The ACLU Spotlights Americans Who Rely On The ACA

by Chris Tognotti
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The now-dead GOP plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (popularly known as Obamacare) with the American Health Care Act (popularly known as Trumpcare) provoked a tremendous amount of outcry and protest, as tens of millions of Americas would have stood to lose their health insurance altogether under the new plan. And on the day of the crucial scheduled vote in the Republican-controlled House, the ACLU amplified stories from people who need health care on Twitter, bringing some affecting stories to the forefront.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan body that works to extrapolate the impacts of different legislative bills, the Trumpcare plan would knock more than 10 million Americans off of their health insurance in the year following its passage, and approximately 24 million by 2026.

Needless to say, that's an eye-popping number, but when you read it off a page it can seem just like that ― a number. What the ACLU is doing on its national Twitter account is putting human faces to that eye-popping statistic, and there are a lot of moving stories out there. Here's a selection of the tweets they've spotlighted so far, starring everyday people who desperately need care that the AHCA could have taken away.

1. I Wouldn't Be Alive

2. My Life Would Be In Danger

3. No Worry About Lifetime Caps

4. Pre-Existing Condition = Screwed

5. Screwed Seven Ways To Sunday

6. What Will I Do

7. The Only Reason I Even Have Health Insurance

8. They Want To Kick Me Off

9. I'm Thankful For It Every Day

10. We Couldn't Afford The 24-Hour Care

11. I Would Not Have Had Health Care

12. My Dad Received A New Liver

13. Keeps Her Alive

14. I Had An ACA Baby

15. Without Her Meds, She Dies

16. Fired After Disclosing My Disability

17. The Care That Keeps Us Alive

18. Covered My Wife's Pregnancy

19. A Rare Genetic Disorder

20. The Reason I'm Alive

21. We Must Say No

22. Wouldn't Have Gotten The Treatment He Needed

23. Without The ACA

24. When I Was A Kid

25. I Can Finish My Ph.D.

26. My Wife Has A Brain Tumor

27. Even With Insurance

28. Without ACA, He Is Uninsurable

29. With Trumpcare, I'd Be Screwed

30. So She Could Walk Without Pain

31. I Have My Girlfriend

32. I Lose All Coverage

33. Can't Get Us Private Insurance

34. Cost Of Their Treatments Bankrupt Us

35. My Son Can Speak

36. I Don't Know What Will Happen To Him

37. I Am A Human Being

38. I *Am* A Girlfriend

39. My Son Has Hemophilia

40. Repeal Would Be Disastrous

41. It's The Stark Reality

42. The Only Reason I Could Afford To Purchase Insurance

43. Insurance Didn't Cover

44. About 24 Million People

The ACLU National account wrapped all these above tweets up with a bow for Vice President Mike Pence, imploring him to read the dozens of pleas from Americans who rely on Obamacare.