9 Stylish Overnight Bags For Every Type Of Traveler


When traveling even for a short period of time, the right luggage is essential. After all, it's stressful when you find out your weekender bag is too big for an airline's size requirements. It's uncomfortable carrying around a duffel with a nagging shoulder strap. Luckily, the best overnight bags can eliminate all of this stress and discomfort, and allow you to travel like a pro.

When shopping for any piece of luggage, you'll want to consider both your style preferences and what you need out of the bag. A good rule of thumb is that if you don't like the style of your luggage, you won't want to travel with it. And, when it comes to features like waterproofing, zippered pockets, and shoe compartments, it's always best to consider what you'd need in an overnight bag before you buy. This goes without saying, but waterproof and water-resistant bags will come in clutch if you're traveling to rainy climates, or if you know you'll be out and about a lot.

Below, I've curated the nine best overnight bags, ranging in size from a large canvas weekender to a smaller duffel you can fit underneath the seat of a plane. Whether you're looking for a waterproof nylon tote or a genuine leather bag, you'll find exactly what you need.

Keep scrolling and feast your eyes on the very best overnight bags for your next trip.

And, just in case you need it, here are some of the best traveling backpacks, as well.


A Water-Resistant Bag With A Separate Shoe Compartment

Not only is this overnight bag water resistant, but it's even designed with a separate shoe compartment. If you're looking for a bag you can use for an overnighter or the gym, this is a versatile option. Even better, since the shoe compartment is lined with waterproof materials, you can keep everything from your sneakers to a damp bathing suit to dirty clothes separate from the clean clothes in your main compartment while you travel. It has 13 different-sized pockets, including five mesh ones that you can use to store small items you need to take with you. And, to top it all off, it can be converted to a backpack so it's that much easier to transport no matter what your preferred travel method may be.

What fans say: "I used to squeeze my stuff in a backpack on short weekend trips because the capacity of my backpack is very limited. I find it lot more convenient traveling [with] this hybrid duffle bag... The size is medium - not too big or too small, good fit for one or two overnights weekend trip."


A Large Canvas Overnight Bag With Genuine Leather Details

While this canvas bag is a bit larger than your standard overnight bag, it has the backing of hundreds of Amazon reviewers who say it's perfect for overnight trips. So whether you're a chronic over-packer or simply want a bag you can bring with you for an overnight or a longer trip, this duffel is perfect for you. The top is built with a strong, yet flexible canvas, and the bottom is designed with genuine leather that gives the bag the structure it needs to rest on a suitcase or the ground without toppling over. Word to the wise: This won't fit underneath a seat on an airplane or bus trip, but it easily fits into the overhead compartments of most major airlines or an Amtrak train. With nearly 1,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, this is a great option you can get in one of five neutral colors.

What fans say: "What a fantastic overnight bag. Plenty of room, lots of pockets and very high quality. The leather has a nice feel to it and appears to be of good stock, the seams and straps all are reinforced and it has held up well so far. Very impressed with it considering the low price!"


A Tote-Style Overnight Bag That You Can Slide Over A Suitcase Handle

This tote-style overnight bag is deceptively big — large enough to carry clothes, a water bottle, your tablet, toiletries, and more. It also has a convenient back pocket you can slide over the handle of a suitcase, making it the ultimate carry-on bag for flights. Made of nylon, this bag will repel water so you don't have to worry about it absorbing any rainfall like the canvas option above. It has five interior pockets ranging in size for everything from clothes to your tech. And, best of all, it has four feet built into the bottom, so it can stand up anywhere you drop it. All of these features add up to create "the best travel bag," according to a number of Amazon reviewers. You can get it in beige, black, or red (pictured above).

What fans say: "This bag is sturdy and well crafted. Deceptively capable of holding more than I thought. Great for travel, gym or overnight. I love that I can I put it over my trolley handle and zip through the airport."


A Floral Duffel Bag That'll Fit Underneath An Airplane Seat

This floral bag is a bit on the smaller side, but can still store enough clothes and toiletries for a short trip. It has two pockets, one interior and one exterior that you can use to store smaller items. This overnighter is made of durable nylon that you can easily wipe clean with a paper towel. Since it's a bit smaller in size, this one will fit under a seat on a flight or train ride, making it a great second "personal item" to bring with you if you'll be on an airplane. It also has both a shoulder strap and a crossbody strap so you can wear it two ways as you travel. This overnight bag comes in one of five designs, including tropical, floral, and geometric prints.

