These Cat Toys Are Sure To Be A Hit With Your Fur Friend & They're All Under $10

by Shayna Murphy

Spoiling your cat doesn't have to come with a high price tag, especially if you're intentionally trying to shop on a tight budget. In fact, the best cheap cat toys can actually be some of the most effective means to keep your little furball entertained and happy all day.

And, since cats are notoriously picky by nature, grabbing toys that don't cost a lot is a gamble that can pay off big time. What should you look out for when buying cheap toys for your kitten?

Because cats are always trying to delve deep into their natural instincts, toys that encourage cats to scratch, chase, stalk, or whack things around are usually a hit and can even be beneficial to their overall wellness and health. If you know your cat can't get enough of catnip, look for toys with it built into them.

But, sit back and relax. This list includes some of the best cheap cat toys that are worth your money. Whether your cat likes to take a paw to just about everything or prefers to sit and bat at whatever silly thing passes by, they won't be able to pass up the fun that these ridiculously cheap pet toys are about to deliver to your home.


The Best Grab Bag Of 20 Toys

This giant variety pack of toys is a great buy, especially if your cat is choosy with their toys. This pack comes with 20 individual toys, and since it's a grab bag, you won't quite know what you're getting. But hundreds of Amazon reviewers can barely hold in their enthusiasm for this nearly perfect five-star rated grab pack: "For about what I pay for a cup of coffee I decided this package was worth a try... I fully expected to open the package and find nothing but failure. Boy was I wrong," one reviewer described. For just $10, this set of 20 toys is affordable and bound to hold a couple winners.


The Best Catnip Mice

Catnip toys like this 12-pack of catnip mice are a classic choice and they usually go over well with most cats. With this set, you get an entire pack of 12 colorful mice toys for just $8. These mice stimulate a cat's natural exploratory instincts, and can help them to stay engaged even when they're home alone. One reviewer noted: "Our cat really likes and plays with these little mice. She will bat them around and Chase them. I've even seen her dunk them in her water dish and fish them out."


The Best Squeaky Toy

This play-and-squeak toy easily suspends from the top of a door and caters to your cat's innate urge to prey. It comes with an electronic sound module, so once batted around, this toy actually makes a really realistic mouse sound and can really placate your pet's urge to stalk and chase stuff around. "Oh my god this is the best thing I've ever purchased for my cat, hands down," raved one reviewer. "Because it squeaks every time he touches it, he can't get enough."


The Best Shiny Crinkle Balls

This set of 12 crinkle balls easily glides over most surfaces, never snags or tears against a cat's claws, and is easy for pets to chase around, bat, and even pounce on. With over 900 glowing Amazon reviews and a price tag of $7, this set of toys is a purchase you can feel good about. The metallic hues available will not only entertain your cat, but make it easier for you to find the toys buried in a heap of stuff. "Both my cats are obsessed with these toys. I’ve had my one fur baby for over 10 years and he’s never been into toys," one reviewer wrote. "My new one that I’ve had for less than a year LOVES these things and got my older cat into them."


The Best Catnip Scratcher

Styled to appeal to cats that really want to lounge and enjoy their chill time, this catnip scratcher from Catit is made from corrugated cardboard and contours to fit most cat sizes, especially once they stretch and flex. And, in the process of using this scratcher, your cat will trim its own claws. Since it's built with catnip in it and only costs $8, you can't go wrong with this one. Just remember to take reviewers' advice and be sure to vacuum regularly while your pet's using it.


Best Feather Teaser Toy

This feather teaser helps to stimulate your pet's mind in new ways and keep their interests growing keener than ever. Flexible and durable, this toy can extend up to 38 inches and can also retract back to a smaller size after play (so you can easily store it). Another major benefit to toys like this one is that, because they require you to play with your cat, they can help the two of you bond. This one comes with five different refillable feather pieces, so after your cat demolishes one, you can easily move onto another.


The Best For Teething Kitties

While this deceptively simple chew toy is specifically geared toward kittens, many reviewers say cats of all ages love it. It comes with chewy spokes that help massage sore gums and features a ring shape that can exercise jaw muscles. Another perk of this chew wheel is that it's built with playful fabric streamers that are sure to intrigue even the sorest kitten. "This worked out great for our tiny kitten that hadn't been able to satisfy his need to chew on everything. Great toy," raved one reviewer.


The Best For Older Cats

With this $7 interactive toy, cats can bat around an inner ball and have fun without needing to move around, which makes this a great buy if you've got an overweight or older cat with limited mobility. This battery-free toy also gives kitties just enough paw room to think they have a shot at getting the ball out, which is half the fun. "I have one of these that is at least 20 years old and still played with almost daily," one reviewer wrote. "... It is big enough to be challenging, and yet small enough to slide under the sofa when it's time for the cats to do something else for awhile. Highly recommended."


The Best For Smart Cats

This popular motion toy from SmartKat recreates the exact same movements your cat would expect from hidden prey. You can set the moving lights in this toy at two speeds so that they randomly appear and beckon your cat to move and pounce around. At just $10, this is an unbelievable deal on a toy that will have your kitten engaged for long stretches of time, so you can sit back and watch as your kitten exercises their mind and body.

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