The 9 Best Personal Blenders For Single-Serve Smoothies

Starting every day with a green smoothie sounds pretty ideal. You get a ton of vegetables and almost everybody feels healthy with a green drink in hand. But waking up every morning to blend a big batch is much less appetizing. Luckily, the best personal blenders out there make that morning smoothie incredibly easy.

Now, a personal blender might sound a little like an assistant who takes care of all your blending needs, but really, it's just a tiny blender. You put in just enough stuff for your morning smoothie, it blends it all up in about 30 seconds, and you're on your way. This kitchen tool allows you to blend right into a travel cup, so you don't even need to transfer your smoothie to another bottle. Just seal it up and head out for the day.

Having a great kitchen tool that blends up an instant, portable breakfast makes it so much easier to eat healthy. You can customize your own juices, make protein powder shakes, or have a coffee frappé without stepping into a Starbucks. Plus, starting your day with tons of fruits and vegetables will make you feel amazing. And it doesn't hurt that these nine personal blenders are totally affordable.

A Real Life Fruit-Blending Ninja

Nutri Ninja Pro, $70, Amazon

The Nutri Ninja leaves no fruit safe. The extractor blades easily blend ice, fruits, and seeds for a tasty, nutritional smoothie. It comes with 24 ounce and 16 ounce BPA-free travel cups, so whether you feel like a medium or large drink, you're covered. Plus, you get a free booklet full of 75 amazing smoothie recipes.

A Personal Blender With Over 3000 Reviews

Oster My Blend Blender with Travel Sports Bottle, $18, Amazon

Blend everything right into your bottle. This Oster blender can crush ice and mix up smoothies in a flash. Then, remove the BPA-free sports bottle and take your juice on the go. Plus, it's small enough for even the tiniest kitchens.

A Magic Bullet Set With Lots Of Options

Magic Bullet 17- Piece Express Mixing Set, $47, Amazon

A few years ago, my roommates were insanely impressed by the magic of the Magic Bullet. This Magic Bullet is a great option for blend-and-go smoothies. This set comes with four mugs and two pairs of cups, blades, and sealed and vented lids. So, you'll have anything you need to transport your smoothies right at your fingertips.

A Blender Set With Multiple Travel Mugs

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with 2 Jars and Lids, $15, Amazon

Another great small blender option, this powerful Hamilton Beach blender comes with two travel jars with matching lids. You can mix your smoothie right into the cup, put a lid on it, and enjoy! With two jars, you can make a smoothie in advance. Or, if you didn't wash out the mug from the night before, you can just use the second jar!

A Rechargeable Cordless Blender You Can Take Anywhere

Sumgott Portable Blender USB Juicer Cup, $30, Amazon

This cordless blender is perfect for travel. Charge it via USB, then take it to the beach. Okay, you don't have to go to the beach with it, but it's easy to take to work, or school, or wherever you need a smoothie. Or, if you are at the beach, make a margarita! You really get all your drink needs in one portable package.

A Trusted Name In Personal Blenders

NutriBullet 12-Piece High Speed Mixer, $80, Amazon

The OG personal blender, this NutriBullet will give you an amazing smoothie every time. With a 600-watt motor, this thing has no trouble blending ice, fruits, or vegetables. You get two different blades, sealable lids, and a range of travel cup sizes. Plus, a nutrition guide with great recipes and ideas.

A Slim, Sleek Personal Blender That's BPA-Free

Keyton 21 oz Personal Blender with Travel Lid, $25, Amazon

This blender looks like it's from the future. It's simple and sleek and doesn't take up an ounce of space that it doesn't need. Blend smoothies right into the 21 ounce travel bottle and carry your drink away. It's BPA free and UL certified, so it's completely safe.

A Fully Portable Blender That's Light & Easy To Transport

Viankors Personal Blender with Travel Cup, $38, Amazon

Sadly, a tornado is not guaranteed in every bottle. But this portable blender is still pretty impressive. Instead of leaving the base behind and taking away a travel cup, this blender is small enough to take the whole thing with you. It's perfect for protein powder shakes, but it's also strong enough to blend up ice and fruits. Just charge it via USB and take it with you everywhere.

A Personal Blender With Touchpad Control

Cuisinart 350 Watt Blender with Electronic Touchpad, $55, Amazon

This sturdy personal blender is incredibly easy to use. The stainless steel front looks chic while the electronic touchpad gives you precise control over the blender's speed. In addition to the base, you also get a 32 ounce cup, an 8 ounce cup for chopping, and four 16 ounce travel cups. So, you get a great smoothie maker and small food processor all in one.

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