suits your momentary needs. It has two speeds (low and high), is safe to use in the shower, and is great for everything from giving yourself a full body scrub-down to relieving achy muscles.


A Bamboo Scrubbing Brush That Has Massage Nodes On One Side

Bath Blossom Bamboo Body Brush, $15, Amazon

This bamboo bath and body brush has a 16-inch handle with boar bristles on one side and plastic massaging nubs on the other, so you can switch between exfoliating and massaging with ease. The extra-long handle makes it easy to reach even your lower back, butt, or thighs. Use it by itself or with a wash, in or out of the shower, for healthier skin, increased circulation, and more.


An Crocheted Body Scrubber That's Designed To Cover More Of Your Back

Brio Back And Body Scrubber, $16, Amazon

This unique, diamond-shaped scrubber, which kind of looks like a hammock, is wider in the middle than on the ends, so it doesn't twist and covers more of your back. The nonporous polyurethane material means it dries quickly and is anti-bacterial and machine-washable, so it's a more hygienic alternative to many other loofahs and scrubbers. It comes in five cute colors, too, and leaves skin super soft.


A Firm Loofah With A 16-Inch Wooden Handle

TTYBG Natural Loofah Scrubber Brush, $9, Amazon

This scrubber brush has a five-inch loofah on the end of its 16-inch handle, as well as a loop, so you can hang it up to air dry when you're finished. You'll be able to reach every part of your body to buff away dead skin with the natural sponge material. Use it with your favorite body wash for a seriously satisfying scrub-down.


A Cult-Favorite Bath Cloth From Japan That'll Make Your Skin Baby Soft

Salux Nylon Bath Cloth, $6, Amazon

The Salux bath cloth is a hero product from Japan that's developed something of a cult following (just look at that near five-star rating) for its intense exfoliating abilities. It's basically a long, thin washcloth that buffs away dead skin while it cleanses, and because of its shape, you can stretch it all the way across your back with a slight shimmying motion. Super stimulating and also wonderful for increasing circulation, it'll leave your skin the softest it's ever been. Bonus points for being machine-washable, too.


A Braided Loofah Scrubber Made Of Recycled Plastic

Eslite Loofah Back Scrubber, $14 (4 Pack), Amazon

These braided loofah scrubbers get the hard-to-reach places on your back, and they're made purely of recycled material. Each one stretches to about 32 inches long, so you can easily wrap one of them around your back to massage in your favorite shower gel. You can also use them to exfoliate your feet, and they dry out relatively quickly after use, which prevents mold. They come in a four-pack in an array of fun colors, too, so you can give one to everyone in the family.


An Extra-Long Scrubbing Loofah That Really Lathers Up

SoapSleeve Exfoliating Loofah, $24, Amazon

SoapSleeve, which is meant for in-shower use, aims to be a washcloth, shower pouf, exfoliator, scrubber, and loofah all at the same time. With the ability to stretch to more than 40 inches long, it's one of the largest back scrubbers you'll find. Its porous fabric is designed to create extra bubbles, too, perfect for sudsing up after a long day.

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