These Are The 9 Best-Selling Sex Toys On Amazon — & You Need To Try Them All

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I've always championed the idea of a well-stocked goodie drawer. A goodie drawer, if you remember your Sex and the City trivia, is a drawer where you keep all of the paraphernalia that make your bedroom activities more enjoyable: Everything from vibrators and nipple clamps to handcuffs and lube belong in there. And, as you can imagine, the more varied your goodie drawer is, the more varied your playtime sessions will be. Not sure where to begin on your sex toy shopping spree? Allow me to point you towards the best-selling sex toys on Amazon.

People tend to be surprised to hear that you can purchase sex toys on Amazon, but the site is actually loaded with vibrators, butt plugs, and masturbation sleeves aplenty. And the best part about shopping on Amazon is that you get truthful reviews about how good a toy is, not to mention fast, discreet (and almost always free) shipping.

You can also buy name-brand sex toys on Amazon, like the Satisfyer Pro — one of the best clitoral vibrators on the market. The site also carries heavy-hitters like the Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator — a fan-favorite buzzer that hits both your clit and your G-spot at the same time.

Ahead, I've rounded up the best-selling sex toys on Amazon. These are the toys that, according to the site, people add to their carts the most — so stock up your goodie drawer and get it on the fun.


The Best-Selling Clit Sucker

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is one of the best sucking vibrators on the market — and it's available on Amazon. Instead of buzzing like a typical vibrator does, it sucks on your clit like a real mouth, so it's perfect for anyone who can't get enough of the sensation of oral sex. It has 11 different intensity modes, since every clitoris requires a little something different to get off, and it's also waterproof, so you can take it into the bath or shower. Over 1,200 reviewers gave this clit-sucker a perfect five-star rating.


The Best-Selling Wearable Vibrator

If you've never tried a wearable vibrator before, this Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is a great place to start. It's a fun toy to use because it stimulates both your clitoris and your G-spot with vibrating and sucking patterns — without the need to hold onto anything. The only downside is it can't do both at the same time, so you'll have to choose between a sucking or vibrating session, depending on the mood you're in. The number-one Amazon best-seller is, however, USB-chargeable and waterproof, and it has over 1,400 perfect five-star reviews.

"Y’all.... I haven’t had an eye-rolling, barely breathing, toe-breaking, Charlie-horse-inducing, freaking squirting orgasm in 10 years UNTIL TODAY. I’m still shaking and it’s been 20 minutes. I’ve had orgasms for sure but nothing like this in sooooo long I forgot how mind blowing it can be," raved one reviewer.


The Best-Selling Rabbit Vibrator

A rabbit vibrator, like this one from Paloqueth, is a classic sex toy that should be in just about every goodie drawer. Like the wearable vibrator, above, it's designed to stimulate both your clitoris and your G-spot. But what makes it even better? It's capable of doing both at the same time. The penis-like head goes inside of you, while the bunny-shaped ears vibrate against your clit. It has nine different vibration modes, and the bunny ears bounce along in tandem with the shaft, so you're always getting a symbiotic vibrating experience. It's also waterproof and sold in two colors: pink and purple.

One of the most popular sex toys on Amazon, this is another number-one best-seller with thousands of positive reviews (over 2,000, at that). Reviewers say that it's quiet, charges quickly, and lasts a long time once charged; they also note that it ships quickly and comes discreetly packaged. One fan even called it "By far the best sex toy [they've] ever used."


The Best-Selling Masturbation Cup

For people with penises, the Tracy's Dog Pocket Pussy is a perfect toy for self-stimulation. It's shaped like a realistic vulva, and the body-safe silicone material feels impressively realistic. The inside of the sleeve is textured to feel like the walls of a real vagina, and that texture changes depending on the depth of your thrusting. The cup itself comes apart quickly and easily, making it a total snap to clean. Just be sure to use a lot of lube — it'll make the whole experience that much more pleasurable.


The Best-Selling Cock Ring

Cock rings are a great option if you're looking to experiment with some light bondage play. But they're also a great accessory for people who sometimes have trouble staying hard during sex, since cock rings help restrict blood flow to the penis, which can help maintain an erection. This specific cock ring is great because it comes with two loops. Both can go around your penis, but the best way to use it is with one around the shaft and the other around your testicles. And, if you wear it during sex with someone who has a vagina, its rope-like texture will provide added clitoral stimulation, since it'll bump against your partner's vulva while you thrust.


The Best-Selling Dildo

If you're looking for a good old-fashioned dildo, this option from Paloqueth is a great place to start. Measuring at 5.2 insertable inches, it's a great size for beginners and pros alike. It's equipped with a strong suction cup base, so you can mount it on just about any flat surface, and because of its moderate size, you can use it for both anal and vaginal penetration. It even comes with its own bottle of lube! Choose from black, beige, or purple colors.

"Soft, smooth and bendable. Not sticky. No odor. Suction is great. What's best for me is that it's compatible with universal strap-on harnesses, which is what I bought it for," commented one of of almost 1,600 happy reviewers.


The Best-Selling Butt Plugs

This is the perfect butt plug trainer kit for anyone who's new to the anal sex game. It comes with three different size plugs, so you can work your way up to the biggest one (as well as other, bigger toys) as you become more comfortable. Each plug has a flared base so that it doesn't slip or get stuck, and they're made from body-safe, latex-free, phthalate-free silicone.


The Best-Selling Basic Vibrator

For all the minimalists out there, this LuxeLuv vibrator is a sleek, solid choice. I like to bring a vibe like this one on vacation, since a bullet vibrator, though smaller, isn't as versatile. It can be used on your clit, inserted into your vagina, or put in your ass, depending on your preferences, and it has nine different vibration modes to choose from. The soft, bendable vibrator is made of smooth, liquid silicone, and it's waterproof and USB-rechargeable for added convenience. Just make sure to use it with water-based lube only, since it is made of silicone.


The Best-Selling Bullet Vibrator

Small but mighty, a bullet vibrator will always come in handy. This little guy is equipped with 10 different vibration modes: use it on your (or your partner's) nipples, clit, perineum, anus, balls ... the options are endless. Take it with you when you travel, use it for some discreet, public play, or simply let it enhance your next bedroom session. It's also waterproof, USB-chargeable, and constructed with sleek, black ABS plastic (but you can get it in a silver finish, too).

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