The 9 Best Gymshark Dupes
by Julia O'Donnell
Lorado/E+/Getty Images

You don’t have to be a gym shark to know about Gymshark. But if you're reading this article, you're probably already familiar with the cult-favorite brand. Gymshark’s leggings are particularly popular; in addition to their stellar quality and innovative performance features, they're known for emphasizing your, ahem, assets (yep, they make your butt look amazing). However, Gymshark leggings aren't exactly cheap — and even if you're not on a budget, the brand's new releases are infamous for selling out in minutes. The good news? Of the best Gymshark dupes available on Amazon, several hold their own when compared to the real deal — but sorting the high-quality alternatives from the cheap knock-offs takes a bit of research.

Luckily, the hard work of finding the best Gymshark dupes has already been done for you. Narrowing down the best alternatives to the brand’s most beloved styles involved scouring Reddit and workout blogs, watching product reviews on YouTube, and reading a lot (a LOT) of Amazon reviews. As it turns out, there are some truly solid options out there; in fact, many fans say some dupes are even better than the real thing.

Plus, unlike actual Gymshark, you can get all of these pieces on good ol’ Amazon. This makes shipping, checkout, and any potential returns far simpler, especially if you’re a Prime member. Factor in the comparatively low prices, and the case for trying these instead of that pricey Gymshark pair you’ve been eyeing couldn’t be stronger.

Keep reading to discover the best Gymshark alternatives available on Amazon right now.

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The Best Dupe For Gymshark's "Vital" Leggings

If you're a fan of Gymshark's popular "Vital" leggings, you'll love these fan-favorite seamless leggings, too. Fans say they're virtually identical, noting that these are soft and stretchy, and fit like a dream (they also pass the squat test). Like the originals, these are designed to shape and contour your body with a high-rise waist and smooth, wide waistband. Some people say they're a touch thinner and lighter than the original Vital leggings, although most didn't necessarily consider it a bad thing, and many actually preferred the fabric of this pair because it doesn't stretch out as much over time. Plus, these even have a matching seamless workout top to complete the look.

"I was so skeptical at first, since I own the Gymshark ones and didn’t think these would live up to those," one reviewer admitted. "But I was wrong!! These might even be better!"

"I want to sell my Gymsharks to buy 2 more pairs of these," another person wrote.

  • Available sizes: XS-L


The Best Dupe For Gymshark's "Energy" Leggings

If you love the strategically placed eyelet detailing on Gymshark's "Energy" leggings, you can get the same visual effect with this best-selling pair. Made of a four-way stretch material that wicks away moisture, their seamless construction feels super sleek and smooth, and reviewers say they're completely squat-proof and sweat-proof, too.

"These are literally my FAVORITE LEGGINGS," gushed one reviewer. "I bought them as a Gymshark dupe, and ended up getting the actual Gymshark pair for Christmas and I like this Amazon version WAY better."

  • Available sizes: S-L


The Best Dupe For Gymshark's "Poise" Leggings

If you love the V-shaped waistband on Gymshark's "Poise" leggings, you can get a similar effect with this dreamy pair from Core 10. Like the Poise leggings, these have a ballerina-chic aesthetic, with a high, criss-cross waistband and ruched mesh detailing at the ankles. The leggings are made of a soft, moisture-wicking, four-way stretch fabric, with a small pocket for your phone or keys hidden at the back of the waistband. You'll love wearing them everywhere from barre to bootcamp, but they're also stylish enough to wear beyond the gym, too. Choose from four colors.

  • Available sizes: XS-3X


The Best Dupe For Gymshark's "Dreamy" Leggings

These fan-favorite yoga leggings have some major similarities to Gymshark's "Dreamy" leggings — in fact, multiple reviewers said they "fit like a dream" — but they've earned a pretty solid reputation in their own right, too. In over 7,000 (!!!) glowingly positive reviews, Amazon shoppers praise their super soft fabric and perfect fit, saying they're completely squat-proof and keep their shape all day. Designed with a high, wide waistband, gusseted crotch, and interlocking seams, they even have roomy side pockets for your phone and other essentials.

