This 'Aladdin'-Inspired Bag Collection Will Take Your Handbag Game To A Whole New World

As people get older, they realize it pays to carry good childhood memories into adulthood to remember the best parts about growing up. Now, bag lovers can literally do so with the launch of the Aladdin x Danielle Nicole collection. There’s a whole new world for you and your inner bag lady within this entire collection.

Danielle Nicole has already brought a bunch of Disney classics to her bags using icons like Tinkerbell, Mulan, and Minnie Mouse. Now, the designer is launching a super cute collection of Aladdin-inspired luxury hand bags, so fashionistas can take the magic with them.

To honor the street rat-turned smoldering prince Ali and his friends, the collection is comprised of four different bag styles and designs reflecting the characters in the original animated film.

Shoppers can expect bags that are inspired by everything from prints of the royal couple flying through the sky, lots of glitter, and even a bag totally dedicated to the magic carpet.

For those who want to relive the best times with Abu, Genie, Jasmine, and “Al”, the collection is already live on and where prices range from $58 to $138.

Geek out while peeping every magical bag in this small, but sweet collection.

Danielle Nicole Aladdin Drawstring Bag

Live out the best parts of Aladdin with this elegant drawstring bag for $68. As the bag turns, there are glittering images of the characters including a disgruntled Jasmine (albeit at the hands of Jafar), a happy go lucky Genie, Abu with jeweled-filled eyes, and a surprised Rajah (jasmine's pet tiger).

Danielle Nicole Magic Carpet Bag

As the least expensive in the collection, this magical bag practically mimmic's the magic carpet unraveling for the first time in the room of treasures. Embroidered with the animated object's tapestry design, the magic carpet bag is topped off to completion with four gold tassels. Plus, this piece retails for $58.

Danielle Nicole Aladdin Travel Bag

Offering a collection with a bag for every occasion makes a Disney fashion lover all the more excited and this travel bag will make its mark on any airport carousel. Made for the everyday romantic, the largest bag in the line features an appliqué of Jasmine and Aladdin flying on the magic carpet with glittery detailing of the city of Agrabah in the distance.

Danielle Nicole Whole New World Crossbody

The other crossbody in the lineup is a dedication to Jasmine and Aladdin's power ballad while floating through the clouds. Featuring an embroidery of the couple's iconic moment and a set of charms dangling around the handle, this $68 bag is truly made from a whole new world. And with any luck (or a few rubs of a lamp), a whole new wardrobe to match.

As Disney fans get ready to witness all the magic up close in the live action film of Aladdin on May 23, fashionistas can shop some of these cute Al-inspired bags to show their support and stow away all those outside snacks for munch time.