The 'American Vandal' Season 2 Trailer Introduces A Gross New Mystery


Now that the mystery of who drew the dicks is solved, American Vandal has a new crime for Peter and Sam to solve. The American Vandal Season 2 trailer features a new mystery, and, to be honest, it's pretty gross. This time around, the issue isn't at Sam and Peter's own high school. The true crime lovers travel to a local Catholic school to investigate a so-called "Turd Burglar" who has been terrorizing students, sending them on another adventure to find a dirty prankster. Fans won't have to wait long to learn the new villain's identity, though — Season 2 will hit Netflix on September 14.

The trailer for American Vandal Season 2 sets the scene with a dramatic lack of color to set the ominous tone. The school day started out like an average one, with students being served chicken tenders at the school cafeteria. But things quickly went awry when, as the person who calls 9-1-1 puts it, everyone started pooping. As one student recalls to the camera that many students actually pooped their pants, right in the cafeteria. The trailer shows mass pandemonium as the students are hit with a sudden lack of control over their bowel movements.

To really hone in on the mock seriousness of the so-called "Brownout," one police officer tells the camera that the event was "the worst thing I've seen in 20 years." It's clear from the trailer that this wasn't an isolated incident, though — the "Turd Burglar" has created an Instagram account to taunt the Catholic school students, as well as Peter and Sam.

The trailer also shows Sam and Peter back at their detective work, collecting data and trying to figure out who the self-named Turd Burglar is. It's difficult for them to determine a motive for the "crimes," though. As Peter points out, "Poop is funny" could be a motive all on its own.

The season seems like it will take on a similar tone to Season 1, though there's one major difference in the two mysteries. In the first season, Peter and Sam wanted to figure out who drew the dicks, thereby exonerating Dylan, who didn't want to be charged with the vandalism. But based on this trailer for American Vandal Season 2, it looks like the Turd Burglar takes pride in their work. They might actually enjoy their identity being revealed. In fact, it could be their goal all along.

It looks like fans are already getting invested in the new mystery, too. Several people have posted tweets with the hashtag #WhoIsTheTurdBurglar since the trailer's release.

One notable key player is absent from the trailer, however: there's no sign of Jimmy Tatro, who played the beloved Dylan Maxwell in American Vandal's first season. Aside from Peter and Sam, it's not clear which, if any, of the original students might come back in the second season. But it would be pretty funny if Dylan returned for a crime-solving cameo, now that he's been exonerated from the vandalism accusations.

Until the show's second season is released next month, there's no telling who the Turd Burglar is. But Season 2 is already shaping up to be very entertaining.