The Best Fiction Out In July 2017

by Melissa Ragsdale

A good summer vacation means lots of sun, plenty of pool time, a few cold cocktails by the beach, and weekends spent outside with one of the best new fiction books of summer. Luckily, there are plenty of new books coming in July 2017 to help you enjoy the warm-weather days ahead.

All you mystery-lovers are going to be floored by the fantastic thrillers we have coming our way; buckle up for some heart-quickening, breath-stopping page-turners. Summer is the perfect time to dive into a book that will make your spine tingle from head-to-toe, and trust me when I say you'll be setting up a permanent home on the edge of your seat while reading some of these books.

I'm always up for some family drama (well, in fiction, not IRL), and this month brings some unforgettable families and memorable stories. Maybe they'll even remind you of your own crazy (but lovable) family.

There are so many other wonderful surprises waiting for you in these books, and I can't wait for you to discover them. Whether you're reading on the beach or soaking in some sweet AC, get ready for these amazing books to sweep you away.

'Made for Love' by Alissa Nutting (July 4; Ecco)

As Roxane Gay puts it: "There is no one who negotiates the absurd as vigorously yet poignantly as Alissa Nutting." Made for Love is the story of a woman who divorces her tech-mogul husband and moves in with her father (and his sex doll girlfriend) in a senior citizen trailer park. This book is truly a romp you're not likely to forget.

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'What We Lose' by Zinzi Clemmons (July 11; Viking)

This debut novel is bound to be the breakout book of the summer. What We Lose tells the story of Thandi, a young African-American woman "caught between being black and white, American and not." When her mother is diagnosed with cancer, Thandi finds herself in search of an anchor, leading her down a road of self-discovery that you will connect with in countless ways.

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'Goodbye, Vitamin' by Rachel Khong (July 11; Henry, Holt and Co.)

Ruth has just returned home as an adult to care for her ailing father, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. As the full gravity of her father's condition hits Ruth, she attempts to find the comedy in the situation.

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'Fierce Kingdom' by Gin Phillips (July 25; Viking)

Ready for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up? In this intense, stomach-dropping read, a woman and her young son are trapped in the zoo for hours as a gunman hunts them down. This gripping novel all takes place over the course of three hours — and you'll fly through it just as quickly.

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'The Lying Game' by Ruth Ware (July 11; Gallery/Scout Press)

After blowing us all away with The Woman in Cabin 10, Ruth Ware is back with another fantastic thriller. After three women receive the same text message —"I need you." — they travel back to their old boarding school, and confront a dark secret they've hidden for decades

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'Refuge' by Dina Nayeri (July 11; Riverhead)

When Niloo is eight, she fled Iran with her mother and brother. Her father stayed behind, tied down by his dental practice and his opium addiction. Now, as an adult living in Europe, Niloo has to navigate the blame and embarrassment she feels for her father, the challenges of being a refugee, and the increasingly terrifying political situation in Iran.

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'The Atlas of Forgotten Places' by Jenny D. Williams (July 11; Thomas Dunne Books)

Here's a read you're not likely to forget. Sabine is a retired aid work, who returns to Uganda when her niece goes missing. Rose is a Ugandan, haunted by trouble with the Lord's Resistance Army, whose lover has also vanished. When the two women join forces, they try to untangle threads and find out the truth of what happened to their loved ones.

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'The Witches of New York' by Ami McKay (July 25; Harper Perennial)

I'm always down for a witch-y book, and this historical novel is an excellent read. Set in Gilded Age New York, this book follows two women who run a witchcraft shop that caters to the ladies of society. But their lives go tops-turvy when Beatrice, a young woman with otherworldy gifts, becomes their apprentice.

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'The Lost Ones' by Sheena Kamal (July 25; William Morrow)

This psychological suspense novel will hook you from page one. Years after giving up her newborn daughter, Nora Watts gets a call that her daughter, now a teenager, has disappeared and that the police aren't looking for her. A survivor of a traumatic past, Nora knows what happens to vulnerable girls on the streets, and she sets off to find her.

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