"I was looking for dupes to my fav Gymshark leggings and these are amazing. They are squat proof and made out of such a nice material," one reviewer reported.

"Perfect sizing and really good quality," wrote another. "These are just as good as Gymshark and lululemon, and not see through."

  • Available sizes: XS-XL


The Best Dupe For Gymshark's "Fit" Leggings

Love the sporty logo waistbands from Gymshark's "Fit" line? These sleek compression capris nail the same look, and for $13, no less. They're made of a lightweight performance fabric that has a slight sheen and remains completely opaque even when stretched. Visible stitching gives you that Gymshark-approved contoured look, while they offer "just the right amount of compression," according to fans.

"Because the material is so lightweight, it is great for a high intensity workout," noted one reviewer. Another pointed out that "they feel like proper athletic wear and NOT lounge wear." They also reported that "the compression is noticeable but not uncomfortable," and that "they aren't hot at all and I more or less forgot I had them on during yoga which I thought was impossible"

  • Available sizes: XS-3X


The Best Dupe For Gymshark's "Flex" Leggings

When it comes to workout bottoms that make you look even better from behind, Gymshark's "Flex" leggings are kind of the holy grail — until you know about this glorious pair, that is. Mimicking the contoured shading that makes the Flex leggings such a hit, these are made with super soft, stretchy compression fabric, and have a seamless silhouette with a mid-rise elastic waistband.

"Leggings are smooth, fit well, are thick enough not to be see through, and honestly, I like them better than their Gymshark equivalent," one reviewer shared.

  • Available sizes: XS-L


The Best Dupe For Gymshark's (Sold Out!) Ombré Leggings

Gymshark's wildly popular ombré leggings sold out long ago, but if you missed your chance to snag a pair, don't worry — dozens of reviewers say these seamless ombré leggings are uncannily similar (and it doesn't hurt that they're only about half the price). Like the originals, these are designed with strategic contouring and an eye-catching ombré pattern. Oddly, the brand itself describes them as only 80-85% squat-proof — but the vast majority of reviewers say they pass the squat test with flying colors.

As one reviewer put it, "They fit and feel like the original Gymshark pants. I have them both and cannot tell the difference."

Another wrote, "I’m blown away by the quality of these pants. I own the original Gymshark ombré seamless, and from my experience these are the exact same pant, if not better."

  • Available sizes: XS-L


The Best Dupes For Gymshark's New Seamless Camo Line

Have you been eyeing Gymshark's new seamless camo line? Pair these popular seamless camo leggings with the matching seamless camo workout top, and you'll have a near-perfect dupe — for less than half the price. Just like the Gymshark versions, these are made with a soft, seamless compression material. The leggings feature a high-rise waist and wide, smooth waistband, while the top has long sleeves and a crew neckline, with a trendy cropped cut and a row of cut-outs in the back. Plus, if you're not into camo, both come in dozens of other styles and colors, including several with eyelet cutouts similar to Gymshark's Energy leggings.

"I love love love these!!!" gushed one reviewer. "I have Gymshark, I love Gymshark...but after a while it kinda gets expensive. These are the exact replica, fabric, fit and design. I have seen absolutely no difference between these and my Gymshark [leggings], other than the Gymshark logo."

  • Available sizes: S-L


The Best Dupes For Gymshark's Cute Sports Bra & Short Sets

There's no denying Gymshark's workout gear holds its own when it comes to performance, but the fact that it's all super stylish certainly doesn't hurt. Comprising a trendy sports bra and matching yoga shorts, this set looks remarkably similar to popular versions from Gymshark, and its quality doesn't fall short, either. The bra has the same strappy back and surplice-style front as Gymshark's new camo sports bra, and the shorts have Gymshark's daring 3-inch inseam and contour stitching (plus, a zippered waistband pocket!) Both are made of a medium-weight, moisture-wicking performance fabric, with light compression and four-way stretch.

  • Available sizes: XS-3X