What fans say: "I love it! It's a great, small duffel bag that I actually bought with the intention to stow under the seat on flights. It worked out perfectly! The quality seems really good, so I am hoping this bag will last for a long time. I'm sure this would also function as a great weekend getaway or gym bag as well. I would absolutely recommend this bag!"


A Splurge-Worthy Leather Bag That Comes With A Warranty

While this overnight bag is a bit of a jump in price points from others on this list, what you're getting is a durable, genuine leather bag. With the exception of the lining, the entire bag is made with full-grain, 100 percent leather. It also comes with a handy crossbody strap in addition to the shoulder straps. Perhaps the best part of all, this option comes with a one-year warranty, so if you run into any issues with the bag, you're covered. It's earned a glowing, 4.6-star rating from Amazon reviewers.

What fans say: "I recently had a two day trip to the West Coast and got the opportunity to use my new Polare Duffel Bag - what can I say, another great quality product, very utilitarian, spacious and plenty of room for my clothes and accessories. I carried it on the plane, received a couple comments on how nice the bag looked. Looks and functionality, what more could you ask for?"


A Classic Black Overnight Bag With A Quilted Design

Compared to other overnight bags on this list, this classic duffel bag falls pretty squarely in the middle, size-wise. It's designed with two interior open pockets, so you'll have a spot to store your phone or your passport that isn't out of reach. While most of this bag is made with a gridded-style cotton, the bottom is outfitted with a strip of polyurethane in order to ensure your overnighter can hold up to wear and tear when you travel. This duffel has both a shoulder strap and an adjustable crossbody strap, so you can sling it easily over your shoulder or body when you're traveling. One thing to note: Reviewers report that this bag can't easily fit underneath a seat on an airplane, but fits comfortably in the overhead storage compartment.

What fans say: "It was much bigger than I expected. I initially wanted something that would fit under the seat of the airplane... but realized this was going to be way too big. I use it as an overnight bag instead. I love the color!"


An Lightweight Duffel Bag That Can Fold Down Flat

This lightweight and foldable overnight bag is affordable, to say the least. But, it's also made of high-quality, waterproof nylon, and has a backside pocket you can slide onto a suitcase handle. That means, from a convenience standpoint, this bag really can't be beat. When you're not using it, you can fold it up and fit it on the floor or shelf of a closet. When it needs to be cleaned, you can throw it in the washing machine. And, because it's so lightweight (less than 5 ounces!), you really aren't carrying around a lot of extra weight when you travel. At just $12, this bag is a steal that's available in one of four colors: wine red, pink, navy blue, and mint green (pictured).

What fans say: "So cute, and will definitely be using whenever I travel either for extra storage or for an overnight bag. It fits right on top of my suitcase which can fit in an overhead bin. I would definitely recommend getting this duffle bag!"


A Striped Overnight Bag That Can Fit A 17-Inch Laptop

Able to slip easily onto the handles of a larger suitcase, this small overnight bag is truly versatile. The crossbody strap can be adjusted (or removed!) so it's comfortable to carry, and is made of polyurethane so it's durable enough not to wear over time. It comes in 13 different colors and prints that you can pick from to match your personal style, and a few models even have a bonus zippered storage compartment for shoes. For a one or two night trip, this bag is the perfect size for any clothes, toiletries, or personal items you might need to bring with you. It can even fit your technology, so long as it's no bigger than a 17-inch laptop.

What fans say: "I travel a LOT for work (flying cross country nearly every month) and this bag is amazing. I used to use a backpack but it was annoying to always have it on my back during layovers and it wasn’t easy to fit a lot. This bag holds a ton while still fitting under the seat in front of me on a plane. And the added feature of putting it on my roller bag makes [it] so much more comfortable to travel with since I don’t have to carry it all the time. However, when I have carried it as a shoulder bag, even with it full, the strap still makes it comfortable to carry."


A Canvas Duffel That Comes With A Matching Toiletry Bag

Designed in a traditional duffel shape, this overnight bag is around 20 inches long and can fit anywhere from two to four days worth of clothes depending on how you like to travel. Inside, you'll find three pockets: one zippered pocket and two open pockets, perfect for stowing away jewelry or small items you might lose in an overnight bag. This bag also comes with its own matching toiletry case, so you're really getting two items for the same price as other options on this list. While it doesn't profess to be waterproof and isn't quite as durable as others seen here, fans still love it and say it holds up to longterm use and the elements pretty well. And, since it's not made with any structured fabrics or materials, it can fold up and be stored easily whenever you don't need to use it.

What fans say: "This is such a cute bag! it is great for a short weekend trip or as a gym bag if you don’t overpack. If you are looking for something small and spacious this bag is nice."

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