There's A Website That ONLY Sells Pink Things & OMG It's Perfect

In the age of Lisa Frank pajamas and the rise of sparkly hair clips, it's perfectly fine to be an adult nowadays and love your old childhood classics. Just because you have rent to pay and other grownup responsibilities doesn't mean you're above adding a frilly sock to your Saturday night heels, or loving all things pink for that matter. If your tastes run towards the saccharine sweet, then you're going to love this new website. All Pink Everything is a website that sells all things pink. A curated collection of rose gold and millennium pink pieces, you won't spot one piece that's blue, yellow, or purple here. It's just a continued parade of powder and pastel pinks, turning your Barbie fantasy into a living reality.

Scrolling through their site, there isn't much rhyme or reason to what they offer, which is part of their charm. The only criteria is that it has to be pink. From nail polish to water bottles to keyboard decals to vibrators, it looks like a garage sale was fashioned into a monochromatic Instagram theme, making you want to embrace all things girly as you scroll through the offerings.

There isn't much information about the site as of yet, but it seems to be a new establishment. Peeking at their Instagram account, All Pink Everything only has 11 posts starting from Jan. 3, and 62 followers. Their bio also reads "Coming Soon," so one can guess the shop isn't fully launched yet and will offer way more things.

Even if that's true, there are already a ton of fun and pink items available for purchase, where each random piece feels like a treasure. To give you an idea what they offer, below are some of their best picks. Happy shopping!

Vegan Faux Leather Boots

Vegan Faux Leather Boots, $75, All Pink Everything

Running from a size six to a size 10, these faux leather boots are made to order and will add a chic pop to any winter outfit. A few warnings in the product listing, though: They run small so the brand suggests ordering a size up, and it's not suitable for wide feet.

That Pepto Bismol pink is sure to transform any weekday outfit into a streetstyle win.

Fuzzy Flip Flops

Fuzzy Flip Flops, $37, All Pink Everything

Running from a size five up to a size 10, these flip flops are a little different from your run-of-the-mill pool sliders. Decked out in pink faux-fur, they will add an unexpected detail to your spring looks. Not to mention some fun texture with the fur detailing. Whether you wear it with a bathing suit, a pair of mom jeans, or a new summer dress, it will look fabulous.

Soaking Salts

Soaking Salts, $21, All Pink Everything

Turn your bath into a pink-tinged experience with these rose-hued soaking salts. Hand-blended from peppermint essential oil and pink Himalayan sea salt, it's sure to make you relaxed after a long day.

"Dinos Eat Man" Pin

"Dinos Eat Man" Pin, $12, All Pink Everything

For those looking for some new pins for their backpacks and denim jackets, this baby pink option is a fun one. "Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth" is the slogan, making it a tongue-in-cheek feminist addition to your collection.

VIP Detox Mask

VIP Detox Mask, $29, All Pink Everything

If you want a pampering mask for a home-spa evening, this VIP Detox Mask could be just the ticket. A powdered clay mask that gently exfoliates and detoxifies your skin, it's a soft pink color that will put you even more at ease.

If you want a place where you can surround yourself with strictly pink things, then All Things Pink is your new go-to haven.