This 'Harry Potter' Jewelry Line Lets You Rep Your House With Pride & It's Actually Magical

Courtesy of Alex & Ani

Don't worry, Harry Potter fashion will continue to be a thing in 2018. No need to cast a spell to make it so. Jewelry brand Alex & Ani has launched its latest Harry Potter jewelry collection. There are adjustable necklaces, rings, earrings, and of course, the brand's signature bracelets to choose from.

The pull cord bracelets and charm bangles are as adorable as they are wearable. Plus, you can stack them, piling them high for effect, for some jingling, and to show off your love for Harry Potter and Co.

There are 24 pieces in this rather extensive Harry Potter collection, and many are offered in both silver and gold options. From Deathly Hallows necklaces to rings that mimic young Harry's famous glasses to charms featuring the houses of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, there is basically something for every level of Potter fandom in this range.

What you will love most about the collection is the simplicity, which allows for multiple pieces to be worn together without looking too obviously fangirl. That's because the jewelry is so elegantly designed.

Here are the best pieces in the two-dozen strong collection.

Courtesy of Alex & Ani

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Adjustable Necklace, $78, Alex and Ani

Wear it long or wear it short or wear it with others.

Courtesy of Alex & Ani

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Pull Cord Bracelet, $28, Alex and Ani

There's a black pull cord bracelet for all of the houses. You can pick your favorite or the one whose virtues and values are most similar to your own. Or you can be totally indecisive and wear them all at once.

Courtesy of Alex & Ani

Harry Potter Slytherin Pull Cord Bracelet, $28, Alex and Ani

However, if you really are a fan of the House of Slytherin, well, you can show off your support with the bracelet and emblem.

Courtesy of Alex & Ani

Harry Potter Hogwarts Two Tone Charm Bangle, $28, Alex and Ani

You can pile on the bangles with charms and mix with bracelets from other A&A collections for a fun, irreverent vibe.

Courtesy of Alex & Ani

Harry Potter Hogwarts Two Tone Necklace, $38, Alex and Ani

If you like matchy matchy pieces and want some synergy between your accessories, you totally can pair the necklace and the bracelet together.

Harry Potter Glasses Ring Wrap, $28, Alex and Ani

Choices, choices, choices. This collection wants you to have options that suit your personal style while showing off your Potter fandom. The glasses wrap ring, which allows you to display your inner nerd, comes in silver and gold-plated options. If you grab both, you can stack them, which is a resurgent trend.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Earrings, $48, Alex and Ani

These delicate post earrings are another way to rock Harry Potter on your person.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pull Chain Bracelet, $68, Alex and Ani

Isn't this gold bracelet dainty but high impact at the same time?

The Alex & Ani x Harry Potter collection starts at $28 and goes as high as $78, so it is an entirely affordable range. If your accessories wardrobe was getting a little tired and was in need an update and a refresh, this collection is certainly one way to give it a boost. Happy shopping, you magical creatures.